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Morning all!
Ali - where/when you coming to the UK? Be good to see you! we can try improving your alcohol tolerance if you want (actually, maybe that is why i get so drunk these days too!!). maybe one day i should play with the scanner here and do piccies on hotmail as well. you'll need to tell me more about it.
Kay - hope the conference goes well.
Lolly - woo hoo on the loss!
Tonya - have you found that you are more intolerant to foods now that you're at goal or did you always have a problem with fried food? i swear i'm going to do a big study on women, diets and IBDs one day...
Kim and Casey - how was weigh in?
Sarah - hope you are doing ok.
Belle - honey, how are you?
Stacey - you able to smile yet?
Big hellos to Jen-L, Lolabooey, Debbie, Suzanne, Julie, KO, Brenda, Kirsten etcetcetc
I'm going to miss you guys when i'm away on hols next week! I'm going to climb as many hills as i can so that i'm entitled to pub lunches and nice dinners!!
More later,

193.5/147 (5 ft 9)

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Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day!

Kirsty ~ Well, I have always had problems with fried food, but I can honestly say it has gotten worse now that I eat healthy and very rarely eat fried foods. I am glad I have the problem though, I get a bad enough stomach ache that I wouldn't think about going to Long John Silver's anymore, and I used to love their food. I think that your stomach gets used to a certain way of eating, and if a "foreign" food comes in, it doesn't know how to handle it!

Anyway, everything is good with me, I walked 2.5 miles last night, and plan on walking again today. I have the winter blues at work. I am tired and feel blah. I wish spring would hurry up. It is about 5 degrees here today. I don't think this snow is ever going to go away!

Belle ~ Hang in there Sweet Pea! We are all here for you, and I agree with everyone's advice.

Well, I am off to teach Oracle (whoo, hoo!) I will check in later!

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Hey kids....Kim, you should skip this, its basically your email....

Well b/f called at like 5:30 and talked until 8 last night - at first he
was really mean and yelling at me and then he calmed down and
said that he didn't mean what he said exactly, but that he felt he
wasnt' ready for a relationship and that he feels like we have
moved intogether when we havent and a whole bunch of stuff like
that, how he wanted a week off me. By the end, he wanted to
have 3 days "off" per week and wants to see a movie with me
tonite....?? He said he didn't want to lose what we had butthat he
didnt want to fight, and that I shoudlnt' even know when the ex
calls b/c I am not his wife andwe dont' live together.

I didnt' argue, I was too tired and confused....and I had no clue what was going on...

I dont know what's going on here....I am in the dark. I figure
I'll go see him tonite and bring up that I still don't know what is
going on. but something tells me I am being used here....

I don't know.

Tomorrow is my
birthday and for some reason, my bday always sucks....well, at least I have been OP this week so I can have some cake...I am going ot the cheesecake cafe with my mom to celebrate.

Have a good morning.

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Juliehere :-)
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Morning All,

Got to work really early this's slowed down a bit to post. Hang in there Belle....don't let him getyou down. I too would be confused...but make sure youdo what is right for you ! I was in a similar situation way beack when...I had to really stop the cycle and find the strength to move on. From that point on I have lived by the rule...I'd rather be alone than with someone who doesn't respect me. It's a lot to take right now...hang in there...we're here for you :-)

Hi Kirsty and Tonya...

Hi to all the ladies (and Jason) that post after me....

24 hours and I'm off to Las Vegas !


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Happy Hump Day all! Wow, I read all the posts and thereís lots going on, so be ready for another long post from me!

Points? What are points? Hmmmm, seems to me I was just asking that question last week wasnít I? Iím in denial. I refuse to go to WI this week b/c Iím having trouble dealing with the fact that I wonít reach my goal by next Tuesday. I know it was a little aggressive, but I at least thought I would be down to about 159 or so. I know I weigh more than the 162 from my last WI. Weíll see what the scale at home says next Monday and then Iíll decide if Iím going to face the music. Iíve had some other turbulent things going on in my life and this is just not another downer that I can deal with right now! I think I still may go and look for the leather coat hubby is going to get me for my B-day, but Iím so afraid it will end up being too big when I get to goal. Itís almost taking the joy out of getting the coat. I have really broad shoulders and larger chest (TMI Ė I know, sorry) so I really donít think I will ever be less than a 10 or 12 in coat/blazer size. With about 30 pounds to go to goal, what do you guys think? Most of my weight is in my stomach. I wish one of you was close so you could help me eyeball it.

I do have to give myself some credit though for the losses I have had in the past 6 weeks. Itís just hard to feel positive when so many things seem like they are going badly. I took Nestle on a nice walk Sunday and Monday. I plan on taking him out every day for the rest of the week, but we have really yucky weather moving in so weíll see how miserable it is. I have to get on the ball to reach goal by the summer.

