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Something with cookie dough or brownies 4 26.67%
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Angry TUESDAY 14 August 2001 - DAILY THREAD

Morning girls,
Thought it was time that "WG" started the thread.
Belle - I've (well, Kirsty has!) sent you an email. I can only repeat what the others said; that perhaps it is a GOOD thing. Don't go for a "break". That's just him being pathetic and trying to keep his options open. Either he wants to go out with you or he doesn't. There isn't, and shouldn't be an in-between. Move on. It will hurt, but it will get better and one day you'll be so glad you're not in a soul-destroying relationship. You have so many folk rooting for you. Go get a new haircut, a beauty treatment, spend a day at a health spa with a girlie pal/sister. Treat yourself and look after yourself. He is bound to regret it, but DON'T TAKE HIM BACK. It'll just happen again. and again. and again. and can you really put up with the heartache? Sorry if I'm being harsh. But you deserve so much better than him.
Trish - very spooky about your fall. You must have a guardian angel.
Sarah - well done on the A-! CONGRATS!
Hello and welcome RhubarbJelly!
A big hello to everyone else, and all those about to post. I expect "Kirsty" will be back later.
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now i'm thinking about ice cream. yummmm. ben and jerry's, haagen daaz, even WW stuff!!
must focus on sorbet, still yummy but a lot less points!
come out and play everyone - save me and weathergirl from multiple personality disorder!

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Hey WeatherGirl!!!!

I am doing OK... I do much better when I have my dinner planned out before I go home. Yesterday I had spaghetti sauce in the crockpot, so that was good!!!! Then I splurged on my pistacio pudding blizzard (see recipe thread!) Got up this morning and walked my poor Sadie who got neglected yesterday morning. YAH ME!


Not much new here... I'll chat more later like always!! Back to work for me!
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Here is an article I found on WebMD... Hope this helps everyone get/stay on track!!

Here are some commonsense ways to cut the fat:

1. Plan meals that include more vegetables, legumes (dried beans and lentils) and complex carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes) than meat.
2. Eat more poultry than red meat.
3. Eat fish and seafood.
4. Trim meat and poultry of excess fat before cooking. Skin chicken and other poultry.
5. Use ground turkey breast instead of ground beef. Or combine turkey breast with ground pork for moistness. Drain ground meat after cooking.
6. Cook food in heavy, well-made nonstick pans.
7. Use cooking spray instead of liquid oil to grease pans.
8. Broil, grill, steam, braise, roast, and bake food. Keep frying and sautéing to a minimum.
9. Rely on chicken and vegetable stock to moisten dishes when you sauté or pan-fry. Begin with a little oil or butter, but add stock or water as the food cooks to prevent sticking.
10. Experiment with herbs, spices, and other flavoring such as chilies, garlic, mushrooms, ginger, shallots, and fruit juices.
11. Rely less and less on butter and cream.
12. When you can, switch to low-fat or skim milk, low-fat or nonfat yogurt, and reduced-fat cheeses. Be careful here: not all can be substituted for full-fat products.
13. For extra flavor, cook rice in chicken broth and don't add butter or cheese.
14. Forgo cheese and cream sauces for pasta. Instead, add generous gratings of Parmesan cheese to vegetable-based sauces.
15. Add onions, tomatoes, or low-fat yogurt to baked potatoes. Flavor mashed potatoes with only small amounts of cream and butter, augmented with chicken broth and low-fat yogurt.
16. Use water-packed tuna instead of oil-packed. Mix it with reduced-fat mayonnaise and fresh herbs.
17. Substitute egg whites for whole eggs when possible. You can make scrambled eggs and omelets with two or three egg whites for every whole egg.
18. Use fat-free condiments for added flavor: mustard, chutneys, jams, jellies, preserves.
19. Develop a taste for sorbets and sherbets instead of ice cream.
20. Serve fresh fruit when it's in season. Who needs chocolate cake?

