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Come on Spring!
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Default We Seem to Have Two Dailies!

Been reading a lot lately and know that folk are having a bit of trouble over whether to post in the "Daily" or "Low Carb Support".

Since the two threads seem to cover the same things (life and our food issues), they probably should be combined.
Since we live in our own lovely little world in the Low Carb Henhouse, I figured I'd check with you chicks before I make any changes.

What do you think? This means we would get to know each other better. One thing we could do is do a BIO thread. And the more support we all have, the better.

Think about this and either post to this thread or let my know via a PM. This is your board and it's up to you to decide. (No, I have not run this by Suzanne or Jennifer. I don't think it is a big issue that could affect performance of the Forums.)

Lemme know, chickies.
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Talking Good Idea!

It would be great to have a new Bio thread!

I'm afraid that I didn't word my post very well on the Support thread yesterday. I've also felt that it seems as tho we have two dailies! Support comes in all forms....sharing our daily lives, our weight control battles and successes and definately from the great friends that we make here. I very much would love to find a way to pull what seems to be two separate groups together.

I understand the comments made that "we" on the dailey seem to know each other so well, etc., but we would know them too if we were all posting together. Also, the other threads, for example LindaBC's thread "I never thought of this" or Nasus great info she shared from another site....I wish "they" would jump on in too.

I'm not quite sure how we got somewhat separated but I vote for bringing us together.

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Well, MamaJ, I'm not sure that EVERY post should be included in a daily thread. When I posted my message about sleep deprivation, I wanted it to stand out from the regular daily thread because I felt it deserved the extra distinction. There are also other topics that warrant their own thread so that they can receive comments from others on just that one subject without all the added info about family, activities, shopping, etc. Then, when that topic has run its course it will disappear or be brought back to the top if someone reads it later and has a comment. I don't think we'd want to bring back some of the rather lengthy daily threads.
As for joining the two dailies, I get the feeling that those who post in Low Carb Support think that we who post in the Daily Thread are not serious low carbers. Or, do they think that we've all known each other forever and they wouldn't fit in? This is not the case, folks. We were all newcomers here at some point. The more you post, the better we get to know you.
Personally, I'm just thrilled to see this forum grow and so much enthusiasm is being shared.
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Default Oops~~

Once again I didn't word something correctly!

Regarding the other threads, I did not mean to imply that those threads should be on the Daily. I was trying to express that I wish that all those knowledgeable, motivated chicks on the Support thread would feel just as welcome to post on the other threads.

Now, did I word that any better? Sometimes it's so hard to type what you mean in cyber space!

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Work in Progress
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Hi all,
Well I guess I should express that I am feeling a little pressure here that I hadn't experienced over at 100# club. As a new lowcarber I enjoy the support thread. I post daily as I am still so new and get support from others who seem to to be experincing the same issues I am or was. I had/have many questions about this way of life. I view and have posted on the daily thread when I can and get something entirely different from that sourse. But I don't understand the issue of why there can't be both. And I am unclear as to what the issues are. I just want to be able to express myself to meet my needs in my journey. And if someone gets help from me all the better. I am not here to judge anyone's motivation or journey. I thought I had found another sourse to assist me in my battle. I view the 2 threads very differently.
The Daily- as the one to talk about me/family/life
the support- about my new woe good and bad

I don't mean to upset anyone. This is just how I feel

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Thanks for pointing that out Ruth, I've also felt like the support threaders have kind of "shunned" us folks on the daily thread. I realize that when it was first started it was to get enthusiasm and motivation happening for our respective programs but now I feel like the two threads are so much alike that it only makes sense to combine them. I guess that newbies feel a bit intimidated by us old timers and we all must make a point of warmly welcoming them to our board and invite them to please post on the daily so we can get to know them! We were all newbies once too and we all came looking for friendship and support, sometimes we have to draw people out a bit more when they are new to get people to be comfortable!
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As someone who posts to both, I had the same impression as Pat: the L/C Support was more about woe issues, while the daily was more about other things. I know that no one on L/C Support meant to shun anyone on the daily.

Everyone is welcome everywhere!

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Default Oh Goodness~~

Here I go being paranoid that I've said something wrong again!

Pat, Jennifer and others....I agree with you in the opinion that the Daily is just for general life talk mixed with LC support and the Support thread has offered wonderful support for LC'ers. IMHO, I think that perhaps part of the "divided" feeling is that so many of the posters at the support thread do not post on any of the other threads. IMHO, all of the threads here are some form of LC support. I don't think that having a thread titled LC Support is something that shouldn't exist, but have been trying to encourage some of the posters that post exclusively there to please "spread themselves around" when possible. IMO very few that post regularly at the Support thread have jumped on some of the other threads which offer or are asking for support.

