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Old 05-01-2001, 12:37 PM   #16  
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Good morning!

Lori ~ Congrats!!! That is awesome! I loved trying on wedding dresses, have fun planning the wedding!

Steph ~ Good to hear from you, try to post soon!

Kim ~ Don't wig yourself out about the step. How can anyone that wears a size 0 look good??

Belle ~ Hang in there with the boyfriend. Remember, men can't help but look at other women. My DH does it all the time, and honestly it doesn't bother me, in fact, we usually have a discussion about the woman he is looking at, it is two-fold, I tell him when I see a good looking guy, or a nice-dressed guy. It doesn't mean in the slightest bit that he is going to leave me for another woman. Also, DH notices when other men look at me, when walking down the street and such, and he likes it, it makes him feel good knowing that other men like to look at what he has....just an observation!

Lolly ~ Congrats on the 50 lbs!! That is terrific! You have come a long way baby!!!!

Hi Tammy, Lola, Kirsty!

Sarah ~ I wish I had your motivation for working out lately! Can you send me some vibes???

Lisa ~ You can definately attain your goal, I have faith in you!!!

Shalyne ~ If that was me and my alarm was set for 11 a.m., I never would have gotten up in time!!

Angie ~ I am so sorry to hear about your mom, my mom and I are best friends, I cannot imagine losing her, my heart goes out to you and Sarah!!

Well, as for me, I am staying OP today, have to run some errands at lunch in a few minutes. I am trying to finish up some projects here at work this week and clean the house since I will be gone to CA from Friday thru Tuesday next week, then I am back to work on Wed., and leave Wed night for a business trip until Friday afternoon. Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

I am planning on taking the kids for a stroller ride after work, we usually walk a couple miles, so that should earn me a couple points!

Well, check in later!!
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Go Avalanche!!
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Default Hello!!

Croutons Bacon Bits & tons of ranch!

Just call me froggy!!! Thatís how my voice sounds today. Bon Jovi was last night and OH MY GOD!!! What an incredible concert. I broke down and bought a shirt. Itís a black and blue bowling shirt with a little martini glass on the front & says Bon Jovi. Then the name of the tour (One Wild Night) and a flame on the back. DH and I are going to share it. Very cool shirt. I harldy ever buy antying at concerts but I HAD to have something from this one. They could have played all night long and I would have sung and danced the night away!! There were teeny boppers all the way to 50 year olds there. Some of the younger ones were dressed the same as some of the older ones. You canít really call that a generation gap can you? I went for comfort (jeans and old BonJovi t-shirt). I still havenít figured out how Iím not hungover this morning. I had 5 beers in like 3 hours and was pretty drunk when we went home (we had a driver). I was soooo ready to go partying, but the sensible side of me stepped in and said I needed to get to work this morning. I hate my sensible side I was over points, but I gave myself exercise points. I figured the dancing I did at the concert was light (just to be on the safe side) and I danced for about 3 hours so I gave it 6 points. I was still over but at least it helped.

My weekend was bad. Letís just leave it at that. My motivation left again. Iím very scared to go to WI tonight. I donít think itís fair to hope that I stayed the same. Iíll have to change my sig for sure and face up the music. Maybe if I prepare myself for bad news, the blow wonít be so hard to take. I did tons of yard work so that will help on the food end. We got all the sod layed (really worked those arm muscles unloading it), I weeded and cleaned house in time for the party Sunday. It was a good time and my bro was very surprised.

KO: Wonít you be glad when school is over?

Kirsty: You crack me up! Still wish I could see you on TV. No good stories from the other night? I just get UIís Ė unidentified injuries. I can be kind of klutzy at times. My DH calls it Ďhaving a Brendaí

Ali: YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on reaching goal. You are spectacular The part about the guy at the gym staring at you trying to figure out who you are was great. Arenít those the most satisfying moments?!

