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Hey, I just found this thread. I had no idea there was a support forum for us "featherweights". Cool!

Here's my story:

I was never "fat" in high school, but nobody would have mistaken me for a bean pole either. I started college at around 135 lbs and didn't gain the freshman 15. But then something happened the summer after freshman year. I gained about 20 lbs in about 2 months. I had been sick a lot that summer, and so I spent most of my time lying in bed. And then to console myself I ate and ate and ate. So by the start of sophomore year, I was 155. I'm 5'2, so that's pretty heavy for me.

I stayed at that weight until the next summer. My "wake up" moment was 2 things that happened in the same week. The first was that I was playing the lead in my theater group's show, and none of the costumes fit me. The director topped it off by saying I looked like I had a "bun in the oven." That was upsetting, and I'll never forget it. Then I went to my annual check-up, and the doctor weighed me and said I had gained 20 lbs since my annual one year ago. So I had to do something about it.

I exercised religiously and ate sensibly until I'd whittled myself down to 126 lbs. I actually maintained this weight for 2 years. But after graduation, I started working, and I've been between 133-135 now for a couple of years. Over the holidays in 2006, I hit 140. I'm terrified the weight will just snowball and I'll be back up to where I was sophomore year.

So here I am, trying to eat clean again and exercise regularly. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back down to 126, because now I sit at a desk 8 hours a day instead of shlepping all over campus. But I'm gonna try
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