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Default monday rush

Good morning. I am off to a fantastic start for the week. As most of you know, my ellpitical died on me last week. Well i went and checked in to a gym really close to my house and it is only $50 a month for me and my son, dh wont go, so i just inquired about ds and myself. So i am loving that. I signed up and had the BEST workout. My arms feel so light and like i can feel their every move. I love the feeling a gym gives you. I worked out for a little over an hour and the time just flew by, half weights, half cardio. I really needed this after a not so great weekend...ok, a really bad weekend. Could have been worse, but basically, i like to keep it at around 1700 cals on the weekend and i was more like 2000 both days. So surely i can make up for it by friday. I am trying some calorie cycling though. If i can keep it at 1700 on the weekend and 1400 during the week i will be happy. Then unlimited cals (within reason) on friday.

My last day at my job was friday. Know what that means??? No more bimbo. Lets all do a "no more bimbo" cheer

Happy Thanksgiving to all my northern friends.

Robbin- Good deal on the NSV. is so nice to know that all that work is noticable to others.

Jtammy- Wow, good job on maintaining while out of town. That is excellent. I bet you will have a big loss this week.

Jelynn-Glad to hear dh is doing better.

Ok chickies, lets make it a great week. My goals for the week are to make it to gym all week, stay under 1400 cals, and drink LOTS of water.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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