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Coaches/Buddies A long day and I'm tired. Fatigue factor of about 8 right now. I did OK again today. Read my cards, weighed in (no change), mindful eating, lots of credits, exercise, resisted desire to eat, monitored my food intake, and followed my plan. About one more week of this and I'm on to Stage 2/4.

My parents are leaving tomorrow, which puts things almost back to normal. I'm sad to see them go. The kids were a handful today, which is why I'm tired.

I've been reading ahead in CBDL, and am trying to figure out what to do with the various stages. Stage 3 is special circumstances like eating out, family dinner, holidays and so forth, which I'm dealing with right now, and so sort of leaches into all the other stages. So I'm sort of skipping around. Stage 4 is modifying the eating plan, which I'll do anyway as part of Stage 2. As a six year maintainer, I feel pretty comfortable I can handle that, and know which foods work for me and which don't. I also know that some of the plan relaxation in Stage 4 is a place I can't go--I have to monitor my food or it gets out of hand. So there's that. It'll be a while before I get to Stage 5, or maybe I'm already there, depending on how you look at it.

Heidi Happy New year!

Bill Thanks for starting the thread! Good enough is good enough, LOL. Hope you enjoyed your black eyed peas.

Andrea Great job on maintaining over the holidays!

Lily Welcome to the group. I get a lot of great support here, and hope you will too.

RobinW Congrats on completing your 21 day challenge! I hope you get on the scale. Here's an analogy from CBDL that may help
If you woke up one day and weren't feeling well, you might take your temperature and use the information to decide what to do. If the thermometer read 98.6 degrees you'd probably go to work. If it read 102, you'd probably stay home and call your health-care professional. You wouldn't think, Oh this is terrible! I can't believe I let the number get so high! I'm such a failure! No of course not. You would just use the number on the thermometer as a guide in deciding what to do.
She suggests we learn to see the scale in the same way. Take it or leave it as you need to.

freer I hope you enjoyed the Jazzercise. I'm glad you are on plan, and hope you are giving yourself credit for maintaining over the holidays.

Jean Glad you got a break from el nino's sickness so you could deal with your own. Hope you feel better soon.

Susan Good to see you back here. Nice work on that big WW loss over the holidays, and extra credit to you for figuring out how to work around that injury!

Chris I hope the EEO people can help your DH. Two hours sounds promising. Hoping 2009 is your year.

onebyone Sounds like you are getting your life and your home straightened up and that has to feel as difficult as it feels good. You have to find a food plan that works for you. Glory is such an inspiration, but I really have to work some junk food in every day, or I end up in a face plant in a bag of chips with peanut butter cups and ice cream chaser if I don't keep the junk food monster tamed. The 100 calorie packs are wonderful for me since I don't have to portion up my junk food anymore, and deal with the temptation while I'm doing it. Other people can't touch them without setting themselves off on a carb-induced binge.

I'm interested to know how the Arabic food store is.

Happy New Year everyone!

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