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Eve's Mom
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Hi girls! Jen - you are so right, it could have been much worse...I am hoping TOM has something to do with can hope, right !?

Kim - All I can say is, I am so sorry it is turning out to be a crummy week! That bites for you....redefine your success - that you are back on track and thinking about it is success under the kind of circumstances you are experiencing. I am convinced I could have done much worse considering all the crap I have been through the past 2 weeks, and the new job hang in there!! Take some Kim time....


SW-244.4/CW-218.6/next 10% 199 (Mexico Goal, Aug 2001 = 180-185)/final goal 165
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A Yankee in Virginia
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Belle: I just hope I get some time to take some Kim-time! I did do some cleaning last night, completely cleaned the living room, vacuumed, dusted, the whole nine yards. Took my mind off stuff. Maybe tonight I'll tackle my bedroom!

Jeez, I just realized I have a dentist's appt. tomorrow. Great!

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Eve's Mom
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Congrats to Sarah, Jen and all the other losers!!

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Yes, Congrats to the losers! I wish I was a loser. Well, I am but not in a good way

I blinked and the weekend was over. My bf and I went to a birthday party on saturday and my wonderful friend loves to pull out the picture albums. So my bf was looking at old pictures of me and in most of them I am much thinner. In one of them I was very thin, (at that time I was running and working out everyday) So bf wondered if it was a photo from high school and I said no that it was from college and he said "oh you look very different, smaller in the shoulders" Oh poor guy, he was really trying to not hurt my feelings which he didn't because my weight is very much not an issue between him and I. I feel very comfortable around him, however, seeing those pictures made me feel like such a failure. I was so healthy then and I so want to be there again.

So that's just it. I want to be there but for some reason I am still having trouble with making the 100% full commitment. Does anyone have any advice about when they decided it was now or never? Any intense motivators?

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Juliehere :-)
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VIVA Las Vegas !

Well I am back...and proud to say with more $$ in my pocket ! I was sick the whole I managed to stay away from eating too much at the buffets !

Congrats to all the losers ! I have not been to WI in 2 weeks...I'm going to try this evening...I know I will show a gain...but that's ok....I was OP all day today.

I'm still catching up on all the what a busy couple of days !

Hello to everyone...


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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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Ok so I was motivated to go to the health center and get on one of the private scales can you believe they asked me to use one in the lobby? I declined but i got on one in an exam room and well lets just say my personal scale smokes crack because I thought i was in the mid 190s and Lo and behold Im 218 i had prepared myself to be hitting my all time high so it didnt really hurt just a wake up call and im setting new goals which i will discuss later b/c my very skinny friends coming
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Hi Ladies

My date with the internet girl went great!!! My friends girlfriend grandma own a flower store and she hooked me up with a really nice bunch of flowers for 20 bucks. We met at a chappel, and we went to a couple stores a for a couple hours..We then went and played putt putt and some air hocket at a hotel. I then took her to a nice candle light dinner. We then went to the show and we held hands the whole in there. It was great, I think she is the one for me. I felt so comfy with her and she would make a perfect mom and wife. She is coming over on Saturday to be with me, my bday is Sunday but she might stay the night with me. Nothing is going to happen. I kept her flowers in my car so she did not have to carry them.
I have to go, i need to shower and be back on in 15min to talk to my internet girlfriend. Bye

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