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Default Thursday's Therrific Thread

Starting thread...
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Default Hey strangers!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I miss you all but my time is so limited between work and law school that I don't get to come around much. This semester is off to a quick start and although it is only my 3rd week of classes, I have a 15 page research memo to do this weekend. Needless to say, I still have no social life!

I am trying to get off the few pounds I put on over the holidays but haven't had much motivation to do it. So, I am trying to just stick to exercising regularly for now. I am still running, although I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can't get off the treadmill and run along the lake. I have also started taking a 2 hour yoga class every Sunday morning and it has done wonders at helping my stress level. I love it so far and it is quite a workout, I think!

I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you...
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Default Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!! I don't know about you guys, but I really cannot wait for Friday to get here. Luckily, it's pretty close. I still have a pile of work to do, but posting here is far more important than getting my work done.

I had a pretty good OP day yesterday. I did have a couple of Pixy Stix and a few red hots, but I had the points for them (I think, since I can't find the nutriotional info for those), so I don't feel too bad. I wanted to workout last night, but I was working at the place where I workout and had a customer that was supposed to stop by to drop off a Close To My Heart order, so I was waiting until she get there to work out because I didn't want to be all sweaty when I was talking to her. She didn't end up coming until right before I closed, so I didn't get to work out. I'm going to try to make it in tonight, but I do my volunteer work tonight, so I'm not sure I'll have time. If not, maybe I can squeeze a walk in on Sunday or something

I had a dream about WorkBoy last night. You may remember him as the guy I thought was so much better for me than Aaron. So I broke up with Aaron to date WB and he ended up being a major a-hole. anyway, I had a dream that he was in my bed one night when I went to climb in and he put an arm out and pulled me close and whispered "I missed you." What the heck is that about? It's hard enough seeing the jerk around here, I didn't need a dream with him being all nice in it to complicate things. It's complicated enough worrying about myself and trying to keep from stressing over Aaron. Not to mention, a different guy from work who asked me to dinner two weeks ago asked me to lunch last week and to dinner again this week. I'm totally not interested, and I don't know if he's interested in me or just likes having a single friend to go do stuff with. I just don't know... Too bad they don't have a smiley of someone pulling their hair out...

Sorry about the ranting just a second ago, I just needed to get it off my chest. I better get a litlte work done and let some other people post. I'll be back later!
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Hi Jen - good to see you post. Hope that you have sometime this semester to catch your breath. Isn't yoga the best?

Jess - join a convent and become a nun. Hmmmm - maybe I'm not in the best frame of mind to give you guy advice. Let me try again. I think you did the right thing about Aaron even if workboy #1 was a jerk. If you could like work boy #2 as a friend, keep hanging out with him. He'll make it clear soon enough as to whether he wants a friend or a girlfriend. No sense worrying about which it is until then. I know, easier said than done.

I've spent my morning putting out fires at work. Too bad that I can't have the cute firemen to go along with the fires!

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Hi girls!

I have been MIA the past few days. I was in the field Monday and Tuesday taking pics with a professional photographer (which makes me WAY behind at the office of course)….then last night I went to see my mom’s new pad all decked out and unpacked. It was really nice – much nicer than the house. She knows it too and is super happy there. I brought her my hamster Cartwright – we are “trading pets”. I get the 2 dogs and she gets the hamster. Fair trade??

I have been pretty OP the past few days but I feel all bloated and gross. I did do a monster workout yesterday and I am going to do another today. I sleep better at night when I workout!

Any plans for the weekend? B/f and I are both drinking with our co-workers – mine I don’t really like and it’s a “girls thing” so Ill leave around 7pm and go join b/f with his co-workers at a pub a few blocks away. Then Saturday we are going to look at our new condo with my sisters…do measurements and stuff. And we are skiing on Sunday. That’s our plan – a FUN WEEKEND for a change!!

It’s only 3 weeks to my b-day (Feb 22) but we’ll end up packing as we move the following weekend. That’s OK – I am having dinner at my mom’s new place with the family and that’s all I really want this year anyway.

Auntie Jen – nice to hear from you!! I can relate with the being busy thing…glad to hear you are staying committed to working out – even if not for weight loss, its so good for your well being and lowering stress levels. The best remedy for being way too busy!!