Lisa: Keep your chin up honey. Iím having a really rough time of it too, but weíre still here right? An you lost!!! Congrats So I missed the game b/c of the concert, but they had it on, so every time one of us made a beer run, we checked the score. Then right before the encore, we got to move up to a suite (DH ran into an old friend) and he watched the last few minutes. I canít believe California! They booíd their former player who had been with them all those years. They are on the same par of schmuck that booíd our national anthem in Cananda (I know that was none of you guys here!). I was not impressed when I heard about that. It was sweet justice that Blake got the first goal! Iím bummed b/c I have a show tomorrow night. At least the game starts at 8 so I should be able to see the last half of the game. Fridayís game is at 6 here and I donít have a show!! Woohoo!! OH, and I havenít heard the latest on Sakicís condition. I will keep you posted!

Sarah: Congrats on such a wonderful loss!! Keep up the good work. I still havenít been shopping at Old Navy. I really want to get some clothing there. I keep telling myself I want to lose a few more pounds

Kay: See comment above about being klutzy I get in waaaayyy too much trouble at the outlets. We have several in Colorado. Iíve tried to avoid them lately b/c I canít spent the $

Tonya: You are going to be in Colorado!!! Any slim to none chance we can meet up???

Suzanne: What a great pic!!!

Angie: Iím so sorry about your mom *hugs* My thoughts are with you. I hope you are able to focus on all of the wonderful memories you have of her. She will always be with you in that way!

Lori: Congratulations! Thereís def a marriage bug (at least for the year+ Iíve been posting). Iím so happy for you!

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." -- George MacDonald
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Default Happy May Day!

Hi ladies,

UGH! I'm so sick of work. I can't wait to get out of here. I can envision the last day of walking out of here and not looking back....ever!!!

Lori~~CONGRATS YOU LUCKY DUCKY!!!!!!! My cousin got engaged too! OH! I am soooooo jealous. I wish I could get engaged too but i know I have to do my time. Anyways, you've got lots of planning to do....have fun!

Brenda~ thanks sounds like you had fun!

Sorry can't write much.....

too much to do!
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Default yipee!

congratulations LORI!!!!!! I am so excited for you! I totally agree with Kay about married life being great. DH and I have been married 3 years next month. I loved trying on dresses and planning the wedding. We have been invited to 8 weddings this year!

Tonya - Enjoy your ealk tonight. Are you journalling?

Brenda - Glad to see your long post again. Sorry you had a bad weekend. I'm happy you had fun at the concert last night

Suzanne - Hang in there at work. I hope it won't be too much longer for you.

Kay - I remember the wedding picture you posted a while back and you are beautiful too. I can't imagine your cousins being prettier. they probably feel the same way about you. Good luck getting to goal by Memorial Day. I am jealous about your cruise. where are you going? I love cruises!

Steph - Glad to see you again. Good luck with your goal for the wedding. I am sure you will look great!

Kim - I am glad you had free time to spend with bf. I hope you gets lots done today.

I had an idea for a poll for tomorrow. How many people lost weight before their wedding? Did you get to goal or not? Just a thought.

I turned in another assignment and have 2 left before I have to do the dreaded case studies. I just ate lunch and am going to have some leftover cake - yummy!!!!! See you later.

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Eve's Mom
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Default Congratulations Lori!!!

I am so happy for you girl!!

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Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default I'm so happy for you!!!

Congrats, Lori!! How awesome is that?? When I joined the boards, Brenda was tying up the loose ends for her wedding and I had just begun to plan. Now, I'm tying up the loose ends and you are beginning to plan!
Don't be afraid to ask for advice, I do it alllllll the time!
Speaking of, I'd better get back to writing the information letter for my wedding party.
We picked out tuxedos yesterday and the one I fell in love with was $175!!! Yikes!! It was Ralph Lauren. So, I had the tux guy change a few things and brought the price down considerably. We get them half off, so that's not too bad. I have to buy my corset/bra tonight so I can take my dress to the tailor. Once that's done, then I can relax for a bit. HAHA No such thing!
Ok, my lunch hour is over so I'll be around later, hopefully lurking.