Pat, I am sorry that you feel any form of pressure. I don't think that is the intent here. I took Ruth's post as a way of bringing all of us LC'ers who want and offer support together somehow. I, too do not mean to offend anyone. I apologize in advance if I have or once again not expressed myself correctly.

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I don't think the people who have been posting the last few weeks on "Support" realize that it is a relatively new invention!

Historically, this part of 3FC's functions so that EVERYone posts on all the threads, or starts new ones with particular issues or questions, or ideas to discuss among the WHOLE group. I've never seen a small separate group here before.

Having the separate "Support" thread, seemed to be redundant, or at least for just a small group that wanted to have a separate thing. When you hang around a while, it becomes easier to see that you'll be warmly welcomed and supported on all the threads, or if you're having a particular problem or stress, you can start a thread, like Peach did to blow off steam or just get ideas.

I don't want to come down on one idea or another, but I would love to have the sense of a whole community back again!

love you guys, you're all angels!

Especially you, Rufie!

A new BIO thread would be great! Our old one is too dusty and moldy...been down in the archives !!!

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here are my two match sticks!

I don't mind having the two threads going. It is kind of like being neighbors where we can visit back and forth. We are all in different places in our weight loss journey. Remember how pumped we all felt when we first started and how great things seemed to click? Those gals have all that and more going for them and I sure hope that I can jump in there at some point and say, "Hey! I have got your committment.!"

I think the gals on the support thread are and the only reason I have not visited them is because of time. I wish I had their energy and I hope they post on the daily as their time allows. Loved those recipes posted on that thread too! And I hope that the gals on the daily post on their thread as their time allows. How FUN! more places to post!!!!

I don't want anyone to get lost in the sauce or anyone over looked or anyone's feelings getting hurt. It is HARD to post to each person on the daily and I think that we all understand that we do it as our time allows.

Whatever you decide Ruth is ok by me...thanks for letting us voice our opinions on this...THAT was


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Come on Spring!
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Default OMG! What have I wrought!

OK - I sure can understand the different points of view.

Maybe we can have two daily threads? Daily #1 and #2?

I am gonna wait until next week to decide that - need to let the chicken feathers settle down! (Girls, we look bigger with feathers ruffled - rmember that.)

Suzanne abd Jennifer- whadday think? Am I fired? Pay was lousy anyhow! I can always sell Chicken Purses for a living!
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Default Feeling compelled to comment here.

I was under the impression that our WHOLE LC Forum "Low Carb Lifestyle' was for LC Support. I also agree that it is very nice to have many newcombers to our 'little peice of heaven' (as Giggles would say). But I also feel that there has been some sort of division in our ranks now and we all need to be 'joined' into one big happy family. In the beginning of the LC Support thread creation (these have been around for about a month, right?) I read them and enjoyed the 'gung ho' theme but lately when I visit the thread it seems to contain most of the same things as our dailies and I have a funny separated feeling about it.

So lets all be one big happy family, all - there is strength in numbers, right?

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Trying to find my way.
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Kel I have the tendancy to agree with you. I try t post on both. I am not sure if it a time factor, or familiarity, but i feel that there is 2 distict groups here. I love the kick but attitude of the low carb support but then i love the love and friendship that is displayed (as we have seen recently how much love) on the daily through the "regulars" I am undecided I would hate to have the division of this forum. and may be there can be 2 threads if the support people would show up on other threads too. then we all can get to know eachother. if we stay seperate but do mingle would that work??? I am of mixed feelings.
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Default Here is my HUMBLE opinion :)

I don't see a distcintion between "daily", and "support". I mean, most of us go to the "support" for daily support, and just chatting. I guess I never go to the daily because I don't want to post the same thing twice. So I am comfortable in "support" because I know everyone there.

Maybe we should have only one group thread, maybe titled "Daily Support", to combine the two, and just open new threads individualy when we need more of a personalized question answered. It was not my intent to shun, or seperate from the others by posting in the "Support" thread. I didn't realize everyone so sensitive to where we post. It is not like the Support thread bans anyone else from coming in and getting to know us.... but I would be fine with combining the 2 into 1. I would love to get to know everyone.... but I think if that is the way everyone wants the board, with an overall sense of unity, then there should be only one group thread. 2 just makes it confusing. When I post my daily thoughts, I usually want support along with it.... so deciding which to post under can be confusing. I like the idea of a "Daily Support" thread where we can all come together when needed.

