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Angry hi Girls

So glad to see you here. are very smart...any kind of movement is better than none and if you keep the muscles active they will continue working for you when you are lying around. I just finished my biking...stationary...did 25 minutes...7km and burned 250 cal...its getting easier and easier and I already feel my legs firming up. On the food side...I ate chocolate candy from halloween but I still kept within my 1500 cals so not too uspet about it...its just a worry point for me cause when I eat chocolate...its a bouncy point for me to go on a binge and clean out the pantry..if ya no what I mean

Hey LadyRider welcome back and welcome to the our new thread.
I took your advice tonight so I took one serving/portion of my food and when I was done eating...I still wanted a bit more but I waited and sure enough...I wasnt hungry thank you for that bit of info....cause otherwise I probably would have eaten a bit more unecessarily. I just recently stumbled onto this site and it has all sorts of help you fine tune you diet and excercise...depending on age, activity level, height and other bits of will tell you what you body burns on a regular basis...very interesting..worth a look

Also I often use aromatherapy because I believe it can affect your when you have cravings...I use bergamot: its helps to regulate the appetite of compulive me. Other essential oils good for dieters are: clary sage, cajeput and patchouli....these last three essential oils help with the compulsion to overeat or binge eat. So whenever I feel the uncontrollabe urge...I light up my difuser and burn either of these oils and it calms me down and takes away the urgency to put large quantities of food in my mind.

Well I think this is it for now. Take care

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