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I’ve had a couple of brands of whole-wheat pasta that were pretty good. Not organic, though, and I don’t remember what specifically they were.

The only organic food I’ve had intentionally lately was some granola, because the store was out of other kinds and I really wanted granola. It was fine, but I couldn’t have told you the difference if I hadn’t known.
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About 98% of the time, I buy only organic meats and dairy (I sometimes compromise on the diary by buying Fage yogurt but I never compromise on the meat). I usually eat organic fruits and veggies, but if I cannot find a particular organic fruit or vegetable I have a hankering for, I eat the conventional. I figure it's better to eat the conventional than to not eat the fruit or veggie at all. When I go out to eat, I always order either a seafood dish or a vegetarian option. I've been doing this for at least ten years.
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We've been big organic and local shoppers for years. My husband is from Nepal so he also grows veggies in our community plot--but it's a very small plot. We have a farmers' market that we'll pick up a few items from. We buy from a huge, national organics grocery store but our local general grocery has really increased its organic selection over the past five years. We support organic, in-season, preferably local foods because it's more environmentally safe for earth/us, tastes awesome, and has more vitamins/color. You can really see/taste the difference in tomatoes, carrots, and other items. Tomatoes are supposed to be RED not pink.
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I will USUALLY buy organic fruits and vegetables. However, I always soak my veggies in a light soap for 5 minutes, just to be sure. Also the freezer is my best friend. I'm lucky to live around alot of small farms. So in the summer i buy a ridiculous amount of berries and freeze them for the winter. I really try to buy local as much as possible.
As for traditional grocery stores, I'm never in them for long. I never go through the isles with packaged "food." I'm even skeptical of alot of the packaged organic/natural food.
Don't get me wrong, I will eat packaged foods once in a while. But it's really in moderation.
I used to be a fast food addict. Literally. I'd crave junior bacon cheeseburgers and french fries every single day. Since I've completely changed my lifestyle I've never felt so good in my life. I wake up early, I have energy all day. And most importantly I feel so good about myself.
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Originally Posted by IsabellaOlivia View Post
I've decided to add more organic food to my diet and was wondering what experiences you guys have had with organic food.
I buy 90% of my veggies and fruits in organic form. I definitely focus on the dirty dozen because I want to make sure I don't eat those.

I think that if you're going to eat less vegetables because you can't afford organic, then I think you should focus on eating MORE vegetables, even if they aren't organic. I saw my food bill go up, too, when I switched over, but I made myself buy less of other things -- it was mostly junk I shouldn't be eating anyway!

I can find organic foods in my supermarket, but we have also specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods to supplement. I also have farmer markets and I get a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box with organic local food. I get eggs and cheese from them too.

I think you CAN tell the different in flavor in some of the fruits or vegetables (some people argue that you can't), and I feel better knowing that my body isn't eating as many pesticides as it would otherwise. With the CSA box I find that my grocery bill is lower, because you do get a lot in exchange.

What I like about the CSA box is that it forces me to eat vegetables I otherwise wouldn't try. And I think that's awesome, because I'm always trying to eat more of those (I tend to get into ruts).

I also buy organic and/or grass fed beef and chicken. I buy my dairy RGHB free (or European cheeses!).

It does mean I lowered my intake of cheese, but that's not a bad thing at all. I eat more goat cheese (which doesn't have it and the CSA box brings it too).
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Milk, fresh salads for breakfast
Lunch, some meat+ mashed potato+ carrots.
Dinner, a cup of green smoothies and I'm good to go!
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I buy organic off the dirty dozen for sure, but it's so hard to go all organic because we just don't have the money.
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We purchased a CSA share from a local organic farm. I go out to the farm once a week to pick up our produce. The farm also sells eggs, goat's milk and organic mayo. It's fun and my toddler loves to run around with the chickens and goats. Last week we received cauliflower, broccoli, kale, a ton of arugula, cilantro, cabbage and radishes.

In all honesty, it's not more expensive to buy produce this way. If I were to buy the same organic items in the store, it would probably be a similar price. It still ends up being less expensive though, because I don't go to the store as often. If I'm not at the store, unexpected splurges don't end up in my basket. So, it's really worked out for us.
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I'm always astounded when I eat inorganic blueberries, they taste so...tasteless.
There is definitely a huge taste difference, I think. Inorganic kale is so bitter, etc.

It's more important to buy local than organic though. So, if you can't get both, when something is in season, buy it locally!
Local tastes the BEST!
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I don't buy organic food if there is the same quality food without this sticker. "Organic" is just another very clever to get more money from us.

And I try to buy local. I prefer to wait for California grown blueberry than buy the same one from Mexico (or Chile).

Who really interesting in the subject, I can recommend this movie (it is free to amazon prime member):
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I have recently taken some Organic Facts classes through work. I work at Whole Foods. Here are some facts:

Any products whether grown in the US or abroad have to follow the same standards to be labled as organic.

There are three different labeling sayings. Here is what they mean:
1)100% Organic- Must contain only organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt).
2)Organic- Must consist of at least 95% organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt).
3)Made with organic ingredients-Processed products that contain at least 70% organic ingredients.

Personally I buy organic products always for those products my children or I eat daily, or those products on the dirty produce list. Some things I always buy organic are: apples, celery, lettuce, milk, tomatos, cucumbers, strawberries, all berries. Most watery veggies and fruits I buy organic because they soak up more pesticides. A great way to buy organic if price is the issue is to buy organic frozen. It is much more reasonable. The brocolli is great frozen. Fruits frozen can be used in smoothies/ice pops. Yummy!

Another interesting fact is that produce that is organic is labled with a 9 as the first number in the produce code (organic bananas 94237/ conventional 4237). Conventional produce starts with either 3 or 4.

Grocery stores have to completely seperate organice from non organic produce. It is stored seperately and cannot touch in anyway on the shelf. You will see dividers used to seperate products.

The organic food industry is heavily regulated and monitored to make sure products meet very strict standards.
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I buy organic when I can as much as I can. I am on disability leave from work and my income is much less then before. I go to the farmer's market and buy from natural farmers. They only use organic produce but are not yet certified.
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In organic apples you can tell a HUGE difference. They are more crisp, juicy, and firm.
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I don't buy organic from grocery stores because it is waaaaay overpriced. Organic romaine lettuce $7.99 a pound?! I eat about a pound of lettuce a day.

Farmer's markets is the way to go, or grow your own if you can.
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Originally Posted by IsabellaOlivia View Post
I've decided to add more organic food to my diet and was wondering what experiences you guys have had with organic food.
I'm a big believer in organic foods. However, I have a small grocery budget so I have to pick and chose what I can buy organically. My 'musts' are apples and potatoes. I will go without before I buy these conventionally.
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