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my trainer keeps telling me to do weights first and cardio second. he says that when you do cardio first you just burn off blood sugar. if you do it second, you are burning fat.

anyone heard the same?
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Yup. I was always told to do weights first and cardio second (not counting a 5-10 min warm up of course). There are a few different reasons I've heard but I think the main one is having enough available blood sugar to do weight bearing activities. Cardio, whatever form, is monotonous in that you're doing the same movements over and over again and it's less important to have that blood sugar throughout the exercise. As well, it's very important you have the right technique when you're doing weights to avoid injury so it's probably not a good idea to exhaust some of your muscles through cardio and then try and lift.

I really thought this article was great and seemed accurate based on all the research I've done/things I've been told. I never used the adductor/abductor machines. I used to figure skate and play hockey competitively and while it's very important to strengthen those muscles I always was told to do lots of different variations of squats and lunges. Another problem with some of those machines is that if you're trying to drop weight you're sitting down for the exercise so you're not maximizing your heart rate/calorie burn. In something like squats you're standing the whole time...
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I read a blog that recommended hitting the weights first. By weight training first, you’ll have more energy to lift and your body will release the hormones needed to stimulate growth. Weight training will also get your body into fat-burning mode to maximize your ability to maintain and build lean muscle tissue.

With your metabolism in high boost, your cardio workout will be much more effective. Remember - For every one pound of lean muscle you add, your body will burn 30-50 additional calories per day!

It was on kineda. It seems accurate enough! If I do weights, I do them before I start my cardio.
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Originally Posted by fruitster View Post
Wow! At least 3 of these are machines used at Curves. Thanks for this info!

I noticed that too! What a bummer
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really? I don't have a car (good reason that i can walk.) and the only gym around my small town is curves.
Im glad i read this before i went to be a member.
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i ladies...these are great myh breakers!! Love it. I mix mynew fave cardio (running) WITH STUFF I CAN DO AT HOME...single mom of two working full time...Anyway, I found another really great women's support group, Traxee (google it!) having started back to running after 12 years I needed questions answered and motivtion, not to mention Where to best start for my body and lifestyle. Just wanted to share with you my findings! best Wishes everyone!

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adductor/abductor machines I love these machines! Glad I read this!
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Thank you for this info.
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wow great!! thanks for this thread. I now know not to spend my time on those 10 items. but to spend time on the exercise that do the most work. thnky u!
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Hmm...interesting to know! I've been a sucker for the standing twist and side bends forever!
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Amazing! Everytime I've joined a gym these have all been exercises that I was given to do. I never saw any improvement and always ended up just quitting! I think I want my money back! LOL!
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Hehe, I shall feel smug at all the people twisting and jerking in the gym tomorrow. Although I did once mention to someone doing straight situps that she should bend her knees. It may have constituted as sticking my oar in, but she did say to me after that her back felt much more comfortable with her knees bent.

I's a trainer, I is! :L
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Hmm.. I donīt think this is right at all .

I use e.c. these legpress and I donīt think itīs inefficient .
I have stronger legs and I also think it works for getting slimmer legs.

But a lot of think information is also right.. I think.
Iīm not a specialist .. but I think everything you do with fun is also good for your body.
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Default Which are the 10 most effective?

We have some of these machines at my gym. I may reconsider them but now the question is:
Which are the 10 most effective exercises??????
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As far as the abductor/adductor exercise machine, I'm glad I read this, it seems to be the machine that attracts the most creeple at the gym, I am more than happy to let it go.
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