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Default Tgif!

So its the wee hours of the morning here and guess who is still awake? Yep me again! Argh! Its my own fault though b/c I never ever have caffeine and then yesterday at three in the afternoon I had a double mochachino and forget to get decaf and then at 7pm I had a 6oz glass of Pepsi. Now I am wide awake! I have tried everything. It really sucks too b/c I was supposed to receive a massage this morning but I cancelled in case I do finally fall asleep and then this afternoon was supposed to be my first day volunteering at the local AIDS chapter to give free massages and now I don't know if I'll be up to going. I feel so bad b/c one girl I know there said that their clients were really looking forward to it. Hopefully b/t now and then i can get enough rest to still go....

How is everyone else today?

Jen sorry to hear you haven't had any progress with your eye. Get better soon

Belle your aunt sounds like she could fit into my crazy family (shudder). She sounds like my one brother especially.

Kim That totally sucks about your bf's job. My DF used to work nights and I was always gone in the days. It was horrible and so hard to have any quality time together. I slept like crap cuz he wasn't there and if we tried to do anything he was always so tired it was no fun. Thank God he got a new boss who lobbied to have the hours changed. I hope that you guys can have some kind of change for the good soon.

Trish & Sarah-I can't stop fantasizing about babies! I have been playing around on all these baby name sites today. Its so much fun! We're going to wait until DF is in his last year of school-only another three or four years (sigh...)

Lolly-I am SUPER allergic to cats! And of course all of my friends have them as pets so everyone always gets together at our place. Its good though cuz I love to entertain! I'm allergic to tons of other animals too. Oddly enough of the whole animal kingdom I am most allergic to anything inthe pig familky! I am also severely allergic to horses-so much that I had to leave the Lipizzaner Stallions even though I sat in the very top row of the stadium. I can't go into anyone's yard where they keep horses. It sucks. I'm really bad with rabbits too. THe weird hting is I have zero allergies to dogs! THat's good cuz I love dogs! They are soooo sweet!

KT I hope you feel better! The best thing for a sore throat is lots and lots of popsicles. My Mom used to always get them for us when we had a sore throat and then when I went to the doctor one time cuz I thought I had Strep Throat the doctor told me that was the best thing too! I like to get those real fruit ones-YUM!

Lori, is your thong really that much better? I want to try one but have yet to find one in my size. Maybe once I lose some more weight.

As for being back on track I did super today! I even banked 3 points and that doesn't count the ones earned walking today Yesterday I bought two new Pachebel CDs for work and I had to listen to them at home first to make sure they were appropriate and relaxing al the way through and I just found the music so inspiring! I ended up dancing and twirling my around our little apartment for over an hour! And I had no idea how to dance to that kind of music! I just got caught up in it. It was super fun! Who would have thought that kind of music would get me up and moving! Hilarious!

Hi to everyone else today! I am going to try to go to sleep now. Cross your fingers and press your thumbs! I'll probably check back later and then not be on all weekend because my mom is coming up to visit. We're going to a huge quilt show this weekend. SHould be fun!

Have a great OP day all!

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WOW! Its a book! Sorry! That's what happens when you have no one to talk to in the middle of the night!
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Yay it's Friday! Anyone have any fun plans??

Rina... That's really strange that you're not allergic to dogs when you're allergic to so many other animals... I wonder why. I don't know very much about allergies lol. That must be such a pain tho!

Where is everyone??!!

<<yawn>> I don't think I'm awake yet. I am so not a morning person.
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I'm here! Good morning Rina and Shalyne!

Not too much going on here. I am so glad it's Friday! I have plans to go to a bar to watch my college's football game tomorrow afternoon and then I am going apple picking on Sunday! Should be a fun weekend... now hopefully it will just stop raining!

Talk to you all later!
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Thumbs down

Good morning everyone!!

Rina ~ Sorry to hear about the insomnia!! Hopefully you will feel rejuvenated soon so that you can give your massages! (Oh, massages, I bet that feels good, never had one, afraid I will like them too much, and want one every day! )

Kim ~ For what it is worth (and you can tell me to bud out!) I think the situation between you and your boyfriend is all about priorities. You need to sit down with him and tell him how serious you are about his job interfering in your relationship. If there is no light at the end of the tunnel for him, are you willing to continue like this? Or, to remain in your relationship, and have a healthy one, maybe he needs to either look for a new job, or explain to his supervisor, that is SERIOUSLY needs to rethink his hours. I think the main question you need to ask yourself is, can I continue indefinately in a relationship like this? If not, then things have to change. Just my .02 cents!!

Lori ~ I tried thongs, some are definately better than others, my SIL (all 100 pounds of her) swears by them, but they just aren't very comfortable for me. I think I will stick to silky bikinis!!

