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Oh my! I positively am in love with the place officially! I've always been the shy one, never quite fitting in anywhere. I was a bookworm band geek in school, discovered skateboarding and punk rock soonafter, and it was all downhill from there. I've got 2 tats (arguing with the hubby about getting more), multiple piercings, including my labret I gave myself when I turned 30, I role play, I video game, I write and paint and do all I can to keep the creative juices flowing. I joined the military, managed to keep my alternalife intact with hidden piercings and shaving most of my hair off, and on the weekends went clubbing. I like nothing better than combing through piles of old LPs looking for gems I'd play on my imaginary turntable (again, hubby not seeing eye to eye here), or spending days travelling through thrift shops and flea markets. I did recently pick up knitting, I play soccer, flute in a community orchestra, AND I'm the assistant leader for my 12yo's Girl Scout troop. Oooo, kinda mainstream there...

And of course I married a jock. WTF was I thinking? I don't dress goth or punk or anything like that. Give me a comfy pair of jeans (or Dickies shorts!), a well-worn t-shirt and some Chucks and I'm all set. And I love this thread!!! Yay to us Star Wars geeks!!!

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