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Saw you on the bio thread and just want to welcome you and wish you luck .
Nice to meet you and good luck

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Thanks Jenny! I can't wait to get to know you all. I've never been successful doing WW at home. This time I will be though. All of you are very motivating.

Thanks and good luck to you ,too!
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Welcome from another fairly new member. I wanted to greet you because I saw your bio. My sister is an occupational therapist who works mostly with autistic children. When I mentioned to her that one of the members (from TX) shared that she has an autistic child, my sister said, "She's lucky to be in Texas." She said she's sure you know about "Applied Behavioral Analysis" which, per her, is the only recognized effective treatment for autistic children and the best source of information is U of North Texas in Sigrid Glenn TX. Don't want to be too pushy so just thought I pass that on in case it is new info for you.

Glad to have you aboard. You sure have made good progress over the years with the weight battle. Sounds like you're on the way again. Good luck

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Thank you so much for that info. I will gladly accept any information you have. My son has yet to get a definite diagnoses. We're not sure if he has aspergers or PDD or what. We're fortunate he's what they call "high functioning", so he's doing great. It is all so complicated! He is in a great program at school and I'm thankful for that. It will be even better when he's diagnosed. Its a long process, but worth it so it will be accurate. We are in a great pediatric network here also, my hubby even turned down a promotion so we could stay here for him! This whole experience has just amazed me, it is so interesting to see how there minds work! I've been researching this for a year now and learn new things all the time! Thanks again for the info, I really appreciate it.

I'm actually doing really well with WW at home. I could workout more, but I'm losing! How are you doing with this? Is this your first time with WW? I think its a great program. I love it!

Good luck, Rachel
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