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Thumbs up Thursday - The New Year is rolling

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Happy New Year to all you active posters, posters on leave of absence, and Readers. May 2009 be joyous, prosperous, and on-plan.

OK, I made it through my two eating events of New Years Eve good enough. CREDIT moi. Wish they were closer to a normal days eating, than needing to use my generous celebration allowance to make it on-plan. Oh Well. Good news is that I never felt out of control, like the old days. The opportunity appeared to have fondue, which I haven't had for years and years. The dipping and dripping was much fun, but actually wasn't as good as its memory. Cheese was only so so, and the white bread used for dipping has long ago lost its appeal to me.

But BIG WOO HOO: For the potluck I unloaded the tray of fudge that had appeared in our life over the holidays, as well as the bag of Kit Kat candy bars from Halloween. The fudge was pretty good, seeing that go wasn't a surprise, but watching adults (as well as the teenagers) going after the Kit Kats made me super happy. They are gone from my house.

And DW has the black eyed peas soaking for our traditional New Years dinner.

onebyone - Continued Kudos for your continued cleaning and organizing your space. Neat that you're preparing space for your wii workout. And super neat that you'll even drive to Toronto to get one.

It appeals to me that you're off to explore an Arabic grocery store. Perhaps fate has selected this moment to help you with your veggie challenge via completely new tastes. Looking forward to hearing what you discover.

As for "sources of real wisdom", I take encouragement and insight from Maintainers Weekly Chat Thread - everyone is welcome who has lost so much as a pound, because from thence, one is a maintainer.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for only four hours sleep. But in awe pondering the power, however mixed the metaphor, of el nino firing on all cylinders, LOL. Local weather man could improve his act with some descriptions like that.

Heidi (landlady6) - Kudos for making your new response cards and ARC deck. And Kudos for staying up to welcome in the New Year, LOL.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for six hours in the mall, even though with your DD, and even though there was shopping success. My notion of the tenth level of Dante's **** would be a New Jersey shopping mall with all national brand stores. Frightening enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Anne (wndranne) - Sending supportive thoughts as you continue your transition - with both its "independence" and painful letting go.

Kudos for planning for your IHOP visit; it's neat for me to be reminded that ordering from the kids' menu is a realistic choice. My brain doesn't tend to ever think that thought in a real situation.

shrinkin - Waving; wishing you a Happy New Year also.

Chris (Anglemoma210) - Kudos for scheduled play; good stuff that licorice.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Sobering story about the gumpkys, but enjoying your self-deprecating writing style, as in, "DUH! Can someone whip me with a cabbage leaf?" Kudos for getting back on track in time for the new year.

And thank you for your kind words when we cross-posted yesterday morning. I am so used to being the first poster that I forget to look for posts that arrive while I am typing or wandering about chasing down references to other threads.

Readers -
"That's what The Complete Beck Diet for Life does for you - it gives you your life back in so many ways:
It frees you from guilt, worry, self-consciousness, and self blame.
It frees you from you fear of hunger and your fear of losing control.
It frees you from overwhelming temptation and emotional eating.
It frees you from feelings of deprivation, unfairness, and discouragement.
It frees you from obsession about your food choices, weight, and appearance." The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 13.
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