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I have been trying a few new products and am very excited about them.
New hope mills has a blueberry muffin & bread mix. I used half to make 6 muffins and I will have 2 / day as a restricted.
I calculated the difference between this and the Chocolate pancakes/muffins from Ip and boy was there ever a difference.
I did tweak the recipe for the 6 muffins a bit tho and used just 2 egg whites.
Ip choco muffins (2 muffins) : Calories 177 Carbs 15 less 2 fiber=13 Protein 20
Blueberry Muffins (2 muffins) : Calories 158 Carbs 14 less 4 fiber=8 Protein 26
Pretty awesome!
I saved 5 carbs and got an extra 6g protein!
I paid 7.95 for the whole box incl shipping (makes 12) and all I have to add is egg whites and oil (I used sesame oil same nutritional value as olive oil) so thats like just over $1/meal!
I also tried out new hope mills pancakes/waffles and cut down the portion size to 1/4 cup mix and 1 egg with 1/2 tbs sesame oil and they tasted great with only 154 calories 6 carbs less fiber 3g total 3g, and had 21 g of protein.
With shipping it only cost me 7.45 for 4 servings for just under $2/meal.
I would highly recommend these as a restricted and they taste great. I am sooo planning on using these after the Ip program.

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