Actually, everyone "needs chocolate cake" every now and again. Don't deprive yourself of the high-fat foods you love. Eat them less often and in smaller amounts.

If you think about the freshness and goodness of the foods you serve your family, you will easily cut the fat. Try to cook food that is as close to its natural state as possible - in other words, avoid over-processed foods.

Serve lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, and breads. Don't think of fatty foods as "bad" but instead consider them sometime treats.

Once you begin cutting the fat, it will seem like a logical way to cook. And your whole family will feel and look better!
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Default mmmm pfish food!

Thats my favorite ice cream from ben and jerry's. Now I really want some! Its chocolate with caramel and marshmellow creme swirled in with fudge fishes. Absolute heaven!

Hi everyone and welcome rhubarbjelly!

Not much is going on in my neck of the woods. It seems as if we're getting rain finally after 45 days without and 101 temps. Luckily I have always lived in texas, so the heat doesn't bother me at all. I'm only uncomfortable when its cold. I can't tolerate anything under 50 degrees F (yes I am a wimp), but 101 I can handle. It really limits my snow skiing schedules, I can only go in the spring to really enjoy it.

I can't believe the school season has already started here. I'm excited for college football this year. Me and DH bought season tickets for our team and hopefully I'll get to go to all of them. I love football!

Belle ~ I agree with WeatherGirl/Kirsty. I hope you are doing better today. Take care of yourself! We are here for you.

Jen ~ Thanks for the list. I agree with it for the most part. I don't fully agree with the red meat thing, though. Lean beef and venison are just as low fat as chicken and turkey. Actually lean red meat is better for you than lean turkey. Red meat has many great nutrients that women need (iron being the big one). Maybe its because I come from a cattle raising family (grandparents) and a hunting state, but it seems like red meat has gotten such a bad rep. Don't get me wrong, the fatty cuts are definately bad for you, but the loin and round cuts are good for you. I think ppl need a large variety in their diets to get all the nutrition we need. Supplements are fine for you, but getting the vitamins and minerals from food is easier for your body to absorb. *OK off my soap box*

I hope all is well out there. Come out and play!

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Kay, I agree with you on the red meat issue. I actually eat as much red meat as I do chicken. Keep it lean tho! I have a degree in animal science/meat science, so I am very knowledgeable of meat. Lucky me huh... Got a business degree (minor) too tho! I am well rounded (in more ways than one)
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I love chocolate ice cream.....I haven't tried any Ben and Jerry's though, so I might be won over by the sounds of it!

Well, at WI I am down 1.5 lbs and so that means good things since TOM is due today!! Woo hoo. 204.5.....

Weathergirl/Kirsty- you make a very good point about the repetition. I replied to your email with the gory details...

But the basic gist is that he realized he freaked out b/c we got so close and so serious and were taking steps and he felt scared and freaked out. He has asked to talk about it tomorrow to see if we can work it out and give it one more try. I agreed to meet him, but I don't know what I'll say. I think I'll write out my needs and expecations and bring it to him and make him fully undertstand if those can't be met, It's not worth my time. I don't know. Half of me agrees with Weathergirl to not bother and the other half says, what if he just f*&ked up?

I am going to go home tonite, and sit alone and figure it out. Its time for Belle soul searching. And thank you, I do feel better today, I slept okay last night and I also had a long bath and wrote in my journal....a little Belle time goes a long way sometimes...!

Trish- what is this about your fall? Must go back and read other posts - hope you and bambino are both okay and unshaken.

Jen- good artice you posted. I need chocolate cake sometimes too - although, I LOVE fresh fruit. Melons and exotic fruit especially!! YUM. Thanks for posting that. Your well rounded pun is cute...I consider myself well rounded as well!! This site should be called Three Wellrounded chicks. (3WRC)

Kay - how hot is that in celcuius? Its about 30C here and we are all melting. My apt is so hot at night, I have 2 fans gonig and I still sweat....