I just need to put this out here so you guys can see part of why I am so negative at the moment. The lady who sponsored me in PL quit. Long story: @sshole husband cheating on her, sheís an emotional wreck, her 2 girls are not dealing well. She just decided she couldnít do it right now. Iíve known her for 4 Ĺ years and this is a big loss for me. She was my source of support and I could vent to her about things. She is still a friend of course, but itís not the same. Now I will be under someone else who has a totally different style. You donít get the same kind of rapport with someone in a few months time. Iím stressing b/c I want so badly to quit my job. It just doesnít hold a challenge anymore and is so monotonous. The days go so slowly. All Iím thinking is I could be home doing this, or I could be out selling candles, yada yada yada. It would be stupid to quit now, find another job and then quit again to do the candles. Sometimes I feel like Iím throwing darts at a dart board under water

OK, Iím going to try to switch on the positive button for these replies! I think it was Lolly and Belle that were talking about being shy with ppl we donít know. Iím that way too. When I was growing up ppl thought I was a snob. I was just so extremely shy and self-conscious. I didnít have the courage to include myself in things. But look at how far weíve come!!

Kirsten: Woohoo, diamond earrings!! It was me who was talking about the dog watching. Iím not sure if that or them whining at the door b/c you wonít let them in is worse Well, if Takaya kept you up all night Iíd say that was a really well spent sleepless night *evil grin* I agree thatís why they are so cute. I was so in awe of Nestle last night. I laid down with him and just talked to him. Itís so amazing to me.

Shalyne: Good to hear you had fun with the net guy. Keep us updated.

Jason: Iím glad you are doing so well. I donít mean to sound like a broken record, but please do be careful with how fast you are losing weight. Guys do lose faster, and the more overweight we are, the faster it comes off at the beginning. I lost at a really good rate when I started, but it does taper down. Just make sure you are staying healthy and getting plenty of protein if you have cut out red meat. Keep us updated on whatís going on with this girl! Just take it as it comes and remember to have fun above all else!

Trish: Congrats on you loss. See, you are slowly getting back there. You are right about us being veterans OP but not at goal yet. But look at the fact that we wonít give up no matter how many plateauís, gains and problems. I think that says a lot about our character donít you?

KO: A loss for you too! Yeah for those lost 2 pounds

Annie: I would give yourself a pat on the back for maintaining and not gaining. That shows you did still have some awareness of what you are eating.

Kim: Iíve been feeling like crap lately b/c of all the junk Iíve been eating. I think our bodies get to the point that they are used to relatively healthy food and then we feed it things like Margaritaís, McDonalds and other crap and it decides itís going to get us back! Hmmm, we must learn from this right? hehehehee. I refuse to give Margs up altogether though.

Jen: *jumping up and down* yeah on the loss! What a good one. Take it and run with it.

Kirsty: Sounds like an active vacation for you *wink wink nudge nudge* Youíll earn plenty of exercise points with your honey! Nice little technique to hint for work flowers someday. I want to be kept in the loop on us meeting, but my E-mail address is changing soon, so Iíll let you know when I get the new one.

Casey: Donít worry about gaining. Itís going to happen. I tend to gain once every month (hmmm, wonder why? *laugh*). Itís a normal part of the process.

Lolly: Another loser! You go girl. Hey, Iím having a mind block, is it the term fanny pack that was so funny? I was trying to tell someone and just couldnít remember!

Stacey: Hey, want some pudding? Donít smack me! I couldnít resist. Good job on the loss! Thanks so much for asking about me. It really means a lot *hugs*

Debbie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DEBBIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! I just ordered the Burn CD. I would love to see her in concert!

Belle: Oh honey! *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs* I wish I were there to do give you those in person. I agree that itís time to break the ties with this guy. I know, easier said than done. Youíve invested a lot of yourself in this relationship, but I think he is dragging you along. If after this long heís saying these things to you, then I think thatís a huge sign. You are a thoughtful, determined, wonderful person and the right man is out there for you. You do have to love yourself though. Maybe you should have a girls night. Get some stupid movie, banks some points so you can get really silly drunk and have fun with it! Weíre here to help you through it! Oh, and you get the B-day song tomorrow!

I canít believe how much better I feel after reading and replying to everyone. *hugs* all around.

198.4/162.4/135(WW)/130(Personal) (5'4")

When life gives you mud, make mud pies!!

