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Happy New Year all.

Last year was very hard for us and I am glad that that part is over. We did learn alot last year and that is a plus. I also learned what true friendship means to me. To have people here that I do not know personnal that take the time to listen and support means the world to me.

It may take some time, but dh was on the phone for over 2 hrs. with the eeo person. Yesterday was the first day that dh felt so positive. I also got to talk with them and tell them how my dh had changed to depression thru out this past year. I too feel alot more positive...we just need to make it until this is settled.

I only gained 3 lbs thru the holidays and that is great for me. Last night I was very careful with what we had and for our new years drink we usually have the sparkling cider...this year I just wanted apple juice and only 1/2 a glass. Dd called us at 9 our time as she is 3 hrs ahead of us and then called us when we hit the new year.

For my new years resolution...I want to become healthier by losing weight and trying with the dr. to cut my a-fib down. I will be talking with him about the surgury for a-fib and see if I am a canidate for it. After 11 years it gets very hard to go thru an a-fib.

I am so glad to read about all of you and what you have accomplished that it gives me a goal for myself. I can do this and I will.

Thank you again my friends for your support and just letting me vent when I need to. I also hope to be able to be here more and to do the new book. I have it and have gotton my supplies and am on the 3rd chapter. I want to do this right so that I can move on.

Take care and will try to read more later.
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