Congrats to the losers, goal obtainers, engagers and EVERYONE!!
Have a beautiful day, the weather has been so wonderful here, I hate to be indoors.
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Are you sure your name isn't Lisa?? I think we are so similar it's scarry. I love Bon Jovi! I'm going to the concert in Albany in 3 weeks (it's a 2 hour drive, but a good friend of mine lives there and asked me to go with her) and then they are coming to Boston in July. I was laughing SO HARD when I read that.

Bon Jovi, the Avs... so funny. I sent you a PM so I don't bore the rest of the ladies.

To the rest of the ladies... Hi and Hello. Things are a little crazy and I was just planning on lurking, but I had to post when I read Brenda's post.

Hope your days are going well. Just had a 16 point lunch! YUK! And I had 5 for breakfast... which leaves me only 6 points if I want to stay under my max. YUK! I may grab a subway and head to the gym on that one!

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Thanks for all of the congratulations, and all of the advice wishes! I'm sure I'll need it....I already have a bunch of questions!
Can't wait to go dress shopping...Stacey, when is your wedding-it must be close from what you are writing....
I answer to Brenda's potential poll, I can tell you all that I am a lot more motivated now than I was before!
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I am at 20 points so far today but strangely not very worried about it. I ate lots of icing but alost no cake. I had one roll-up and 1.5/2 cookies. It was all so yummy. I don't know if I estimate right or not but I don't think I will owrry about it much. I figure I get enough exercise points to still have 10 points for dinner

I did some more homework. Who knew I would be so happy to have no "work" to do. I have been really lucky to get so much done the past few days. I still have more work to do but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel What a relief.

Lisa - don't worry about your 16 point lunch. You can save some points tomorrow to make up if you go over today or increase your exercise.

I am leaving in a few minutes. Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow!!

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Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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HELP.. does anyone know approx how many points are in a regular bagel with regular cream cheese. Had them at work and I ate one for my lunch. HEY, that is better then eating one and THEN having lunch!!! It was NUMMMY! Had a salad too!
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Default On Dotti's site the bagel and cream cheese is 9.5 I think

Got This is from Dotti's site:

and Sarah ~ Thanks for the kind complements. My cousins and I really get along great. They are not only beautiful but they are smart too (which really helps with competition )

Have a great day everyone!

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Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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Thanks Kay... I went there also after I posted and came up with 10 points. That isn't that bad. Just means a lite dinner for me.
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Default Strange ongoings

Earlier today, recieved curse from, stating "the best comes last". Then got nice flowers, with no name on them, no card, addressed to me.

Its not b/f, not ex b/f, not any of my friends or family.....

I am a bit spooked!!! and embarassed b/c I immediately wrote my b/f to say thanks and he was, not me.

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Default Belle Don't stress

I send them all the time to Friends and Family(sick sense of humour!!!) The site was in Maxim magazine a couple of months ago, Do you know anyone who reads that??? I am sure it is just a joke!

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I have not been around for about two weeks, but I just read most everything and I must say congrats to all the losers especially Ali!! whoís at Goal and Lolly who did well while in Spain!!

Belle- I went to high school with a bunch of guys like your Sean Orr and I never got the point, why is it funny for these puny little guys to make fun of us for being chubby? Also I'm glad you and BF are having a better day today but be careful.

Kirsty, Lolly, Suzanne and Angie- I too have older man(quite a bit older- 12 years)

Kay- Please post the Moo Goo Gai Pan Recipe if you havenít already that is my favorite food. My aunt and I eat Chinese after WI every week.

Lori- Congrats on the engagement!! My BF and I decided to start talking about getting engaged which is a big step for him.

WI is tomorrow wish me luck.

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