Just want to clarify that I am not purposely shunning anyone, nor do I assume that any others are not following their LC program.
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Imagine my surprise. I posted on the Support #7 Thread after being away for a day or so, (having read all previous posts on 6 and 7) and with all that was going on there.......decided to start a NEW thread called THE WAGON. I have sut and pasted my Support #7 post HERE so you can read it:

Hello All!

As the "originator" of this SUPPORT thread...I think it is time to give some clarification.

I started this thread in mid June. It started out as the "Dr. Atkins Plan" Support Thread. It became very popular with both "Atkins" people and other "Low Carb Plan" the moderator
ruthxxx decided to rename it Low Carb Support when it came to making thread #2; which was fine. The thread was made for exactly support to others doing various LOW CARB lifestyles.

We started with a very small group and have grown. I believe we have grown because of the enthusiam we share for the low carb way of life. I also feel there is a genuine concern for eachother. In
addition...each of us wants to reach our goal.....and wants that just as much for the others on this thread.

I am also the one who decided to "drive the wagon" and brought along the now famous "duct tape" to strap down anyone who was having a little trouble "staying on the wagon." (nasus took over while I was on vacation and did a fiiiine job!)

I try to post every day....but it is a little difficult with my schedule. I also post pretty regularly on the 100 pound club and have posted on
other threads as well.

We all have encouraged other "low carb folks" to post here and "get on our wagon." The thread has gone from some recipe some "quit smoking" some website whatever!

Our moderator suggested earlier that the thread be renamed since the whole forum is low carb support. She again stated that not everyone is not on I do not want to go back to just
calling it Atkins about "THE WAGON?"

We all know about staying on the wagon.....and hanging on to one another so that no one falls off....and we all know where to find the DUCT TAPE if necessary.....SO HOW ABOUT IT???? thread originator.......and at our beloved ruthxxx moderator's suggestion........let's start off with a new thread and call it THE WAGON. We can use it for SUPPORT as always!

If you are already on our wagon....hold tight! If you have yet to climb aboard......JUMP ON! (Please do not try to exit until the wagon comes to a complete stop! In other are NOT getting off until you reach your goal!!!)
Success is up to ME!

NOW....LET ME ADD: When I made my FIRST post after signing on to 3FC....I did a search for ATKINS......It led me to LOW CARB......I made a thread for Atkins Support. I had never even READ a thread before. I was in search of support from other Atkins people......and found a WEALTH of support from both Atkins people AND low carbers in general. I was NOT aware that when the moderator changed the thread from Atkins to Low Carb Support #2 that it would be in some sort of "competition" with another thread on this...or any other site. I was simply trying to give and receive support. Isn't that EVERYONE'S goal???? Isn't that why we are ALL here???

The Low Carb Support #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 were simply that. Support that GREW. Sure, I was the "daily" thread option.......but since I can not get on "daily".......and since I already post on Support and the 100 club.......and since I had not idea what "daily" was all about.....I never clicked on. Whatever possesed me to click on today....(I believe it was because I saw that the moderator started it and I was curious to see what she had to say.)....I am sure glad I did.

I have nothing but admiration for ANYONE with a weight loss struggle.......especially those who are truly trying to "do something about it."

I have poured out my heart and soul on this site and have cried real tears and laughed out loud as I shared and read and shared and read.

I started "The Wagon" thread before reading this and wonder now if that is going to somehow "offend" someone or be in "competition" with someone. I thought we were all in this TOGETHER?????????? "Post as long as you are posting" kinda thing. I know now I was wrong.

Again.........I was looking for support. I know I got that....and I tried to give as much as I got. was the moderator who changed the name from Atkins Support to Low Carb Support back in June...and I applauded her for that at the time..and still do...because it helped other low carbers come on board...not just Atkins people.

If it somehow cut into posts on the low carb site, I have NO idea what to say about that. Do we apologize???????? NOT WHEN EVERYONE WHO POSTS THERE CONTINUALLY SAYS "JUMP ON BOARD" TO EVERYONE!!!! NOT WHEN MOST WHO DO POST THERE POST ALL OVER THE PLACE !!!!

I am only one person on the # Support thread...but as the person who "started it"....(again as Atkins)......I feel the need to speak up. I feel a kindred spirit with each person who has posted there. I feel that with EVERY name I read all over the 3FC site. BECAUSE I CARE!!!

If ruth chooses to "combine" some threads, or "change" names...or moderator..that is obviously her call. I started the WAGON thread before reading this one and shared on there as well. I wish I would have seen this thread first. Now I don't know what to think.

I want to get to goal. I want to get there with ALL OF YOU.
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