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Trudy: That book sounds like something I need to check out. I dont have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome yet. But I spend so much time on the computer I see it coming. So Im gonna check it out and be prepared.

Donna: Never tried Yoga. But I hear it is really good! Your night out on kareoke sounded like it was a fun time! Gonna have to talk some friends into it. DH not invited.

Glenda: I am looking forward to it. I did buy new clothes to so that makes it even better! Havent worn them yet either. Saving just for the trip!

Pam: I will be looking for you! But if you sleep in, all i can say is the plane wont wait.......... I think what your leader told you is correct. If you are doing lots of exercise you do need more points. So im sure its gonna help.
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Hi to all, I am finally un- :confused: I am going to go back on the points and take it one day at a time Hopefully that will work. I will buy some of the Weight Watcher deserrts and see if that doesn't help me. I hope you are feeling better Slavika. There's nothing worse than a cold!! Thanks again ladies for your support. I am joining a Tops group but can still do the 123 points there. Wish me luck! I'll need it. I keep telling my friends about this site. It is just great! Thanks again, Countrygal
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All, this was so much fun. Sorry it is so long.
Dear Fat:

You have BEEN my life for so long. How can I go on without you? But, we must each go our separate (VERY SEPARATE) ways. We have had so many years together, many, many magic moments, but it is time for each of us to move on. You were there for me when I was scared, protecting me from the big, bad, scary world. But our relationship has grown sour. Sugar, chocolate, and butter won't sweeten it anymore.

With you I was always the dewy-faced lady, but now I realize the dew was sweat in my creases. For years with you I made new friends-physicians, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists. I never had to go anywhere new because I never had any money left over from the co-pays. The unpredictability of life! What would get me first? Coronary? Stroke?

The skills we cultivated together! How to disguise a florid face, an extended gut, bulging thighs. How to smile at the cruelty of "fat jokes", rude teenagers, the invisibility of the old fat woman. These skills, unused, will wither and die, unmourned.

The tools I learned to use because of you! Pliers, talcum powder, support hose. All banished, banished from my bedroom. How I perfected the use of pliers to zip up my jeans, talcum to soothe my wearied thighs, support hose to hold my legs together!

We were just the two of us in our own world-candy bars, TV soaps, bowls of ice cream. This was all we needed for bliss, pure bliss. But over the years I have found that I yearned for something else. For a while now, I have been faking it. You stopped satisfying me, but I kept up the pretense. I just can't pretend anymore that the perpetual bloat was what I wanted, that the muumuu dresses and elastic waists you made me wear, and the bright red marks left on my waist were pleasing to me. I looked in a mirror against your wishes. I even sneaked a peek below my neck. That was the beginning of the end of us.

It really isn't you who have changed, but me. I need SLIM. He pushes me to go out in that bad, scary world. He pushes me to be more than I ever thought possible. He wants me to try, to try to walk around the lake, to push that grocery cart right by the bakery.

He isn't easy. Oh, no, he isn't easy. I have to work to get him to stay with me. And to keep him, I have to be friends with WATER and FIBER. If I don't make friends with them, SLIM won't stay with me. With WATER I have learned the WW waltz. With FIBER I have learned exactly where I can be alone, a closet, an empty room, etc., for a moment of reflection and ejection. I must shop in the produce aisle. I must read labels. I must THINK before I go back for seconds. But SLIM will stay with me forever if I go by his rules. He makes me want to look in mirrors, to buy clothes with buttons and zippers. SLIM enables me to be the woman I want to be.

Oh yes, I am sure that at times I will look back longingly at our relationship-when syrup and butter roll over pancakes, when the smell of chili coneys fills the carnival air, when the dessert carts roll by, but I must remember that YOU were much too jealous. You kept me isolated, unsure, and in a sugar haze. My options with you were Martha Stewart's recipes, the food section of the newspaper, the neon signs of the greasy spoons of the world. I was weighted down with chocolate recipes, the bread machine, and chip containers. I NEED MORE. I NEED SLIM.

Good-bye, my old companion. I see now that you were never for me. You were never my friend.

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Thanks for the book title Trudy. My carpal is quite bad and of course the computer is not good for it but with all the driving I did this summer I think it is worse than ever. When I quite working full time that is the one thing that did start to feel better and even coming back from Yoga it feels better than this morning.

Countrygal you are right - TOPS is alot more reasonably priced than WW and they don't care what diet you use as long as it is a good one and the WW is the best. Right now I am doing WW on my own and it is hard to stay motivated but with the change in weather I am doing better. I would be flat on my back whining at 95 degrees. That is way to hot for this BC coastal gal.

Lily its way more fun to do Kareoke with friends (and strangers) that you don't mind looking like a fool in front of. It is fun but some of us are not natural entertainers. It was way fun in my living room with a bunch of girls that had just done a course together on 'being a woman' so together we had no shame. Of course the wine helped break down any further inhibitions we may have had.

Pam I do like yoga. You don't have to be slim and the more you do it the more flexible you become and that feels good to have your body obey you in something. It also eliminates lots of aches and pains and I am never stiff after the stretches and the breathing and relaxation is just plain good for you. Now I have to force myself to do the treadmill on alternate days. Yesterday I put my walkman in my ears and walked for 20 min but I got interupted by the phone twice and that is annoying.
Anyhow I have to go dust my house today and water some plants.
Hi to all and is Sue back with us now that school has started?? later........

((((hugs to all)))) donna...

15.8+2= 17.8 #'s to go......
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HI GLENDA did you WRITE that "Dear Fat" letter? ? ?
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Go to the new one
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