Jess – those dreams are freaky, aren’t they? I used to have similar dreams about a guy I had a fling with while the last b/f and I were on a “break”. Technically, we dated for about a week (it was a hot/heavy relationship) and one day he told me he could never marry me b/c I was too career oriented and outgoing. He said he needed someone that would always be there, pick him up from work, etc. Anyway, in retrospect he was a loser, but I obsessed about it a little and I had those dreams too – that he missed me, took me back, etc. They seemed really real – you know the ones where you wake up and go “did that happen?”. So you still see Aaron you say??

Hey Laura! How are you doin'? Yup, I coudl use a good fireman around here too!

Anyway, I should get my bum back to work so I can take an hour at lunch to workout!

Have a good OP day girls! BBL!!
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Hi All,

I just had date #4 last night. Always the make it or break it day for me. I hope he calls today, he said he would and asked me what time i'd be home and stuff He's such a sweetie, he gave me the cheesiest line yesterday "It was a really hard day, but what got me through it was thinking about a hug and a kiss I'd be getting tonight" heheheh. I think there's potential there. Hmmm, I am debating talking about asking him where he sees it going, I really like him and I must confess, I do want him as a boyfriend. Ah, maybe some wine would work

Oh and I had a guy chat me up at school today hehehehe.

Jess: Ah it was just a dream, I wouldn't worry too much.

Jen: Hi there legal babe! How have you been? Don't worry I have been losing some motivation as well. I have rejoined WW and classes starts on Monday! It's good you've kept up with the exercise

Belle: I have been dumped for being too independant as well, I am just not needy. HOw much bigger is your new condo than your old apartment?

Take Care!

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Laura: Firemen are good hehehehe
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Hi everyone-I am lurking-very busy at work today-Jen-L-I wanted to answer your question-hearburn is really common in pregnancy and will likely get worse as you get further along-you can take Zantac safely-ask your doctor!

Hi to everyone else!LoriD
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Thanks Lori, Someone else said Zantac but I wasn't sure. I thought I would ask you and then ask my doctor on Monday. It isn't as bad today so I think I can make it through today. I don't remember getting it this early when I was PG with Emma and I know it is a sucky side effect of having the baby squoosh everything inside me. As if going to the bathroom every 30 minutes isn't enough!!!!
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Default Hi everyone!

Ahhh, some time to post at last! I have been go go go since yesterday. The meeting at Sarah's school went well. She is not gifted (which is what I assumed) but she is just slightly over average. We are thrilled that she was even asked to take the test. So, bottom....I have a normal kid!

Weigh in was awesome! I was down 1.8 pounds.

Jen...The Yoga class sounds like fun! Sounds like you need something relaxing with all that stress from school.....i am SOOOO glad I am not in school anymore. I hope it doesn't get too much more stressful for you!

Jess....I am so with you on wanting friday to get here! What a hard life you lead...all these men wanting you! I have NO idea what your dream meant, but I wouldnt put too much into it. Have fun working out tonight!

Laura...Hi Firemen SO do it for me! LOL Seriously...what is it with hot men in uniforms?!

Belle...Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Basically mine will consist of the usual....laundry, cleaning, helping dd with homework etc. etc. The difference is my dh is home to help out too!

Ali...That is too cute, he sounds like a good guy. Hope it works out for you!

I'm making pizza tonight (it's in the breadmaker right now) I LOVE pizza night! YUM YUM!

DD has a reward chart for her chores around the house, and when she gets to a certain number she gets a reward. Well, she got to the number where we go out for dinner and she picked the most fattening high point place ever! not to mention it is my absolute favorite place. So we are going there tomorrow night and I am NERVOUS! For fries there it is 12 points and I absolutly can not go in there and not have the I think basically my whole day will be blown in one meal. Banking some yesterday and today and eating low point during the day tomorrow. Give my strength and will power vibes!

