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Hi you guys. I don't fit in with the soccer mom types either. I am a new mom, but I'm the mom that blasts rock n' roll. I'm not like anyone else, I'm just me. I have a different mentality and different tastes in music than people would expect, and I can be as gross as a dude... I've always been like a closet goth chick, in a way. I did the things in high school like streak my hair with punk red, dye it completely smurf blue, and then black... anything that was different from the rest. In a small county where I live, it wasn't typical for people to do that though for the rest of society, it's not very shocking or anything now, cause so many kids have done it. Nowadays I favor my hair the natural blonde shade that it is, and I'll rock the color pink every once in awhile, but I still think in an alternative sort of way, always will. And I love when I see those brave kids all decked out in goth gear. It's nothing I ever did, but I find it so unique.

I guess I was correct about what an alternachick was.
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