Well, I better get some work done for a change - hate coming back to work after holidays....

Thank you everyone for your support, advice and for just letting me go on and on (even if you do roll your eyes)

Love Belle
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Pooey old message board hasn't let me vote on the poll for over a week now ... don't know why, but I TOTALLY have to put my vote in for Mm-ice cream. We have some Haagen Daazs Caramel Cone thingy wotsit in the freezer right now. Yum yum!!!

Well, went to WI today to face the music (have missed 3 weeks) and I gained 3.5 which isn't terrible, but is obviously not ideal. I'm missing next week too, then I will be back OP properly. When I told her I was away again, she commented I seemed to be away a lot and I was like, well, what can I say, I have a life to live. It put me in a grumpy mood though, and I was seriously thinking about trying to find an alternative (doctor's weight clinic or something) where they would be a little more flexible. That being said though, she still didn't charge me. If she had I would definitely look for an alternative. Do any of you guys have any thoughts on that?

Hi Rhubarb, and welcome!
Trish - it must have been providence stepping in! I am a really bad flyer, an emergency landing would have scared the pants off me.
Sarah - congrats on the Master's!
Kim - I've been in that bad no-counting place too.
Belle - I'm sorry it happened again. I'm with Jen and everyone else, just put YOU first. It's time for Belle now!
Everyone else - hugs!

I might not get a chance to check in before I go tomorrow, so I'll be gone for a week or so. Have a brilliant one, and I'll see y'all when I get back!!!

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Lolly.. as for missing meetings, you are lucky you don't have to pay. Here, if we miss a meeting, we pay. Although we get 3 passes for missed meetings. Some areas (like mine, and I switched to this) have the Liberty option, you pay more per week, but can skip up to 4 weeks inbetween without paying. I now go to WI every other week, and so far it is working for me better. And I don't feel guilty or angry for missing.

Belle... don't let your guard down... remember, if it happens in repetition, who is to say it won't keep happening when he gets in a mood???

I am back to work. I think hubby and I are going to join the gym (YMCA) today at lunch. YAHHHH... I am definately bringing my workout clothes tomorrow!!!!
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Hello all. Well, I am in a big fight with the resturant down teh street. Being PG I really crave red meat. Well, I asked for my meat WELL DONE! I do not want any food poisening. Anyway, they broght it to me maybe medium rare. And that is being nice. They insist that it is well done. BUT IT IS BLEEDING! So I am mad! Never go there again.

I have spent the last week trying to decide if I can feel the baby or not. I am 20 weeks today and many people feel it by now...but many don't. So anyway, I feel things but am not sure if it si baby or gas. Twice (last week) I felt something I was sure was baby...but I have not felt it since. Anyway, I hope it gets bigger soon so that I can feel it.

Other than that, I am good. I am not sleeping well because I can not find a comfortable position.

Hey, my company server is going down So this will have to be goodby.

Talk with you soon.

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Default Missed Meetings

You pay here too!! BOOOH Lolly you are lucky. I have thought about gonig to the doctor's office to WI too, but I dno't know if htey do that here. My doc is super busy all the time.

I am feeling really good right now. I jsut had a good talk with my dad. He and I are getting close oddly, since I have never felt loved by him. and I have never lived with him either. But in my old age, we have more in common.

Its funny b/c mom and dad both refer to their failed marriage when givnig love advice, but its like hearing about two completely different marriages ! I just take them both with a grain of salt and think how happy I am they didnt' stay togethr for the "kids sake"...yikes!

ANyway, dad had good advice. Said this was b/f's problem not mine and to make it very clear that I won't let it by my problem. And that it shoud be the last time. He also said when he and b/f were golfing he told him that he really cared for me and how lucky he was to find me. Which is pretty sucking up-y if you ask me ,but that was a sweet thing to say to my dad. Dad thinks he was genuine and I should let him have one more chance. He thinks that he is scared b/c of his parents (dad was physically abusive and a general psychopath). Dad also thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to suggest he gets some counselling....but that is another ball of wax.

