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Ezekiel bread. It's frozen, so it lasts while I use only a few pieces a day.
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Originally Posted by lettingslenderin View Post
Ezekiel bread. It's frozen, so it lasts while I use only a few pieces a day.
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I used to buy the 50 cal whole wheat bread, now I'm buying those little grain loafs 90 cals a slice, don't have bread slices on a daily basis.
More likely to have half a wholewheat wrap sheet or brown pitta with veg, cheese and pesto for lunch.

I freeze all my bread so I may look into baking my own and seeing if I can make a loaf that is very airy and grainy!
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Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread. The only thing I don't about it is that the loaf are pretty small but thats a good thing for me since I am keep my carb intake low.
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I'm fortunate to have an Aunt Millie's bread outlet nearby and I can get loaves of organic bread for $1.39 there. There's several kinds to chose from and my favorite is the organic flax seed (it's Meijer brand but Aunt Millie's makes it). If they're out of this I get Aunt Millie's brand honey whole grain white bread, for .79 a loaf
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Dave's Killer Bread is healthy and tasty : )
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I eat all kinds of bread, from time to time I bake my own. I don't worry that much about whole foods or eating clean, but I still think that the 100% white bread has a little plain taste, so I almost never buy it - even when I'm not on a diet. I rarely use white flour as well.
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Sara Lee soft&smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread
I like this bread because it's soft&smooth and doesn't have those annoying sesame seeds stuck all over it like most whole wheat breads. It's not the best bread, but I like the taste so it's a compromise.

I've tried Ezekiel bread and it tastes OK and probably is one of the best kinds. But I haven't convinced myself to switch to it yet.
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Originally Posted by bluebutterfly View Post
I'm searching for a 100% whole grain bread without sugar or high fructose corn sweeteners. In the grocery store, I read labels till I go crazy trying to find a healthy bread. Usually I eat it toasted, with raw almond butter - so the heartier the bread the better.

My attempts at baking have been less than successful, to say the least

So, I'd appreciate any suggestions for what brands of bread you eat?

Have you tried using a bread machine?
That way you could make it as hearty as you want, and the bread usually comes out perfect.
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I'm a real fan of the breads from the company below. I love their organic rye breads.


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I adore my bread machine! I make sourdough almost every time, and it produces a far moister, tastier and more filling loaf. Generally I use brown flour, but once I've got hold of more barley flour I'll go back to making bread that's about 10% barley (after the starter is in) and then half brown to half wholewheat. The barley flour is the trick for stopping it from being dry, which home-baked wholewheat can tend to be. Saffron bread with walnuts is fabulous. Rye bread, a fairly light blend, is lovely too, that's my current loaf. One slice does me for breakfast, though I must try to figure out the calories. Weigh it?

Anyway, ingredients for a small loaf:

150ml sourdough starter
90-110ml water, depending on the type of flour
1 tablespoon margarine
255g flour
3/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp agave (used to be 1/2, but it rises better this way)
Nuts, seeds, spices etc. to taste

Feed the sourdough with 1/2c flour and 1/2 water, leave it out while the machine is on, then put it back in the fridge and fish it out half an hour before you make your next loaf.
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I usually bake my own bread...in an oven, like a pilgrim. It's so much better and I know what is in there...no bromine!

When I get bread at the store I get the Arnold Sandwich thins - the honey ones. They're very yummy.

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I got barley flour, which I'd been out of for ages, as it's a good way of making wholewheat bread moister, less craggy. I put in quite a bit, but the bread has turned out with a rather odd flavour, a bit sour. I know it's sourdough but this wasn't an overnight one. Could it be because all I could find was pearl barley flour? Anyway, I think I may try putting in oats for a while, I've not done that in ages.
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I don't eat much bread anymore since I have to eat gluten free due to Celiac's disease but when I do I buy Udi's Gluten free bread (it's expensive with just 14 slices per loaf at about five dollars). The loaves are small and have to remain frozen until use. I have tried baking my own gluten free bread with not so great results.
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Homemade sourdough for me.
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