Feb 27 WI goal: 155 !!
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Good afternoon all! I am in a pretty good mood today. Of course I am happy that it is Wednesday. Things just seem to be a little better right now. I was OP yesterday and under my max plus I went to the gym I am thrilled about that. tonight will be very hard because we are going to someone's house for dinner but I will do my best. DH's car was broken the other day but our wonderful neighbor, a mechanice, fixed it last ngith. Just loose battery cables so that was good news too.

Brenda - I love your long posts. Sorry you are having so much trouble right now. I understand what you mean about different supervosrs and styles. I hope that it will work out for you. Good luck staying OP for a loss next week. I am really hoping for something this weekend too!

Belle - I hope that you are feeling better today. I am very sorry to hear about your mean bf and your relationship problems. I hope that it works out for the best, even if it means moving on. We just want you to be happy. You are so great and you deserve it!

Kirsty - Have a great holiday next week. where are you going? I am sure that you already told us but I can't keep everyone straight!

TonyaLyn - Way to go on the exercise. I am sure that you are toning up as we speak.

Julie - Have a super time in Vegas!!!

Jason - Congrats on the great weight loss so far. I hope things are going well with the girl online. Keep us posted.

I know that there were some other good losses one yesterdays post so congratulations to all for that. I hope you are having a great day. I am ready for it to end so I can go to the gym and dinner, then home with DH (It's been so busy and I have been out of town so much that we need some together time :love I'll check in with you later.

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Okay, no more of this sad stuff - it just hurts too much. I still don't know what to about him, and I don't get it really, but there is one thing that I know for sur.e

For 6 months I have been putting my whole life on hold for him. I haven't been scrapbooking or spending time with my friends as much, I have been tip-toeing around him and careful about his moods and expressing my feelings, I have spent too much time and money on this guy and I need some serious Belle - time. That doesn't mean a night off or a week off, it means continuous Belle time. I haven't even been going to the gym as much since this got like this cuz he always had plans and I made myself available to him.

I am tired of it. I miss my scrapbooking and my friends and my dogs and shopping with my sister and all those things that make me ME. I am also tired of wonder ing if the ex has called, or if he'll call me or if he'll buy me a stupid f*&king b-day gift. Forget thatÖ.my self esteem plummetted over the last few months and it should be skyrocketing after I lost all that weight. Which I don't even give myself credit for, cuz I find myself saying, if I were just a little thinner, if I were just as thin as the exÖ.stupid b*&^h that she is (sorry Heather, some of the stunts she has been pulling are just not rightÖ., especially making him feel guilty for leaving herÖafter 3 years!!!)

SoÖ.here is my austerity plan. I will forget this guy, move on and work on me. WW, interests, job, all those things, including socializing. I'll plan a trip with a girlfriend to Mexico or something rather than him. And in the end of it all I'll be stronger and have a better self esteem, with or without him. I guess the thing is, I sort of think I deserve more too. I didn't' used to, I dated a jerk for 8 years who treated me like garbage, cheated on me, made me feel guilty for not giving him money, never paid me back. Well, forget that.

I want someone who will buy me a nice card on V-day and who gets me tissue when I cry at hallmark commercials. I want someone who thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world (or at least tells me that!!) and who is OVER their ex, fully and completely. Who wants to see me and misses me when I am gone and who cares about my health and keeps promises.

And if I can t find that then I'm going to be alone, enjoying my friends and the people who give a **** about me. Cyber and otherwise. I used to have an excitement for life and lately I just want to cry and lick my wounds and that isn't like me.

Somebody hold me accountable for this - if I slip and get back to my sad ways too much, remind me of my prince charming description and that it isnt too far fetchedÖ..there has to be someone out there. Somewhere!

Gotta run to a meeting.

Julie, have fun in Las Vegas!!!

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Your post gave me goosebumps!!! You are on the right track, girl!!!! When you get shaky in this choice, just think back to how you felt when he was being mean and ask yourself: would you ever make someone else feel bad like that? Would you ever treat someone like that? OF COURSE NOT! Then why is it okay for someone to treat YOU like that? It's not, Belle, ever. And I have to tell you, this is not a situation that has anything to do with a person's weight. You could be Skinny Minnie herself and this guy would still be a dink.
Be strong, Belle. You're a star.


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Juliehere :-)
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Belle ! I'm so proud of you ! I will help you stick to it ! Today is the first day of the "old" Belle ! I look forward to reading more about your scrapbooking woes, outings with family and friends....doggie stories, etc. !! You have a new're doing well on have so many positive things going on...focus on them :-)

Take care ! Hang in there...


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Thanks Jules and Lola- I feel really motivated now, which makes me laugh cuz this morning I was still mourning (if you pardon the pun). I guess where god closes a door he opens a window, maybe I just needed a good kick in the @ss to see that. And to realize that i am surrounded by people that care about me - like all you girls (and J too).