ANYWAY - yuck Trish, bloody meat makes me sick. I had the same fight you did. I hpe you feel bambino soon!! I love when they kick and you can see the tummy move!!

Must go get work done.


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Default Hee...

Wanted to see my changed sig.
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Kay: Have you had Phish Food in the frozen yogurt variety! Yum! I try and stay away from real ice cream because I can't stop eating it. But that froyo tastes almost like ice cream. BUT ... last week I went to 7-Eleven, where I've gotten the Phish Food before, and they didn't have any. I was having a total chocolate craving, so I picked up a pint of B&J's regular ice cream, called "Everything but the ..." OHMYGOD! It is so good. It's chocolate ice cream swirled with vanilla and pieces of chocolate, Heath bar, white chocolate and Reese's peanut butter cups. I was very good ... I only had a few spoonfuls at a time.

Last night I went home planning to have leftover Pizza Hut pizza, but my b/f finished it! It was probably just as well, I probably would have eaten both huge pieces. So I had a cup of pasta with about a 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce and a big salad with Italian dressing instead. Much better for me!

Belle, sweetie: Hasn't he done the same thing before? Things have been going well and then he freaks out because you're getting too serious? That's awfully hard on you. Just be careful and don't let him do whatever he pleases and then expect your forgiveness. I hate it when people try to blame their actions on their parents ... my b/f has done that before too. The whole committment-phobe thing, his parents got divorced, he doesn't want the same thing to happen so he wants to be sure, yada, yada, yada. Well, my parents were divorced, too, and I'm OK with it! It was the best thing for my parents!

Men! (no offense to those of you with loving hubbies. Be thankful you don't have to deal with all this singles **** anymore)

I may sound bitter today, because I'm seething at my editors. They wouldn't let me write: "Congealed gobs of reddish-black blood dotted the driveway off the alley, attracting buzzing flies in the sticky heat." It was changed to "Drops of blood dotted the driveway." No gobs, no flies, no sticky heat. What do you all think, as non-newspaper folks? I really, truly want to know, even if you don't agree with me. I was writing about a murder, and to me, murder isn't pretty. That's what was left on the ground. Not drops of blood, like when you prick your finger or skin your knee. Gross, sticky clumps of blood that come from getting beaten to death with a rock. I don't think it's a newspaper's job to sanitize the news. I think we should tell it the way it is, even if it is a little shocking. Shouldn't people be shocked by murder? They should be outraged! The reality of murder is not nice and sweet. It's blood and gore and hate and messy.

I'll get off my soapbox now. I'm just a little diillustioned that I'm basically being asked to write bland for readers so I don't affect their delicate compositions. I'm a crime reporter. I want to affect people! My city tends to be fairly apathetic when it comes to crime. People want to pretend it doesn't exist.

Thanks for reading, and I really want your opinions.

Well, I better run.
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Kim... you're right, murder isn't pretty... And as a reporter, you should have the right to report the news as you see it. Everyone has a different writing style and that is what makes us all unique.

Trish... I like medium meat.... but while PG, I didn't eat it (OK once on accident). I too craved it. Give em heck about it, any good chef/cook should know the difference between medium and well done. Tell them you could have died from it, make them feel guilty!!!

UGHHHH.... you guessed it, back to work!
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Trish: I thought that under most health codes, restaurants had to cook meat so it wasn't bloody. At least in Virginia, as far as I understand it, you can't even order anything rare, and medium rare will come out medium. I thought that came out over some case in California some years back where a bunch of people got food poisoning from rare meat. That's what I'm recalling ...

Either way, if something's not cooked the way you ask for it, you always, always have the right to send it back. If the waitress/waiter argues with you, ask to speak to the manager! (Then maybe you can get it free! ) Or better yet, ask to speak to the cook! That'll shake up the waitperson!
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