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Croutons 6 27.27%
Bacon Bits 3 13.64%
Neither - do you know how many points they have? 5 22.73%
Both (and don't hold the dressing!) 8 36.36%
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Hello Peeps!

Just starting off ... I'm not procrastinating, honest, I'm just ... erm ... having a break. Really!

Back soon!


ps:- the poll is because I had to face the great dilemma at the hotel on Friday night and I am on the verge of a SERIOUS addiction to bacon bits ... but you could look on it as a metaphor too, I guess ...

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Default morning

hello lolly and all those about to post!
just over 2 more hours of work left for me today (we're getting to leave at 2pm). hooray! i'm going to stop at markies (marks & spencers) for nice food and then go watch buffy...i mean take work home and be industrious there... honest.
i'll miss you guys this afternoon. post lots of nice, entertaining messages for me to read thurs morning.
ooh, mayday riots update. the west end is very quiet today in london. lots of shops have boarded up their windows and everyone is dressed casually (so as to blend in with anarchists and not stand out in suits/uniforms). the place is pretty deserted. if no riots happen, they will at least have achieved their goal of disrupting businesses and making them lose lots of money.
hope to speak to you all tomorrow,

ps lolly - do some work!
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Height: 5'5"


May is not so merry for me. It was 1 year ago today that my mom went to the hospital because she was feeling dizzy. She died May 28.

Sorry, I just woke up this morning thinking about my mom. We were so so so so close. I can't believe it...1 year ago.

I was MIA yesterday...

Hope everyone has a great day!

P.S Croutons all the way.

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Hello everybody!

Sorry to hear about your mother, Angie. I hope you are able to celebrate your mother all month long.

How is everybody doing? Being a leader has been great so far... my group has lost over 90 lbs! And spring (summer?) is HERE -- it's supposed to go up to 29 today!

Belle I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend. Hopefully this will ring in a nice, calm time in your relationship.

Congratulations to all the losers... and of course to cruise-winning Kirsty. And don't worry, Lolly, you'll get your work done!

Talk to you soon!

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Hi Everyone Well I woke up in a very confused state... my alarm clock said it was 11am LOL...couldn't figure out how that could wasn't, somehow it got to reading 3 hours later than it really was. How confusing LOL. I think I'm going to get my hair cut today. It's gotten kinda long (shoulder length lol...never been one for long hair) and since it's getting warm I'm thinking...short! I've been thinking about dying it but I think I'm going to hold off a little on that. I don't know tho, my hair has gotten kinda thin and is very fine so maybe dying it darker would actually thicken it out a little?? What do ya think?

Kirsty...glad to hear all is quiet with the rioters. That's true that they really already have caused the disruption tho. No violence is still better tho.

Not too much new otherwise, just got up a little bit ago so I guess I should get started on the day LOL
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Good morning Lolly, Kirsty, Angie, Shaylene and Lola! ANd good morning to all the lurkers!

Angie, I'm sorry about your mom too. I can't imagine what you are going through, but you know we're here if there's anything we can do.

Ali - Yes, it was Montreal. My friend and I joked that we were going to go find some Canadians Mounties to mount (Just kidding of course). But we went all the way to Montreal and I meet this guy from where else, but Boston. I liked him and when he said he'd like my number I was psyched. But my friend was like, he's just a baby, so I told him he was too young for me. 21,25... what's the difference. But then he did talk about his dorm room a few times... and that made me feel old.

Brenda!!! Go Avs! I was so excited they won. BOy am I tired this morning. What happened to Sakic. Don't know whether you're lurking or not, but I thought I'd share my excitement.

And about the croutons, bacon bits... I put neither. But not because of points. I really don't like either... unless they are the big garlic-y home made croutons like at the Olive Garden. I hate the store bought box kind.

Went to the gym yesterday and at one point over my minimum. I was starting to realize that my July 25th goal is totally attainable! I want to be at 170 by July 25th. And while that requires utter committment, I'm definately on my way there. That's 20 pounds in 12 weeks. Doable!!!

You girls have a nice Tuesday.


220 SW/ 190.5 CW/ 170 July 25th/ 115 GW
4'11" (really 4'10" 1/2 - but I can round up, right!)
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Default Keep the week moving!

Good morning ladies. Last night went well, food-wise. I came in at 25.5 points ( my max) but earned 6 exercise points I had a great workout at the gym and then came home and painted another coat on the doors. Tonight I would like to do the final coat on 2 doors and then no more painting for a while! I have plenty of other home projects to keep me busy though - curtains!

