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Arrow Oh so long, and oh so rambling ...

From Bill ...
Thanks for the reinforcement about small resentments. Have you any clues about how to spot them coming? Or to stop them during the wallowing-about period?
From gardenerjoy ...
interesting that, for you, going to work is the path to food sanity!
Let me fiddle around with these comments for a bit.

Hm. Hmm. Hmmm.

Well, I can say that long work days are good because all my food is packed, there's no choice, and I eat mountains of raw veg.

Home days could, therefore, be better if I invested time at the beginning of the day in flinging a mountain of raw veg together.

There are other good things about long work days like hours alone, wrestling with one sticky problem after another. (I love this - but I do know that not everyone would. ) Home has its fair share of sticky problems, of course, but I don't have long concentrated hours available to me there (some of you know, I think, that 10 year olds chat, sing, argue, tell jokes, discuss, ask riddles, read bits out of books and magazines and a few other things I can't remember. Ask advice and for points of information. Cut up a lot of cardboard.) Not spending too much time on making food & washing up would help me and quell some resentmentitos. (N.B. If SO is also not working then it's a bit different as he also cooks and washes up.)

So, part of the answer is, therefore, get as much food ready FOR ME beforehand and early, whether the day will be spent at home, at work or on tour. Do this as part of the daily routine, thus cutting down on having to think about my frequently complicated trajectory through the day.

Another part of the answer could be to buy the full complement of raw eating veg each time I shop, rather than thinking 'which veg do I need?'

Bill - my resentmentitos are frequently because tasks have built up and I am having to multitask. I just can't do this as my brain doesn't work well at all in this situation. (That nonsense about women and multitasking is just that. I shall not get started on this subject.) It hurts my brain and I want to use (read: save) my remaining brain cells for consciously undertaken, sharply focused actions rather than a blurry muddle. N.B. Here, I don't mean the blurry muddles of birth and death, of illness, divorce or other very emotionally fraught times. I mean the ironing, the travel timetable, the shopping and so on. And the food, of course. Clues: don't let 'it' build up? A little and often? Name and shame the resentmentito head early on? And then knock it on the head, oh-well-ly?

That's probably enough rambling from me at present. Have we edged on a little? I hope so. Got to keep the wheels turning.

... next day. With me so far? I wrote that last night when rather tired. Thanks, friends. I'll post it anyway.

Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. for being on the journey.
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