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Good morning Turtles! I trust everyone is fine this morning.

I'm up a pound this morning, but I'm frankly not surprised--I ate a large (for me) dinner very late last night, coupled with being awake for 3 hours (and drinking a lot of water) in the early morning when I was awake with a sick hubby. I'm pretty sure it's water/'body refuse', as I've been weight-stable this week. According to measurements, too, I've lost another inch off my underbust and another inch off my waist. So obviously SOMETHING is happening!

I'm still planning to pursue my goal of 2200 calories/day in an attempt to drive my metabolism up. I'm also looking at changing my workout to Turbulence Training for Women, once I print out another copy. I can't find the one I have--I put it someplace 'safe' and now it's GONE!

Anyway. I'm down 22 pounds from where I started, as of this morning's weigh-in. I have about 42 weeks til Christmas, and I'm (right now) emotionally stable. I'm in a good mood, and I feel strong and positive about reaching (or getting very close to) goals this year. And I've got a lot of time, right?

Positive side effect: you're all going to be WELL aware that Christmas is coming this year, and possibly even get a jump on your holiday preparations!

I'm off to a haircut. Keep turtle-stepping!
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Hi Mousie:

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I did good last night - had roast beef, mixed green/yellow beans with a few carrots & red cabbage. Had small piece of sugar free lemon cake & apple crisp and small piece of bread pudding with tiny sprinkling of carmel sauce. No cream soup, salads and NO bread whatsoever (that is biggie for me) & 1 vodka/soda. So overall - I think I was fine.

Got in a curves workout day - so feel pretty good.

Glad you are feeling good as well. Nice to hear all your positive outcomes.

Keep up the good work & have a great weekend.

Bye for now.
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Bandit! You did terrific! I'll see you all on Turtles #152 because we're getting long here.
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Happy Birthday, Bandit. Yes, I agree. A little fun must be had on one's birthday, guilt-free.

Mousie: I think my primary problem is two-fold:
1) Sunday night I always have trouble sleeping, probably because I wake up at 6 am M-F, but sleep in until 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. I usually spend Sunday nights (6:30-8:30) sewing and eating pizza hut (1 medium veggie lovers = 3-4 meals). Then at 8:30 I retire to bed to read and go to sleep. At that point, I always have trouble going to sleep.
2) I end up going to sleep later during the week.

I'm not working OT right now -- it would be worse if I was -- but my new goal is to take Monday night off and do my housework that I would normally have split up throughout the week, and to not stay up late "messing around", doing something or other.

Mousie, I can see how you might have trouble losing weight if you worked out that much and didn't use your excercise points. Your body was probably desperately trying to maintain its weight, when faced with so much exertion and so few calories. That is of course my unscientific and uneducated experience based on what I've read, but it seems like you are on the same path, so I'm probably not too far off.

It's very hard to lose weight and then regain it. That's the one thing I have not done, and I think it's simply because my eating habits were horrible before, and after months of WW, the newer habits had become simply that -- habit. Not to say that I'm a food saint. Not at all, or I'd be at goal now. But a lot of the junk food I used to eat didn't sound good anymore, and I couldn't look at many things without thinking about their point value.

I understand where you're coming from. The stress and chaos of life can encourage signficiant weight gain. I gained 60 pounds in 4 years when I move to college. I moved from a house with little junkfood and healthy meals prepared for me to a world where junkfood was readily available and more healthy food was harder to get. I also befriended a young woman who ate out 90% of the time, and 95% of that was junk food. Not that I can avoid personal responsibility here -- I ate the food, I made the choices...but, if I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would definitely do it differently.

My new strategy is to keep a general eye on points, to watch for excesses, and to work out more, and have a little freedom on the weekend. I am sad to say that I gained 1.5 pounds last week, but I know why -- too much junk food, too much excess. I was better behaved this weekend, so cross your fingers for me, ladies.

I can't say I'm ready for the kind of program you're describing, mousie, because I don't work out that much, but I hope it works wonders for you.

Happy Birthday, bandit!

And take care, Judy!

Ladies, I'll end this long thread before it turns into a novel. Take care!
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