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Originally Posted by kykaree View Post
At certain times of the month, DH gets scared in the supermarket, because apparently I get this look in my eyes that indicates I could tear open a packet of raw meat and eat it!!! I haven't done this though!!!

Talk about different strokes! I actually have to avert my eyes, hold my breath, and kind of run by the meat section in the grocery store, all while trying not to look too crazy. I have a very visceral reaction to seeing red meat, itís something akin to passing a really bad accident on the freeway for me.

I advocate the zero meat diet, or at least as close as you can reasonably get to zero. Of course Iím biased, but I advocate this for a variety of reasons. I donít think meat is good for human health, the environment, local economies where big agribusinesses are located, and of course the obvious ethical reasons. Factory farming is really disgusting, so if you have to eat meat it really is best if you can find a local producer that has reasonable standards of living for the animals they farm. Also you will reduce the risk of your meat being contaminated with dangerous bacteria and parasites and avoid excess hormones, antibiotics and all that other that comes along with factory farming.
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I used to gag at the site of red meat, but now I've been craving it and I've had it several times in the last couple of weeks and I'm feeling better. I have run anemic for several years and I'm wondering the the meat is helping that. Whatever it is, I feel a lot better after eating beef and shrimp.
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