LAst night DH and I made dinner, tuna salad. It was funny though b/c we each made our own. He likes Miracle Whip and I like mayonaise. I made an open faced tuna melt with tomato and he had his on a salad. Kinda funny that we ate the same thing totally differently.

I got to work this morning and went to put my lunch in the fridge. I saw tons of food! There is delicious looking carrot cake, roll-up sandwiches and more! I am usually in this office on Mondays but went to a different client so I missed the big party. I heard that they ate all day, muffins and goodies in the morning, lunch and then a party with cake in the afternoon. I thjink I am actually glad I missed it (I must be crazy). I think the leftovers will do me just fine. I can save my lunch for tomrrow and I have the points to do it too I am trying to save some points for tomorrow night though b/c it is my birthday. I don't know yet if I want to go out to dinner but I want to be able to if I feel like it tomorrow night.

Kristy - I hope you are safely home.

Lisa - I am so glad that you are feeling confident about your goals. that is a great feeling and I am sure that you can achieve them!

Shaylene - Summer haircuts are fun. It is a great time for a change!

Lola - I am so glad that you are enjoying being a leader. I am looking forward to that as my goal too.

Angie - My thought are with you this month. My mom died on Mother's Day 4 years ago this year and it is not easy. My grandmother will be here that weekend for my graduation ceremony from Graduate school and that will make it harder for me. I am sending you good thoughts.

Lolly - I hope you gets lots done today. I submitted 3 assignments yesterday and hope to get through at least 1 more today and another tomorrow!

Have a super day everyone and enjoy Spring!!!

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Hello everyone!

I picked both croutons and bacon bits, I don't usually like ceaser salad but if I have to eat.....I need both!

Angie- Sorry to hear about your mom. If there is anything I can do remember I am just an hour south of you.

Lisa- way to can so do 20lbs in 12 weeks!!!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!!!!!!!


295SW/ 237CW/ 150 GOAL
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Hello again everyone! Just a flying visit, I'm on my way from one appointment to another, but thought you would all love to know that I went to WI (between 2 different appointments!) and gained 1lb, but I'm not too bothered because I got my 50lb CERTIFICATE!!! YIPPEE!!! Not changing my sig because it's only a minor blip and if I don't change it, it'll mean it didn't really happen. Am I right?

hugs all,

ps:- Kirsty! I am wearing the trousers that you gave me about a year ago and they fit PERFECTLY. That'll save me buying another pair ... THANK YOU!!!
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Default Tra la its May!

Well, I am not in a very good mood actually either, though I think Angie has much better reason!!

I am just blue, yesterday I was pretty blue, and went to b/f's, had dinner with him and his sister, rented a DVD, but he just wasn't quite himself, tired, not very affectionate. So I went home to sleep. Picked him up this am but he didnt' kiss me or hug me. I asked if we were making plans for tonite and he was really non-committal, so I think I'll go out tonite with my sister or something, and tomorrow I am helping my friend with her wedding plans, so I'll just see him Thursday.

I think part of my being blue is a) I am really starting to hate my job and b) I can't shake that note. I cant stop thinking about it, and when I look at him I think only the works " I don't have the butterflies with her. Maybe I should break up with her but I don't want to lose that friendship and relationship we have". I just see it, right there on the page.

OCD you say?? Well, maybe. But I can't shake it. I really really wish I hadn't read that. Maybe now I am reading things into other things, like I know he is feeling closterphobic with his sister there all the time, he wants some space...I understand that. I don't know.....

On the other hand, I could be right in suspecting him.

But either way, I think he needs me out of his hair (what little he has!! ) for a couple of nights. His sister will likely start work in Banff next week so he'll have more space then.

Anyway, don't you hate it when you catch your sig other checking out a thin girl?? that happened this morning and it really really bothered me!! So much that I felt nauseous!! I SAW HIM!! Of course, I didn't say anything, although it was on the tip of my tongue, I saw him. And she worked at his building, when we said goodbye he didn't even look at my his eyes were on her butt.

I get really upset when I see that. Not only b/c its rude to be so obvious, and b/c I am already insecure in my relationship with him,but b/c I am thinking here is this guy that in early march didn't have the "spark" for me, and I don't know that he still does, and he is checking out some chick that probably does give him the "spark".

