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Hi Ladies!

Everyone is off to a great start. First, I have to say a big welcome to kpme! You will love our thread- everyone is super supportive, motivated, and ready to lose some serious pounds! Your ten percent goal is very doable and healthy. Weigh in is on Mondays and log back in to post your feeling, food intake, exercise, etc.

Kasey- great job on your exercise! A dvd and pool time? Awesome! Keep up the great work and healthy eating!

Gatorgirl- you are doing really well on your plan- the slipups will always be there, but your forgiving yourself and moving on- thats really important and thats how to lose weight for the longter. Great work!

I'm so lazy today, I am going to post my intake/outtake. Have a lovely lovely weekend and I look forward to our first weigh in on Monday!

Intake: 1425 calories
Outtake: 200 calories

Net: 1225 calories
The Sexy By Labor Day Challenge!- Moderator

SW:140 (May 11th 2009)
GW By Labor Day: 119

May 18: 137.2 (2.8 lbs down)
May 25: 137.6 (up 0.4lbs)
May 30: 136.8 (down 0.8 lbs)
June 8: 138.0 (up 1.2 lbs)
June 15: 136.6 (down 1.4 lbs)
June 22:134.4 (down 2.2 lbs)
June 29: MIA?
July 6: 132.5 (down 1.9 lbs)
July 13:130.0 (down 2.5 lbs)- 10 pounds lost!
July 20:
July 27:
Aug 3:
Aug 10:
Aug 17:
Aug 24:
Aug 31:

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