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Hi everyone! I did my midterm this morning. I have no clue how I did. It was 60 multiple choice questions and I finished in 40 minutes (that included going over my answers!) I guess we'll see. Now I can relax for a couple of days before studying for my next quiz.
Jen - one of the law schools out here just upped tuition by 400%!! Can you imagine? School just gets more expensive by the minute. I hope you're enjoying it.
Jess - weird dream. I wouldn't worry about it though, the subconcious can be a strange place. You're better than him anyway.
Laura - real fires might also have been interesting cause it may have given you some time off while they rebuilt the office.
Belle - nice to "see" you. Your move is coming up so fast. Glad to hear your mom likes her new place. I think you get the better deal on the pet trade. And a built in forced exercise plan.
Ali - sounds like things are going well - keep us updated!
Rina - if you're around today - very upset about the whole keeping Russ thing last night. She dissed Greg because he has a small apartment, but she's not materialistic at all. That made me mad. Also, I think she was paving the way for Russ and Charlie to be the final two because the other one doesn't suit her at all.
OK - back to work. The boss is gone for a week so I'll be back.
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Hi ladies!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Things in my life have been very hectic. Here's the scoop: My husband and I decided to take jobs at the same paper, across the state, so we'll be moving! We start the new jobs March 3. So the next month will be crazy! We need to find somewhere to live, and we need to decide whether to rent or just buy. But we've never bought before, so it makes us nervous, and we might want to save a little more.

Now I have to start packing!
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Hi again!

I know the day is almost over ... it's been so busy here.

I had a great night last night - stayed w/in range & no mid night eating.
I got up the AM and spent 20 min on the treadmill. Alternating walking & running. I feel good. I'm going to do it again tomorrow AM.

Last night I planned my day for today, but changes happen as they do in life, and a friend invited me out for lunch. So I got some yummy chix souvlaki w/ rice & greek salad (small). I ate the salad & a few bites of the meal for lunch and packaged the rest up. I finished the rest for dinner before class (which I'm heading out the door for now).

So far today things are going pretty well indeed. I'm trying to keep up the good work!

Phooey - won't let me update my journal.
I've been creating them in word and saving them until the magical day occurs when it WILL work!

Belle - I'm glad your mom got a nice place. Sounds like a lot of stress in your life has been lifted. Your weekend sounds awesome.

I can't reply to everyone ... have a great night ladies!

Till tomorrow ...
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Thumbs down Thursday afternoon - almost Friday!!

Hey again girls!

I am so proud of myself – I went to the gym and biked (hard!) for 30 min. I burned 300 cal! Woo hoo!!

Ali – that doesn’t surprise me that you got dumped for the same reason as me – men are age are more insecure and can’t handle strong women!! Glad I moved on…So did you talk to Date #4 guy yet? Try some port or something high alchohol content

Hi Lori! Come back when you have more time….how is the PG going??

Hi Angie! Congratulations on your 1.8 down!! Yay!!!!

KT – enjoy your down time! I have my fingers crossed that you did well on your exam!

Kim – congrats on making your decision! Good luck finding a new place and with your move – make sure you e-mail me to let me know your new e-mail address, OK?? PM me!!!

Deb- good job on being OP!!! Its surprising at how good it really does make you feel – I wonder why we stray then?

Well, I should get the rest of my work done – I am making a low fat beef stronganoff for dinner and I want to get out of here at 4:30….!

Have a good night all!
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Hey gals, no time really to chat. I'm sure you're mostly gone for the day too. Anyway I am still out of motivation. I haven't even written down what i ate today & so far its not looking good but I don't think I'm having any supper-maybe just some yogurt or something. We just got back from a very filling lunch & its 4 o'clock! Crazy. Now I'm headed to Pennington's to do some shopping. They are having a massaive sale where things are reduced & then you get to take another 50% off! I really hope there's stuff left in my size. I haven't bought new clothes in ages & ages & ages so this is really exciting!

KT, I was totally ripped she kept Russ! She seems more & more shallow as this thing goes on. I was impressed when Charlie's bro pointed out about how everything she's ever done has put her in the spotlight. Good point. I don't know who I want to "win" I'd say Ryan is way too good for her. She's too good for Russ & Charlie is not her kind of guy either-he somehow seems too intelligent for her. Plus I don't think she fits with his family very well. Anyway enough bachelorette talk! LOL! I confess I've been watching Celebrity Mole too & I'm baffled as to who it is. Anyone I might think it is seems to get kicked out. Interesting. Have you been watching it? Its sort of cheesy but I can't help it. I think I'ma reality tv addict. Last night I had to flip over to American Idol on the commercials & tonight I'm all psyched about PopStars on Global. Crazy!

Anyway gotta run! Sorry no time for replying to the rest of you! I might pop back after I'm done shopping etc.
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