You know, maybe I should be a Bridget and tell my Daniel, if he is a Daniel and not a Mark, that I won't accept that offer either. I DO want someone that will get chills when he sees me, and that I know would walk on water for me, not some guy that checks out other girls butt's in front of me.

Well, I better get off, I have some "urgent" things to do this morning....I'll respond later.

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A Yankee in Virginia
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Default Happy May Day!

First of all, Angie, I'm thinking about you. I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mom. We're all here for you!

Ali: I meant to say congrats on reaching goal! You're an inspiration to us all!

Now ... is it possible to lose 50 lbs. in 6 weeks?? I know, of course not, but I just found out that my super-thin, tall, glamorous step-sister is coming to the same wedding I'm going to June 16. It's actually her "real" cousin, not mine, but he lives in Virginia and I didn't think she'd make the trip from New Hampshire. Grrrr. Some of you have heard me talk about her before. Her name is Buffy, and I've had a complex about her my whole life. Even back in high school, when I weighed 125, I always thought I was fat next to her. She's 5'8" and weighs about 110 (she wears a size ZERO jeans), whereas I'm only 5', and I've always felt like the ugly duckling. When I went out for the cheerleading squad in high school I think it was just to prove myself that I could be one of "those" people. I made it, too. Don't worry, I HAVE adjusted over the years, because I like my life and wouldn't want hers. She got pregnant at 19, dropped out of college, married, had another kid, got divorced, works as a bartender now ... she hasn't had it easy. For that I feel for her. But we have nothing in common, and she can't even carry on a decent conversation. (Her name ain't Buffy for nothing!

Guess I'll make it through somehow. Maybe I can at least lose 10 pounds, providing I didn't gain over the past two weeks! I'm sure I went up a pound or two, though, but TODAY I am back on program and I'm going to stay on program. By July 1, I want to be below 170!

Well, I better find some work to do. I was all energized yesterday and now I feel like doing nothing again. Sigh. It might have to do with my b/f being off and I want to be home with him! We had yesterday evening together, though, and it was lovely.

Have a good day, girls!
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Default Buffy the Vampire Step-sister

KIM!! I remember you telling me about Buffy before! Unfortunate name....but I can tell that you have gotten over it somewhat, its just that no one likes those really skinny people, esp when we are at risk of maybe being compared to them - that is why I hate when b/f checks out other girls, or talks about the ex or whatever.

But, I know you'll look great and hey, you can carry on AWESOME conversations.

And your name is leaps and bounds better.....

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Default Hi Guys

I have not posted for awhile, but I have been lurking and been able to keep up on the posts. I have to make this a quick one, but I am off Thursday and Friday so I hope to get in a proper post!!! Angie, I hope that this month is filled with wonderful memories of you and your Mom, I can't even imagine what you are feeling but I am definatley thinking about you To everyone else, I hope that you have a wonderful First day of May

Talk to you all soon,
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Default I got engaged!!!

Hello all!! Long time, no posting for me....I have some news-I got engaged last week!!! I've been super busy looking at place to have the wedding...i was in NY until Sunday trying to make the most of my time there before coming back to Boston...we are planning to be married in NY next APril.
Anyhow-I am now back in boston..I WI tomorrow, haven't been super strict but we'll I'm back OP with a new goal-fitting into wedding dresses.
Coming back to work was a rude awakening, but things are going ok. Hello to everyone-sorry I don't ahve time for individual postings right now...more later!Lori
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Default Hi everyone!

Angie ~ {{{Hugs}}} My thoughts and prayers are with you this month.

Lori ~ Whooo Hooo! Congrats on the engagement! Married life is wonderful. Me and DH celebrated our 6 monthiversary on April 28. There are others on this board planning. Feel free to ask any wedding related questions!

Kim ~ It is so hard to not compare yourself to others in your family. I have a ton of female cousins (thats why I had 7 bridesmaids ) and all of them are beautiful. We are going on the cruise with one of my thin and fab cousins. Luckily I have made friends with all of them and try to over look the fact that they are ten times prettier. Its really funny now because all of my male friends always want to meet them (I have 5 coisins all 20ish in age). Just grin and bear it! After all she is family.

Belle ~ I hope you feel better about the b/f situation. Enjoy the time you have set aside for yourself.

Sarah ~ {{{Hugs to you as well}}}.

Lola ~ Wow! you've been great for your group! I'm still thinking of becoming a leader. Your stories make it seem very worthwhile.

Hi to everyone else!

I am a both kinda gal. However I like my dressing on the side. I love salads!
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