Belle ~ Sorry to hear about your aunt. Sounds like a nut-case (sorry!), boy, we can pick our friends, not relatives, right? We all have them....Our biggest scandal right now is on my dad's side of the family. My aunt "married" a woman, they both were artificially inseminated, and have 3 kids that is a "Jerry Springer" show if I ever heard each his own, I guess. My aunt's wife (is that politically correct?) also took my aunt's last name, so I think I have an aunt Jodie now too....who knows....(giggle, giggle)

I am afraid I can't remember what everyone else posted yesterday, so forgive me. I do hope that Kirsty is having an awesome time on her cruise.

I have been very OP the last two weeks, and my WI is on Sat. I have been drinking water, journalling (staying at low end), exercising, and watching my portions. My biggest problem has always been eating out, I lose control, but last night we went out for pizza, and I have a salad and one slice of thin cheese pizza. I was so proud of myself. I really want to lose these 10-15 pounds by x-mas.....

Well, I have to take my DS to Sears tomorrow for his 3 year pictures and my DD has a bowling birthday party to attend. Lots going on! DH and I are also going out for dinner tomorrow night at the Olive Garden with my SIL and her husband. I already checked out Dotti's site, for what I can eat....planning is everything!!!!!

Well, like Rina I have written a book. Better get back to work. TTYL!!!!
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Hi Shalyne and Jen, we were posting at the same time!
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (I am bored at work, as you can see! )

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Default It's Friday!!

Good morning everyone!!
Well, I was doing great with points until I started baking last night, but it definitely could've been worse!!
Tonya: I couldn't keep DH out of the puppy chow!! He liked it.
At least I didn't eat cookies for breakfast b/c I sure wanted to!!
I get to shop at Kohl's tonight! Pretty excited about that!
So far so good today on program. We'll see if I can keep it up this weekend.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and I should be back later today. It's a smoke break right now.
Lolly: I never was Kansas?
Bye for now.......

ps..Tonya, cute pic!! It looks like I felt this morning!
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Default Finally Friday!

Tonya: Believe me, it's all stuff I've thought of before. He and I had an argument about it yesterday, because he told me that until he finds a new job, this is how it has to be. So I said to him: "But you're not even looking for a new job!" Then he accused me of trying to start a fight. Sigh. I feel in such a bind. The newspaper industry is not good for finding new jobs at the moment, even my own paper has a hiring freeze. So, he'd be faced with having to find a new job outside his field, when journalism has been all he's ever done, for more than 10 years. I think that terrifies him, and he doesn't know what he'd do. For a while, I was trying to find a new job, because I'm at a bigger paper and we thought I had a better chance of getting to a new place that had some smaller papers nearby. But, like I said, the job market sucks right now. So we wait, I guess.

My mom is on her way here right now and I'm so excited! She's staying with me for a whole week, partly to help me get organized. This weekend, we're driving up to my grandmother's in Connecticut to get my washer and dryer, which have been stored in her basement for about 3 years. Finally I have a place with hookups!

Hi to Stacey, Jen, Shalyne and Rina! Where's everyone else?
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Good morning - I'm here and feeling a little better. Although I wasn't going to ride my horse last night and I did anyway so I was out exercising in the chill which is usually not very good for my sore throat but I seem fine today.
Rina - I have good humor light creamsicles at home that are one point each - they're my I have a sore throat treat.
Kim - I'm having major BF problems too so I understand where you're at. My guy is finishing renos on his Mom's house before he can go back to work and mom drags her feet so it will probably be another 6 months before he can work and therefor afford to move in with me. Right now mom can't afford to live by herself and Blah, blah blah. We just try and be grateful for the time we do have together and remember we are both in a situation where we are helping family members and that's important too.
Tonya - I'm not ready for halloween!!! - any good costume suggestions?
Hello to Lori, Stacey, Jen, Shalyne and all the lurkers
Back later
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Hey Girls. I have huge confessions. I have had the worst ww week. I weighed myself today and I am 5 pds up. TOM is here so I am bloated and wearing a sweater but I know I have been eating bad, not drinking my water and not exercising. YUCK, I am planning on weighing on Mon and I know that at least 3 of the pds won;t be there b/c I always put on some water weight. Needless to say my energy level is non existant. Itis amazing b/c I keep convincing myself that I need to rest however resting is the thing that is making me have less energy. Such a vicious cycle however I have to tell you that hearing your stories ils encouraging me.

Tonya- 2 wks of success congratulations!!! I also have to tell you that I think that if you stay OP for two more wks. that you should treat yourself to a massage, I can't believe you haven't had one. They are amazing. Just a suggestion

Rina-I hope that you end up having the energy to give out some m assages. That is so nice of you.

JKarr- sounds like you are doing well too, banking 3 pts. Have fun picking apples and hey that should count as some exercise I am always looking for extra pts.

