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Old 04-27-2001, 06:54 AM   #1  
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Red face

Hi Guys! I get to start off again, which means thinking of a cool poll to do [...]. Hmm ...

Well, today's stressful day carried on into today but I think it's all under control now (albeit temporarily).

I have booked a hotel for me and blokey for tonight, in Leeds - went a bit more upmarket, because it's his 30th today and I thought he deserved a bit of a treat. Plus they had good discounts for a Friday night stay - EXCITED!!! And it has a pool so I am taking my cossie and hoping to squeeze in a few laps tonight or in the morning ...

Back soon!

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Scotland's finest export
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Default almost the weekend!

hooray! and my show is on tv tonight! belle, uk and us video tapes are a completely different size so you can't play one in the other kind of machine....basically another hollywood scam i reckon. means we brits can't order tapes from the US before they are released over here. boooh....
welcome back jen! suzanne, i've never won anything before either (ok, a bottle of perfume at a school raffle when i was about 8 but it's hardly the same...). and i've never been on a cruise. v. exciting. when i phoned home last night my dad was hinting about how i could take him...sheah right! they're only teasing cos they know i'll take BF. i mean, he was sat next to me throughout the show and was v supportive and all that! i think it goes without saying i'd rather spend a holiday with him!
lolly - hope you have a good time tonight. and wish blokey a happy birthday from me. my BF will be 31 this year - eek!! what are we like with our older boys?!
ooh, slinko, the exact definition of hochmagandy (pronounced hoCH-ma-gan-dee, spit out that CH, it's definitely not hock!! also spelt houghmagandie) is sexual intercourse, for recreation not procreation, between people who are not married to each other. at least 2 points i say! i've still to find a scottish word for married people brenda! ooh, and ta for the PMs.
yup, bank holidays are a public holiday when the banks are closed. usually the same ones for the whole of britain (england, scotland, wales and northern ireland). and then there are a few different ones that some countries get but not others. they've been around forever and probably were decided by the government...lolly? there should be more of them i say. next one is may 7th when i'm getting whisked away for a romantic long weekend in paris by BF! travelling first class on the eurostar!! oh, and i reckon you are right about the film rights. but also, bridget jones is so english that i don't think it would work as an american film. but high fidelity was v good set in chicago.
yeah, pukka (pucker) means great, brilliant etc. in the dictionary it says it means genuine and is often "of or appropriate to high or respectable society". so there you go. good luck with WI and i hope i answered the questions ok! if not, i'm sure lolly will tell me off! (since i'm not english, i'll let her have the final say on these things!).
brenda - good to "see" you and v. proud to hear you are counting faithfully.
right, i better get back to work here! i'm feeling rather smug cos i went to the gym and ran for 25 mins! it may have been quite slow, but hey!!
hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
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It's a life long struggle
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Oh, I am SO upset!!!!!

I can't believe Elisabeth got voted out last night!!!!! She was suppose to win....she was my FAVORITE! Sheesh, now I don't even care who wins and not even sure I will watch the final show next week. (Ok, so I really am going to watch but still.....want be as good cause ELISabeth isn't there)

I ate my MAX yesterday. I didn't go over but I ate all the way to my maximmum points.

Lolly That sounds like fun! I would love to get some alone time with my dh but our lives are so busy and with the kids so will have to wait *sigh* I hope you dh has a wonderful birthday. Does he know about this, or will it be a surprise?

Good Morning to everyone, I will be back later


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Lolly and Kristy - Good morning!

Angie - I know. I liked Elizabeth too. But Colby's my absolute favorite and I knew Elizabeth would be his biggest threat. But I was sad to see her go.

BRENDA!!!! What happened???? I know you predicted this. UGH! I can't believe the Kings beat the Avs last night. Oh no. But did you see my boy Chris Drury got a goal He's like play-off king. Maybe I shouldn't say king until this series is over. I still predict the Avs to win in 5 or 6.

The last two days my poitns haven't been great. I was over by 4 on Wed and 4 yesterday. So I have to eat my min every day this weekend and go the gym a lot if I want to lose. Yuk.

Yeah for Friday!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 04-27-2001, 09:15 AM   #5  
Diet Dr Pepper Rules!
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Hello everyone.

