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Be happy.
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Thank you for the links JudgeDread. I read both articles.

Both my parents, both my sisters and my husband are/were cancer survivors and I have an autoimmune disease. Whether or not the pesticides and preservatives in our food contributed to this I will never know for certain, but I feel better avoiding food that has been treated with chemicals designed to make insects' stomachs explode.....

I'm blessed to have a good job. While I'm certainly not rich I can afford to pay a little extra for my produce. Am I still eating some pesticides? Probably, but I'd rather do what I can than just throw up my hands and give up. When I can't get organic produce, I don't panic, I just wash it well.

It is important to be educated and each of us needs to decide for ourselves.
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Organic Food Is Really Very Healthy.
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Originally Posted by IsabellaOlivia View Post
I've decided to add more organic food to my diet and was wondering what experiences you guys have had with organic food.
I recommend yogurt to those on a diet because of its benefits. There are good carbs, protein and fats in a serving of yogurt. Thanks to yogurt dieters often find themselves satisfied and not craving snacks after eating it.
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And what organic food do you prefer? In a fact, I didn't find any differences in the taste.
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All food is organic. Chemical food additives are used to prevent food poisoning and spoilage of foods.
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Do you love and know how to cook? Even if you do not know how, I want to advise you on an excellent guide for cooking chicken legs.

The recipe is quite simple and you will be satisfied.

2 pounds chicken legs
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon paprika

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Broccoli is the best.
I found good advice - How Long to Steam Broccoli
Maybe it will help someone.
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