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Wow! I just checked in to see how everyone was doing and the positive energy you all are emitting is awesome!
Cjunk, swimming is a great way to exercise! I wish I had a pool to do laps in.
OK, Annie, Cyan Ö your biking stories have gotten me motivated. I jog 2 Ė 3 miles five mornings a week, but tonight Iím going to join you two and climb onto that old stationary bike with the tiny uncomfortable seat, plug the mp3 player into my ears and ride that sucker! I know Iíll never make 45minutes, but hey, 30 will do, donítcha think?
Iíll check in after my ride, about 9pm Eastern time Öus older ladies have to get our beauty sleep, ya know.

Some ideas: Brush your teeth when you get a craving, the taste of the toothpaste will wipe out the craving.

Try to find another way home that won't take you past the donut shop or McDonalds, especially on those vulnerable days.

Together we Will succeed!
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