Well, I was sad that Elisabeth was voted off too. She really needed that necklace. Anyway, if Colby wins the necklace, I think he will vote off Tina. She is more of a threat to him as no one really likes Kieth too much. Keith will vote off Tina (duh). If Keith or Tina get the necklace, than I think Tina wins. They will vote off Colby and no one lies Kieth. So there is my picks.

Lolly: have fun on minibreak (I am so BJ).

Kirsty: Enjoy your 15 min. I am very excited for you and your cruise. I have never been on one. You will have to let me know how you like them. And Great Job on running 25 min! Oh, and watch it. 30 is NOT OLD!!!(ha ha).

Angie: I think it is ok to eat your max. If you figure it all out by cal, you really don't get that many on WW. I think it is important to eat as high in my points as I can but still lose weight. That way, my mantainence eating can be more normal. I think one of the problems I have had with weight loss in the past is that I did not eat enought. That slowed down my motabolisum and when I went to maintain, I could not eat anything without gaining weight. Anyway, I would shake the points up a bit and play with it. You are rally doing great.

Lisa: I think that it is great you have a plan for recovery. That is so important with this program. Great job!!

Oh, Jen, from yesterday: don't you just hate it when you have people push food on you!!!!

Belle: how did you like BJ?

Hello to eveyone else. I am thinking about you but have to get off the net.

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Old 04-27-2001, 09:21 AM   #6  
Scotland's finest export
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Default to all you old, crumbly people holding on to your twenties (joke!)

hey trish - i didn't say 30 was old!! i said lolly and i had older men!! as in my BF is 5 years older than me.... as if i'd offend those older and wiser than myself...
yrs most humbly,
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Old 04-27-2001, 09:40 AM   #7  
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Default Yea for Friday!!!

Good morning gang! So happy its Friday!

I was sad also that Elizabeth got voted off. I agree that she was the biggest threat. I only watch the last half of the show becasue I'm a die-hard Friends fan. Does anyone know if the Wedding is the same as the Survivor finale? I hope not.

I'm so bummed that Hochemegandy is not for us married folk! No fair. I think that we should come up with a word for it. Is the video format in Europe the same as Beta Max? That was a format we had in the US back in the 80s but it didn't take off. Just curious.

Well I'm doing good OP so far. My goal is to lose the last 3 and get to goal next WI. If that isn't possible, then I want to lose .6 to get to 25#. so at least I can achieve one of the above.

What would you count 30 min on a crosstrainer doing the cardio program? I think 3 because at the end it tells me that I burned 200 calories.

I have to jet. sorry this is so short...too much to do right now.
I'll check in later...
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It's a life long struggle
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Height: 5'5"


Don't you just hate laundry day? My oldest is the worst. She will wear a shirt for 1 hour and then throw it in the laundry. I can't even count the amount of times that I have caught her doing this and made her put them away....but of course there are many many many times that I wash and rewash clothes that are clean because she throws them in and I have no idea whether they are *really* dirty....or just....I didn't feel like putting them away so I threw them into the laundry. GRRRR now I know how my mom felt!!! My arthritis is doing much better this week YAY! So I have been up and cleaning little things here and there. It really makes me feel good to be able to do something. Even if it is just making the bed.

I go for older men dh is 31 ~~~ 7 years older then me. My grandparents were 16 years apart with my grandfather being older. Can you imagine that??

Trish I think you are totally right about mixing up the points. I just try to make sure that when I eat my max it is relativly far away from weigh in. I try to eat my mimimum the 2-3 days before weigh in. I think you are right about Tina winning. When it comes down it, she is the one most liked. So unless she gets voted out next week then she will be the one.

Lisa I think that Colby is alright....but I just find that he can be arrogant. But then Keith is too, and given the situation they are in they are bound to step on each other and go crazy. I wouldn't worry about the 8 points over. Just do a bit of damage control and you will be fine

Check in later,

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It's a life long struggle
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S/C/G: 230/ticker/150

Height: 5'5"


Kay We must have posted at the same time. Is there anyway that you can tape friends at the same time as watching Survivor? (Just a thought) ALso....I guess I am lucky because where I am friends comes on at 7:30 and Survivor comes on at 8pm so I never miss either one. Glad to hear that you are doing well OP. I am sure that you will do awesome at wi. How exciting that you are so close to goal! Have a great day!

