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Default Finn's journey to goal

Hey Everyone.

I finally hit my goal goal weight! Ok so, I know from reading others goal stories there are always questions...so I'll try to answer before they are asked :-)

Whats the stats? - I'm 25 single vegetarian female, 5' 7''. I weighed 244lbs on March 6th 2006 and hit my goal weight of 159lbs (85lbs loss) on July 6th 2007. I currently wear a European size 10-12 (US size 8-10) down from a European size 22 (US size 20).

What diet? - I honestly never saw myself as on a diet, it was always a lifestyle change. I'm vegetarian so I decided to be a proper vegetarian (as apposed to eating cheese sandwiches all the time) and actually eat vegetables I started out by following an old weightwatchers book that I had at home, I then progressed to just journalling what I was eating but not counting points, then once I had the portion sizes and a clue about the nutrition values I moved to calories counting through fitday then then moved onto using my own judgement with some days guided by fitday. I eventually moved onto just using my own judgement as I knew that I would not be happy to count points/calories for the rest of my life. I try to eat mainly whole foods.

What exercise? - I've tried loads of stuff! I think thats the key...find something that you like and if you get bored then find something else. I started by doing yoga a few times a week, then swimming, then some swimming lessons, then some gym work, then walking, then running, then tag-rugby. I still keep up the gym, running (I starting on the couch to 5k programme) and tag-rugby and have plans for taking up netball, touch-rugby and maybe surfing in the near future.

How? - Well for me I knew that it had to be a lifetime change so I only ate things I liked and did exercise that I wanted to. In my personal opinion the key was recognising what type of person I was...I'm very goal orientated...i.e. give me something to aim for and I will get it done no matter what. So I set myself a goal - to me, my weightloss was 10% food, 10% exercise and 80% the focus and commitment to keep going. A saying that is basically 'you don't fail if you fail down, failing is staying down' really stuck with me.

Was it fab reaching goal? - Erm yes and no. It was just like anyother day...I got up, weighed myself, hit goal and went to work. I knew by reading your fabulous goal stories that fireworks don't go off when you hit goal. No life changes happen at that very moment...the world does not stop turning. So in that way I was prepared....I have set myself up with an extended set of friends through some team sports I play and made some plans and trips that have definitely helped me work on my shy retiring side. I have a busy life with lots to keep me occupied so my life has already changed more than I could ever have imagined.

What has changed? - Absolutely everything! Where to even start! I've always been fat so this is all totally new to me....I discovered I like sport and love to run - I ran a half marathon race in March, people treat me differently, my confidence has shot through the roof, I'm happier and more outgoing, work has changed..I got a promotion and pay rise, I've more respect for myself and my body, shopping is great and male attention is fantastic, compliments, smiles from strangers, inspiring my family and colleagues to also lose weight....everything changes and its a bit head-spinning to try to adjust.

Any downsides? - My sisters and mum are very jealous of my weightloss. I understand its difficult for some people to accept but hey a compliment costs you nothing. Also, I've learned that I'm a sucker for male flattery - my fat suit used to deflect most of the idiots but its now harder because I get approached with such compliments. But was it worth it? Definitely!

What was your goal reward? - I figured that I may aswell go for something BIG that would help develop my adventurous side and take me out of my shell a bit. My goal reward is to take 6 weeks of work and go travelling. I'm taking the Trans-Siberian railway.....basically I fly from Dublin to Beijing (China) and take a train from China back to Ireland....through China, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, England and finally back home to Ireland. I'll be doing everything from hiking on the Great Wall of China to camping in the Gobi Desert in Outer Mongolia....did I mention that I'm going solo....oh and I leave on Wednesday


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Wow! Congratulations. You look wonderful.

Have a wonderful time on your well deserved trip. I'm sure you will experience many different things that you'll have with you for a lifetime. Enjoy!
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Congratulations!! You look great!!
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COngratulations! You look great and the new avatar is beautiful. You have done such a great job. I hope you have a great vacation. You deserve this nice reward!
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Wow!!!! That sounds like an amazing trip. I've always wanted to take a train trip or car trip across the US, and I haven't managed even that. I didn't even know there was a Trans-Siberian railway. Maybe someday...

Congratulations on reaching goal, and thanks for all the info about the process in your post!
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Have a great trip. you deserve it. You look wonderful!
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You look wonderful, and your story is very inspiring and full of great tips for the rest of us. You went about your weight loss in such a sane, normal way, if that makes sense! Healthy food, the right portions, exercise...it's what we all know we need to do but sometimes it's hard. You did it, though, and now you can celebrate!

I'm totally jealous of your trip. I've always had this notion that I want to travel alone. I'm always reading books written by women who've done it and living vicariously through them. The money just isn't there for me to do it anytime soon, but I will one day! When you get back, you have to tell us all about it so I can live vicariously through you!!
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Wow, what a great trip. Congrats on the weight loss, too.
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Wow! Great post! Great accomplishment! Great trip!! Be sure to regularly visit the maintainer's forum when you get back....
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Hello Finn.. Just amazing success story and let me say Congratulations of your hard working efforts you made. I am truly inspired!! Thank you for sharing on here ,,You look fantastic!! Enjoy your new lifestyle change and trip!
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Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your success! Your reward trip sounds wonderful! And hearing about your new lifestyle and zest for life is an inspiration.
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Thanks for telling your story. Have a fabulous trip--I adore traveling alone and think you'll like it too!
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You look fabulous! Have a great time on your trip!
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Wow, what an amazing story! I am so inspired right now! Traveling is my passion as well, and I hadn't even considered a trip as an incentive to make goal weight. I think I will have to do that!
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You look great, Finn!!!!
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