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Fed Up With Fat!!
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Hey everyone! Quick post since I've been so dang busy!
Belle: See, no one could have told you to do that...you had to come up with that conclusion on your own! You are AWESOME! I'm pulling for you!
Brenda: I love your long posts, too!!
I have to get back to work since I only have an hour left.
Have a great evening!

235.7/183.5 /160

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Diet Dr Pepper Rules!
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Hello girls.

Belle: I am so glad that you are staping back from the situation and realizing that YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!! You go girl! You are so special and you are right, you do get to have a great guy. Your relationship with this bum sounds just like one of my old relationships. I was sure he was great, but he treated my like crap and I lost ME. Well, it ended and I was so hurt...but also in a way releaved and happy because I was able to be me again and take care of myself. and you know what, I ran into an old friend at a wedding a few months later. This old friend, he was smart and funny and kind and loving and really cared about me and the next thing I knew, we were married. I am not saying he does not do dumb stuff sometimes (he is a man and somethimes they do that) but I do dumb stuff too. You will find that...but more importantly, you will have you back and that is the best thing in the world! Oh, and you are so right about this board. You all ahve helped me so much over the past few weeks (and way before that)...I can not express enough how thankful I am for that friendship!

Kirsty: Have fun on your vacation!!

Tonya: I also have the winter blues. You are my insperation on working out. I am trying to get back into the swing. I really miss it when I don't do it.

julie: Have fun in Vegas. My hubby and I go all of the time. I actually love the Mandalay Bay buffet and have an easy time with that one staying on program They have some really yummy, fresh, low point items on it. Some of the others, watch out!

Brenda: I am glad you are back. I was getting worried about you. I am sorry about your friend pulling out of PL. That can be hard. YOu know I was thinking, you said you have not given yourself credit for the weight you lost lately. I was just thinking, boy, Brenda has been doing GREAT lately. So, girl, give yourself some credit. take the small break and then get back with it!!! You are doing so wonderful.

Debbie: so glad to see you and happy birthday! Thank you for your words.

sarah: hope you and hubby had fun (wink, wink). You are also doing so great on program!

lola: good to see you.

Kim: don't get down on the small gain. You know how it goes...and I bet it was just a little water retention. Don't worry about lunch. It is over and you can move on. Keep at it!

Ali: good job on your midterm (do I sound like your mother) but I really respect that you can do WW and study. I was never that good in college.

Suzanne: don't get down, get motivated. That is a hard lesson for me. I also bet it could be a little bit of winter blah. That is going around.

Jen: sorry to hear that Emma is sick. Hope she feels better soon.

Ok, I need to get back to work. Hello to eveyrone else.

Belle: blow that guy off tonight and I agree, don't tell why!

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Old 02-22-2001, 04:00 AM   #18
A Yankee in Virginia
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Jen: I think it must be some twisted mentality that after WI, we're safe for a few hours from the calories! And that we have a whole week to get it off! It's funny how guilty I feel now when I splurge and eat something I know I really shouldn't be having.

Belle: I didn't say it earlier, but YEAH! I'm proud of you. You have the right attitude. I agree that you shouldn't go to the movie, just tell him you can't go. It's important that he know you're not always available for him. If he says he wants space, well, dang it, give it to him! There's a great empowering book that I adore that you should get, called "Succulent Wild Woman" by an author who calls herself SARK. It's in the self-help sections in the bookstores, and it's decorated in bright, bright colors. SARK basically stresses the need for women to enjoy being women. I love it. I read it sometimes when I'm feeling down for a little motivation. It's a fun, fun book, and there's a sequel!

There's a quote I keep tacked over my desk that says, "FOLLOW YOUR BLISS." I hope everyday that I'm trying my best to do that.

206.8/185.6 /130
St. Patrick's Day goal: 180

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Belle- you ROCK! I mean it, it takes a lot to step back and realize you're not getting what you need. I have stayed to long before and it's not good. I don't scrapbook but I crossstitch so we have all got our little ecentricitys.

Brenda- Hi thanks for the kind words.

I am thrilled though I actually lost 3 lbs This is the first time in about three years I have been below 190. Last time I did WW I got to like 190.5 and bounced around for six weeks never getting past it. Confession though I never journaled, which I find really helps me, or exercised much. And like this week the first four days I was over max a total of 10 points, but on day five I was under 11.5. Before I would have just said oh tommorrow's over forget about it.
I am really proud of myself. I think my boyfriend is slowly gaining confidence. Don't get me wrong he is one of the last great men, he was really supportive the first time around and then found out I wasn't serious, so he didn't know what to expect this time.

Hi everyone else

Love y'all gotta run

204.5/187.75/160 Florida in May/120-ish
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A Yankee in Virginia
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