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Red face Totally new to Whole Foods...Help me!

I've been very addicted to sugar, flour-y stuff and coffee for a long long time.

I gained quite a bit of weight over the last 6 years (that I blamed on menopause..but the truth is I was eating whatever I wanted all the time).

Recently I did my 2nd "master cleanse". I know that master cleanse is very controversial.. but it has been a great kick start for me to seriously re-evaluate my diet. Once I stop the cleanse I REALLY want to learn to eat properly. I know (for myself) that I need to avoid flour, sugar and caffeine..those have been my "weaknesses" that probably made me feel hungry. I think I am leaning toward the whole food way of life.

What books should I read? I don't want to bog myself down..what TWO/THREE books are the best?
What major tips do you have for a neophite like me?

Thank you...I think I belong here. I appreciate your advice.

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Superfoods RX is a great book to read. It tells you what foods you should be eating and why.

Major tips -
Read labels and know what is in the food you buy
Shop the parameter of the shopping market rather than the aisles
Avoid processed foods
Eat plenty of veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes, lean meats and low fat dairy
Learn how to cook for yourself if you don't already

Those are the big ones that I can think of right now.
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Welcome Celeste. Glad to have you aboard.

As far as books, I've never bought one single book on Whole Foods. Everything I learned about eating the whole food way I found online. I read articles, researched recipes..etc. Maybe someone will come along after me with some book ideas, but I really was too cheap to spend money on books.

It really isn't that complicated of a way of eating if you keep in mind the following types of foods: lean meats, whole grains, scads of veggies, fruit, good fats, low fat dairy. And of course exercise and lots of water!

For me, I primarily eat chicken breasts and all sorts of fish, beans, wonderful whole grains like bulgur wheat, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat couscous, any bread I eat is whole wheat, olive oil and canola oil are my two primary fat sources, I eat 5+ servings of fresh veggies a day and desserts in my house are either fresh fruit or microwave popcorn, in a popper not in the bags. Whole foods doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want, however. You still need to practice portion control. Some weigh their foods, some count calories, some combine the whole foods approach with Weight watches or some other plan.

A couple of the plans that have a whole food emphasis are the Medieterranean diet and the Sonoma Diet. If you Google these, you should come up with a lot of information.
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It may sound crazy, but the new food pyramid isn't bad at all. Just making sure you eat five servings of fruits and vegtables a day (one at every meal and two snacks) can be a really good start and might get you in the mood. Also, cooking rolled oats (vs. instant oatmeal) for breakfast is great if you put in a measured amount of peanut butter or walnuts for protein. And sustituting whole grain bread is an easy switch.
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I have also never bought a book on the topic. I am probably one of the rare women in the world who has NEVER purchased a "diet" book.

A few tips:

-Eat out very little. I eat most meals at home. This way I know EXACTLY what's going in there.
-Cook majority of your foods from scratch.
-Keep a well stocked home of plenty of fruit and tons and tons of veggies. Vegetables make GREAT snacks. I think many people overlook them as a snack food.
-Avoid canned foods as much as possible. The only things I really use that ARE canned are hearts of palm, tomato sauce and diced tomatos and beans. Read the labels when you DO use canned products.
-Avoid those frozen dinners.
-There ARE some healthy foods that are not necessarily WHOLE foods, that for me is perfectly acceptable in moderation. Like some veggie burger products. You have to decide for yourself. It is VITAL to check those labels.
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Thanks everyone! I am gearing up to stop eating refined food and eating at home. I'm grateful for your advice.
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Eating for two!
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
I have also never bought a book on the topic. I am probably one of the rare women in the world who has NEVER purchased a "diet" book.
You an me both, chica! I got a diet book for Christmas this year (The Step Diet), but it wasn't something I'd asked for, nor did I ever actually read it I did read some things in the South Beach Diet book that my sister had bought. I think I once flipped through the pages of "Dieting for Dummies" or something at Barnes and Noble while waiting for Jeff to pick out a book. So yeah, definitely no whole foods books.

I guess I don't feel the need for a book--it's primarily common sense. Things that grow from the ground = good. Things that have a list of 50 ingredients = bad. Things that contain hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup = bad. Things that contain the word "whole" in the type of flour used = good. Things that contain the word "enriched" in the type of flour used = bad. And so on...

If you do have specific questions, though, we are all here to help. The biggest thing is that there's no one way to have a whole foods diet. I'm pretty sure NO ONE here is on a 100% whole foods diet--that would be practically impossible and highly impractical. Most of us do eat some store bought processed foods--we just try to make choices for things that have good, whole, healthy ingredients
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I checked out "Superfoods RX" and "What the Bible Says About Healthy Living" from the Library. Both books were very informative and really helped me gain an understanding of exactly what whole foods are and what they are not. I encourage you to check the books out. Then, if you feel you would want them around you at any given moment you can purchase based on how you felt about the book. My local library had numerous books on whole foods, and I checked out a few others. The above 2 were my faves out of them all, but there are many available to you if you have a local library with a good selection. It's your tax dollars making them available to you; by all means, take advantage of it!
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the World's Healthiest Foods is a great website to poke around on:

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