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I like your music collection MeowKat!

I'm a jazz-loving, vintage hippy type alterna-gal, myself. What makes me happy is gardening and going out to hear live music - cocktails and jazz is my favorite thing. Although the cocktails part, helps me to be a fat chick, so I'm trying to be a one-cocktail-and-then-switch to Perrier clubster!

Clothes wise I like peasant blouses and jeans for hanging out, 50's style dresses and cardigans for work, black cocktail dresses and heels for going out.

I'm not pierced or tattooed or into metal....However, I don't really seek "people like me," I like to meet different types of people.

I'm certainly not "conservative" or "Christian!" I don't dislike people who are, but I don't really relate to them either.
TO DO LIST: Lose one pound. Keep it off.

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