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OK...I'm trying to digest all of this as I read everyone's posts. I go to Curves and how I interpret this article is as follows:

In order to lose fat and strengthen muscle one must burn more calories than they take in through a reduced calorie meal plan and an increase in physical activity. When one uses stregnth training they are creating more muscle mass. Overall muscle mass increases the metabolism and therefore allows you to burn fat more effectively/efficiently. Using a single machine to "REDUCE" an area is pointless, but using that machine in combination with an entire routine can assist in overall body shaping. Increasing a muscle doesn't do any short-term good if it's covered in a layer of fat but long-term it will help in a number of ways (see above).

Now, with that in mind I'm not going to cancel my membership at Curves since it's not the ad/adductor machine that's bad or ineffective, It's an individual's idea that doing just that machine to reduce the inner/outer thighs that is incorrect. Am I getting this right? I use Curves 3 times a week and even though I skipped a number of workouts ...I've still lost quite a few inches and can feel the muscles under the fat developing. Just this week I have added in an hour of cardio on my stationary bike at home 3 times a week (or twice a week if I get to aquasize once a week) as well in hopes of helping to burn fat a little faster and getting over my current plateau.

Does a routine like that make sense?

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