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Default I'm 23 and my man is 30 too!

That's funny how we all go for the grampa's just kidding! I've always been into older guys~I like more mature ones, most of the ones my age now are still into the bars/club scene.


Kay~ I think you should rebel and use the word hochmagandy despite being married

Angie~ I did the same thing when I was a kid and my mom would get after me! eventually she just made me do my own laundry....

I agree about eating the max points thing~~I heard that if you eat at max during a plateua you may get out of it....your body may store fat thinking it won't get food cause calories are low.

Well, I decided to start going to WW meetings again. I'm going to check out the Sat. meeting in my towm tomorrow. I'm sure that my weight on their scale will be higher But I know I should go so I'm just gonna do it!

Have a good friday!
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Eve's Mom
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Default In crisis

Last night I went to b/f's to get his mail, check on his place. well, there was a coil ring binder by
the phone, I went to write a number in it, I opened it, there was a lone journal entry in it. It was
dated Mar 10, 2001. It was a satruday that he sent me home b/c he had a headache and didn't
want me around. It basically said that:
-he doesn't feel the same as I do about the relationship, partly b/c he doesn't want to stay in
-he thinks I am attractive cute and sweet, the sex is fantastic, we connect on many levels and
have fun together, but that there is no spark, no butterflies in his stomache. Says that he thinks I
know that.
-he said despite all that, I am not a good match for him
-he read an old journal entry from the night we "got together" and it said he didnt' want to date
me, so he wondered "how the **** this happened anyway"
-said he thinks we are better as lovers than friends, and that he wants to break up with me but
doesn't want to lose the friendship.
-said he judgement was cloudy b/c he was so incredibly lonely but now he sees clearer and it
was good that he dated me, he didnt' regret it.
-mentioned the job in Vancouver and said he wasn't sure if he would go b/c he "would miss his

Oh my god, I am devastated. My sister tired to tell me that that was a long time ago and that he
might have changed his mind, that sometimes people write things in journals that they don't really
mean, that they felt for a moment, but not any more than that.

When I got home, he had called from a town in BC said he is coming home today. Message
was just factual, no emotion. Says he needs his keys so he is hoping I can see him during the
day today.

I am losing it, can't stop crying, told boss a friend died so he doesn't think I am a freak. Which I
am. I guess its time to give up. I don't even want to see him, but then I sort of do. I was so
hoping that he would go away and come back and feel something more for me, and miss me. I
don't get why he said all those things to me before he left, like how he'd miss me, and how
beautiful he thinks I am, stuff like that.

This week, with my best friend moving, my dad suing my mom, my mom having no money, me
having no money, E moving and now reading this......I am losing it. My heart is fluttering all the
tieme, in palpitations. I don't know what to do with myself, I don't know if I shoudl stay here or
go home or go see my mom or what.

I guess I really lost now. I mean, that was only like 7 weeks ago, he couldn't have changed that
much in 2 months, right??

I am losing it.

Did go to BJ lastn ight with sister to try to keep mind off of it, had little crying spells in it. Liked the movie though, but where is my Mark Darcy????

How can you have all the right ingredients but not be able to make a cake?? How come we have all the things that a good rel should be - physical, have fun, connect, understand eachother, but he doesn't "feel it"? Said he only feels lust....but I thought that WAS the thing in your tummy.

I don't know.
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Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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HI all... I ate at my low points yesterday... YAH FOR ME. Plus, Hubby, Emma, Sadie dog and I went for a nice walk and I did my strength training. YAHHHH FOR MEEEE! Saturday is WI and I don't want a gain. Saturday night we invited hubby's parents out to dinner. IF anyone knows the In Law story, then you will know why I am dreading this. They live 45 minutes away, but haven't seen Emma in 3 months. Not a good situation!!!!

I am very upset they had the gall to kick off Elisabeth!!! But I disagree with what others have written. Keith is next!!! I don't think they get anymore immunity challenges if I remember right! Colby said last night that his loyalty is to Tina, so I know he won't kick her off! If the final is between Colby and Tina, I just think Tina might pull it off! A bunch of people were angry at Colby for running the roost! Just my opinions! However Las Vegas has Colby pegged as winning!

