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My story's a lot shorter than most, as I'm a bit of a spring chicken. (I'll be 18 in less then a month.) My weight is always something I've been self-conscious about (like all teenage girls) but I didn't really notice how much it could fluctuate with exercise and eating habits until grade 12. Throughout junior high I was taking a martial arts class 3 times a week, and gym 5 times a week in school. I thought I was fat, but I realize now, that I would kill to be that size again (imagine thinking a size 4 was fat?!)

In grade 10 I hit a high point of 159, I remember being miserable with myself for being almost 160lbs; all of a sudden not wanting to eat anymore. At all. I stopped eating breakfast, took lunch to school and threw it out, and pushed the food around my plate at dinner. I think I ended up being about 115 in maybe 2 months? Then I started eating again (I typically eat healthy meals, with sweet snacks), and taking kickboxing, and averaged between 130 to 145 throughout grade 11 and grade 12.

Now I'm in University, struggling with being away from home and eating every meal in a cafeteria. I don't have a scale out here, but I want to be 123 lbs next time I am home because I don't really remember if that was an ideal weight (in my own mind) and because 123 is a BMI of 20, and I like how it is 1-2-3. My goal might change though.

Tips: lots of water, little or no caloric beverages (empty calories), make sure to get enough protein and fat to stay full!

going to scotland mini-goal >> 132lbs >> april 30
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