This is one of those moments that should be told to Oprah - one of us has a life problem, and the whole team pulls together to help that one person, be it personal, men, weight, a death in the family, whatever. That to me is the essence of this board. That is the essence of what we are to eachother.

Its pretty amazing. Thanks all of you for carrrying me through this rough patch.

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Well, I'm depressed. I went to WI and GAINED 1.2. I couldn't believe it. I expected to stay about the same, but a gain? So what did I do? Went and had a crappy lunch. That means it was yummy, but bad for me ... a steak and cheese sandwich and chips. BAD, BAD, BAD! So I'm going to make some of that zero point veggie soup for dinner. AND I'm going to the gym, no matter what.

But I still feel depressed. Except for Saturday and Mexican food, I've stayed OP and exercised in my living room at home most nights. My leader tried to assure me that sometimes the body just fluctuates and isn't predictable. Hopefully next week it'll be different. Except for my lunch, I'll try and make sure that happens!

Well, I wanted to reply to everyone, but I have to go sit down with one of the tech guys and fix some stuff on my laptop. I'll be back later!

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Kim - it sounds like water retenetion....I betcha next week you'll be down down down do-be-do down down....

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Just finished a midterm. Pretty sure I got an A so I was happy. I just missed one question (I have no clue which democratic candidate was critcized during the 1950s since he was divorced).

Kirsty: When I was in the UK last summer I drank a lot (I love the apple cider, here in Canada apple cider is basically thick apple juice), I didn't get drunk though. I was amazed at the fact there were aisles in grocery stores dedicated to chocolate!! I still don't know whether or not I'll manage a trip to the UK, but I'll try to.

Tonya: Only 1 week of February left, after that I consider it smooth sailing until Spring (yes I am an optimist considering I am from Quebec and we had a snowstorm in April last year).

Brenda: Actually for myself I was thinking of treating myself to a leather coat when I got to goal as well.. Could you possibly get an IOU or something for the jacket until you're at goal? I honestly thought that the smallest I could get was a size 14, but now I'm a 12, so things can change (I think at goal my clothes will be in the 8-10 possibly 12 for trousers range mostly).

Belle: Some Belle-Time does sound like a great remedy. I am glad you're taking a step back from the relationship. You Deserve better and the perfect guy for you should make you feel good about youself and not worse. Do stuff, because you want to, be happy about who you are. Have a bath, light some candles, blast some Sarah McLachlan or Tori Amos (or Hole for the real angry fem-music). Losing weight has been a discovery mission for me in many ways, and I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in life, but ultimately this is one thing I have done completely for myself. Love yourself because you are worth it! And those things that you want in a relationship sound great! Don't settle for less, you will meet your match who'll love you and tell you how wonderful you are and how special you are to him! But in the interim, do stuff for you.

Debbie, Jason, Lola, Trish, Kay, Lolly, Julie, Sarah and everyone else; Hello

Take Care, I should clean!


243.4/170.4/155 (15.4lbs left WooHoo!!)

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BELLE! YOU GO! You are sooooooo smart to realize that he has been holding back the real Belle! You should be soooo proud of yourself!!! Now the next part is to tell him, the balls in your court and you are sticking up for yourself!!! Good for you!

Busy day at work...I realized this morning that I really should be much happier than I am right now, something is making me get into a slump and I need to take inventory and make some changes. My gut says it's my body issues and my half a$$ed commitment to WW and exercising. Well, admitting it is the first step I guess.

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Hi everyone. Same 'ole for me. Had to take little Emma to the doctor last night. She has a horrible cough and a baby was diagnosed with RSV in daycare and I had a little panic. She is OK, but we have to watch her because it could turn worse!!

Belle... If I were you, this is what I would do!! Since you have shown us and yourself how strong you are... cancel the movie tonight and give no reason! You don't need to explain your actions since it is apparent that he doesn't have to!! Take that movie time to dig through your scrapbooking stuff! It really will make you feel accomplished! I know that when I finally get the chance to get back to my crafts I feel exilerated!! Let us know what you decide to do, Because you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to!!!

Julie... keep away from the Vegas Buffets!! They are killer!!

Brenda... I don't mind the long post. IF that is what you need to catch up, by all means do!! And when you are ready to get commited (to WW that is ) you will be back on track. Sometimes we all need a break.

Kim... A couple weeks ago I did the same thing you did. I weigh on Saturday morning and that is my excuse to eat whatever I want that day! Why is that???

Ali... Yah on the midterm!!!

Well, I better get back to work! I got a bunch accomplished today! Yah for me! Now I want to go home, but I have over an hour yet!

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