I think I might be in the minority... I married a younger man! Some reason I like them! I dated older, but always went back to the younger! I am 28 (Gonna be 29 in 2 weeks... eeeek!) and hubby is 25 1/2.

Hope everyone has a super fab day!
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Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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BELLE.... TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND GO FOR A WALK! I really don't have great words of wisdom, except that I have been there. When I heard those same words, I left and didn't turn back. I refused to allow myself to want a guy that wasn't able to give anything back to me!!! MY OPINION and ONLY MY OPINION.... I am not telling you what to do, just what I did.... I finally just came out and asked him what he wanted... simple as that. He finally told me the truth and I walked right out... said bye... and that was it. My heart ached for months... but I sure am happy I found out instead of playing games. I hate games. I see this guy maybe once a year and even tho I avoid him if I can, I usually end up having a quick chat with him. Saw him last year when I was PG... that really got him. He was still single... but I think he just recently FINALLY got married. Belle, please don't play games with him anymore.... get every straight and find out what you need to find out. Make him be honest with you. There is no reason that you should be hurt... YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY... with or without this guy!!!! Sex is not love... Love is a deep emotional bond that both people share with each other... if he can't give that to you, then you won't be able to share a life together... a happy life!!
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Default I agree with jen

Belle~ {{{{hugs}}} I just don't get this guy. Now if he doesn't have butterflies in his stomache and feel that he loves you why is he saying that he misses you this week and such. I think your sis is right though, people write things in journals that they don't necessarily mean. I have written nasty letters that I haven't sent to my bf and they were just crueal. I rip them up after though Anyways, I agree with Jen confront this guy but don't say it is because you read the journal just ask him to be totally upfront and honest about your relationship, what he wants, and what he needs. And, not only that but NEVER settle, NEVER!!!! You are young, beautiful, have a great personality and don't let anyone tell you different. There could be a guy out there that would love you and kiss the ground you walk on. He could be everything and more. But you never know and you just have to take your chances. Now you have a great support network with us and from your family. Whatever you do they will be there for you.

And, if you are so upset that you can't work I say just go home. Hope everything works out....I'll be thinking of you!
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Go Avalanche!!
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Default Friday!!!

I am so glad itís Friday. Iím going to get a ton of sun and a ton of exercise this weekend. We are laying sod in the backyard and I have to do some weeding in the front. My body really needs some activity, so it will be good for me. Iím going to go out and get Subway for lunch and lay in the the sun. Try to lessen the shock of my white legs!! My DH is almost 29 (Iím 26). Iím going to throw him a big surprise party for his 30th!

Lolly: With living in a house now, thereís no pool to go to. We are lucky though, my DHís parents have a pool in their neighborhood, so we go over there. Very convenient!! Hope you and blokey have a spectacular time!

Kirsty: I guess you just move into a boring state of existence when you are married huh? No good words for us You are welcome for the PMís. I want you to know that I am continually impressed with your running regimen! Keep it up.

Lisa: Isnít it frustrating to stay up that late to watch a game and then they lose? I didnít see Druryís goal, but I heard Blakes on the radio after my show when I got in the car. Did you notice though how much they are covering Sakic and itís allowing Peter to break free? Weíve got so many top notch players, they canít cover everyone! The Avís just need to regroup. We have to be able to score on the power play. They totally shut us down in that department. We can win, we just need to pay attention to the kind of game they play and not underestimate them.

Jen: Good job on all your strength training. I feel for you with the in-laws coming. Just breathe deeply and do the best you can. Remember, you have your own family now and thatís whatís important!! Stick to your guns.

Belle: Iím really sorry about everything going on. This is only my opinion OK? I hate to say it, but if the Ďspark isnít there, then you canít force it. Jen is right, sex is not love. You were having a lot of doubts about the relationship too and you decided to give it until the end of the summer to see if it was going to last. As painful as it might be, it may be time to let him go. It sounds like he plans on taking the other job so he would be leaving anyway. Do you really want to stay with someone this way? Iím sorry if I sound harsh, I just think it might be time for you to start moving on, focusing on Belle time and becoming a better you before you try to put so much into a relationship. I donít appreciate the fact that heís been putting you through an emotional roller coaster and Iím really worried about you. You deserve much better than him, thatís all there is to it. *big hugs*

Hey to everyone else, supposed I should get some work done
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