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Default So what is an alternachick?

I'm bored, have insomnia, have always wondered, so thought I would ask.

Is it like girls who are into heavy metal and hard rock, because I am, or does it mean girls who are into that kinda music and dress gothically? I don't dress gothically but when I was in school there were some elements to my dress. I was too scared to go full goth but I enjoyed putting on black nailpolish every once in awhile, once I dyed my hair so dark it looked black so I wore bright red lipstick with my really pale skin and black nail polishes.. I guess I was a bit of a poser but I am a loyal metal/hardrock/alternative fan. And if you chicks are Goth/punk girls, I just love the way you guys dress. Hot Topic has some of the coolest stuff (oh, my, god, I sound like a teenager.)

....But if that's not what is meant by alternachick, I'm completely sorry for butting in the forum.

Just wondering, I'm curious.
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