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Default Bread Recipes?

well i wish to start baking my own bread at home, organic flour that sort of thing, i hear its cheap tastey and generally good for you, i only get through 1 small loaf a week, any recipes please? i'm looking for just regular wholemeal/organic brown loaf (1lb tin)
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Try epicurious.com for all sorts of recipes.

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You can also try CookingLight.com. They have great recipes and they provide nutritional info for all them. Epicurious.com is pretty hit-or-miss in terms of nutritional data. CookingLight.com also tends to be a little healthier than Epicurious--even with bread, just because you make it yourself doesn't mean it's healthier.

I used to make bread quite frequently, so I have a couple of tips:
  • Always have a spare packet of yeast on hand. If you have a spare, you probably won't need it, but when you are down to your last packet of yeast, you always end up needing the spare.
  • No matter what the recipe says, don't throw the yeast in the with the flour and everything else. All bread recipes call for some type of warm liquid (usually water or milk), sugar, and yeast. Before you do anything else, put these three ingredients in a bowl together, stir them up to dissolve the yeast, and then let it sit for a few minutes while you mix together the other ingredients. Do this even this the recipe doesn't tell you to do things in this order. The liquid with the yeast in it should develop a foam on top. That way you know the yeast is live and working. If the foam doesn't develop, throw it out and start again.
  • If you have a gas oven with a pilot light, put the dough in the oven to rise. Don't turn the oven on, just put the dough in the cold oven. The pilot light provides just enough warmth to make the oven the exactly right temperature for the yeast, so that the dough rises perfectly. If you don't have a gas oven, then a sunny window works best.
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Thanks for those great tips, Barbara! I too am trying to venture out to do this and appreciate the tips.
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Another place to check for recipes is King Arthur Flour (you can also buy whole grain flours--including orgainig--and other healthy additives there).
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allrecipes.com oxygenmag.com I buy Ezekial bread myself and freeze.
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