Kim and KT sorry about the b/f problems. They can be such a hindrance at times Hopefully you will see a light at the end of that tunnel soon and if not I agree with Tonya. Set a limit in your mind as to how long you can live like this. It is asking a lot for you to not see him and continue a relationsip.

As far as this wknd, I have no exciting plans I will work tonight and then Sat probably go out with friends. I have to fill you guys in on the guy situation but I am not sure that I have the energy this afternoon. I am still single but there are a couple of possibilities on the horizon. I will fill you in if anything substantial happens. Right now I am eating through the anxiety and well not feeling a whole lot better. I ate a Nutrageous bar for b-fast (I hate that **** snack bar) but I picked up a healthy salad for lunch so I am determined to get back on track right now!!!
Wish me luck ladies.

Have great wknds and maybe I will check back in later this afternoon.
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Default I'm here!

Trying to catch up on all of the posts from the past two days! I ate like a pig last night-I am so disgusted with myself, but determined to stay OP today and tomorrow.....send the OP vibes my way!
DF's two friends are here-theya re really nice-I think we are going to go apple picking tomorrow...that should be fun but I need strength for the cider doughnuts-one only!!!!!
I did another spin class last night and plan to go running after work today-at least my exercise goal is being met.....
OK-now to catch up on the posts...
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Just a quick hello. Well, I got the results back from my glucose test and I did not pass...they consider 140 (whatever that means) the point and I was exactly 140. So I have to cut all refined sugar out of my diet (actually, this is a good thing as I don't need them and have been eating a few to many cookies etc.) SInce it was really not that much over (or right on) I have to go in in two weeks for a refferent test. IF it is really over you have to go for a 4 hour blood draw test. I am not at that point yet.

Well, I best get back to work. Talkwith you all soon.

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Thumbs down

Hi gals!

I finally went to sleep at 7 am this morning! My DF didn't wake me in time for me to go volunteer today! When I woke up I was panicking but then I found out he phoned them for me and told them I had been up all night with the flu! Not exactly true but I couldn't believe he did that. At first I wasn't too happy but then I realized he was looking out for my well-being and that was very sweet. I slept 6 hours and woke up with a massive headache. I still feel pretty tired I really wish I hadn't had to cancel my treatment this morning. Now I won't have time to get one until at least thursday afternoon.

Tonya! You really really should go get a treatment! I would never function without regular treatments. In North America people always think of it as a luxury but in most Europeanand Asian countries it is one of the main forms of health care. People always think it is only for stress or muscles but there are a million benefits! Did you know massage aids digestion? Boosts your immune system? helps to regualte hormone levels? Can boost your metabolism for short periods of time? That's just scratching the surface! I could go on and on but I won't bore you with details. If you're interested in what else massage does for you check out the Touch Research Institute website

KT hope you're feeling better! For Halloween one of my friedns is going to cover herself in tin foil and call herself LEFTOVERS! Too funny! I think that we're going to go as the Scarecrow and TinMan from Wiz of Oz. I love that musical & I LOVE Judy Garland! One of my friends who is supertall is dressing in brown clothes and wearing a green wig and making some green leaves for around the cuffs and calling himslef a tree and he has a stuffed monkey that has wire in its arms so he is going to make it look like its climbing him! I'm not big on Halloween but I love dressing up!

Trish that's too bad about the gestational diabetes. Hopefully with cutting out the sugar it'll disappear. The good thing is most people don't have a problem with it after the pregnancy is over. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Becky, don't be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and struggle. Just hang in there. Hurry up and get some energy so you can fill us in on the man situation We need the juicy details!

Kim, hopefully all this stress disappears soon. I'm glad your mom is coming. At she should be a bit of a distraction. Have fun at your gram's

Stacey, glad to hear your doing great with staying OP even though you're baking. BTW what is Kohl's? You guys keep talking about it and I've never heard of it. Do we have in here in Canada?

Jen and Lori, Have lots of fun apple picking! We used to always help our grandma with her crabapple picking and all of the cousins would come and whenever grandma went back up to the house it would turn into a huge crabapple war!! They make great weapons! We had such a goof time! Now we're all grown up and never make it to grandma's at the same time. (Sigh...) If you get the urge this weekend, throw one for me-k?

Shalyne, its really weird about my allergies. I don't know. Must be certain kinds of dander but I don't know. Like I am so allergic to rabbits and guinea pigs but not to chinchillas?? Weird. The only thing I can think is that chinchillas keep their fur very clean by rolling in that special sand. Its so weird. I really hope that when I have kids they don't have all the allergies I so. My DF isn't allergic to a thing! I can't imagine

Hi to everyone else. Hope you all have great OP weekend! Good luck and take care
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