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Stacey, Wow! You are in a sweet spot. Congrats on all of your success, including your NSV! The thought of a tummy tuck is swirling around in the back of my mind. I know I'll have lose skin there, whether I decide to try to do a tummy tuck depends on how well I can disguise it. I'm old enough that I can't see myself wearing stomach revealing clothing whether I have loose skin or not, so if I can just disguise it, I'll try that.

Tina, Snow already?? Wow, it's 90 and very sunny here today. Wish I could send you some. You are right to slow down and think about how well you've done in just a weeks time. 3.5 lbs is wonderful. And of course weight fluctuates so much that you can't give .5 lbs a thought. I didn't realize that the salad dressings at McD were so high in sodium. We almost never go there, but I'll need to remember to check the website the next time we do to see if I want to change what I usually order (one of the salads with grilled chicken).

Robbin, When I first decided to lose weight, I told my husband that I wanted some rewards to look forward to. The first 50 lbs was a new digital camera. The second 50 lbs was a MP3/digital video player. The third 50 lbs was a new laptop. The last 15 - 20 would be a trip to Paris. He agreed to all of it, and secretly I KNOW he never thought I could lose the weight, even I didn't REALLY think I could do it at first. I bought my digital camera and MP3 player when I hit those goals. I've got a new laptop ordered through work, so I don't really want us to have to buy one at 150 lbs after all. But I really want my trip to Paris. I know how much money he has saved for it so far though - 0 -, so I probably won't get it. I'm also splurging on myself and getting my hair colored and foiled every couple of months. At first I was doing it every 25 lbs, but now that the weight loss has slowed down while I'm still being very good, I've decided to continue doing it as often as I need it. Otherwise I would have these very gray roots while waiting for the 25 lbs. I think a manicure sounds like a fun idea, but my husband may be tired of my rewards.

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