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I will make it!
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Talking Me Again

Ok Cjunk your are it is...if you go swimming...I will do my power yoga....I promise! I will do it at 7pm...should be finished my 8pm So I will post sometime after that!

Annie your call name Determined Annie is very fitting cause sticking to 1200 cals...for me right hats off to you....I would be salivating if I ate so few calories...for real.
And three times per day? at 30 minutes....WOW WOW WOW

I can only manage once per day...but tonight, I did some weight lifting ...I worked out my arms..I have these ankle weights but I strapped them on my works! Oh I have a tip...kinda secret I have to motivate me to get on the bike I put on my walkman and I fantasize about being a rockstar on stage...I know very embarassing or I imagine that I am on a hot date with Keanu Reeves and I loose myself in that fantasy and before I know it, it 25 minutes later and I forgot I was peddling away...I swear this makes me want to get away...the music blocks out the noise and puts me in the zone and then my imagination takes gotta try this. Ok dont laugh too much but I figure if its gonna get me on the bike...I will try it

I know what you mean Cjunk...cravings during my period can be real bad...once in university...I ate a whole family package of lifesavers and a jumbo aero chocolate in a space of 15 minutes...I just shoved everything into my mouth. So what I do usually if I am really craving something and its my time of the month... I just wind up having it...but I put in extra time excercising. I have learned that if I dont satisfy my craving with that particular food, I eat everything else to try to avoid that food and in the end wind up eating that food too. So skip all the other food and just eat the one you really want and savor it.

Ok now, I am shutting down my computer for the evening
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