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Smile New to WW with 115 to lose!

Wow...a 115. *cringes* lol

I'm new to WW, just attended my first meeting tonight. For the most part, Ill be doing the online WW thing, and hopefully finding friends and support in forums like these!

Little bit about me...Im 24, unemployed at the moment but looking to hear if she got hired for an exciting job by the end of the week. ;-) I am a web/graphic designer. I love art, cooking, photography, spending time with my loud Italian wedding and reading. I'm so totally addicted to reading. Im married (2 years this Feb..) to a Pakistani man.....which at times makes for one heck of interesting life.

I've struggled with my weight almost all my life. The closest I think I ever was to skinny/healthy was in high school and even then I was still considered "chunky". My mom and sister also struggle with their weight and Im hoping to convinve them to join me in WW. My husband....he really doesnt support me losing weight. Hes the type that can eat anything and not gain a pound, and hes never really showerd interest in helping me lose weight, thinking I need to lose weight or encouraging me to lose it when I start dieting.

Sooooo...I guess thats why I am Here! Looking for support and some new fun people to chat with!!!
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Smile Welcome To The Boards

Hello Sumaira,

Welcome to the boards. This is a great place for support. I am new to the boards myself I've just been on about a week. I have to lose 178.8 pounds. I'm 16 and I babysit my little cousin while I do homeschool work at the same time. I've been going to weight watchers for 3 going on 4 years but I've only been on program about 2 months. I stay on the flex points plan. I am trying not to eat my flex points this week. Me and one of my friends are on Weight Watchers and She is trying to lose a little bit more than me. We have made a pact that we are not eating the flex points this week unless we really mess up. I really need a big weight loss I haven't had one in about a month. Good luck with all of the weight watchers and life style changes! My mom and dad goes to weight watchers with me. My Mom has lost 122 pounds and my dad has lost 75 pounds I've lost 15 so I'm the smallest loser of them all but at least I haven't gained 15. As I said before Welcome to the board I know you will love it here.

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Hi Jennifer!

Thanks for the welcome! Good luck to you too! Sounds like you and your friend have a great system working. My sister and I are sort of diet buddies on this, but more just support when food shopping and an occasion exercise buddy. I didnt want to depend on anyone because if they fail or quite the diet, its more of an excuse for me to say, oh well they arent doing it anymore so Ill just start back up later. lol

My nephew is actually the inspiration for me starting this.....he lost ALOT of weight on his own in the past year...he was never really overweight just chubby. Now hes lean and so handsome! lol Hes 18 and just started college. Hes more like a little brother to me, so in lots of ways, hes my inspiration during this. :-)

Hugs to you!
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Smile Welcome!

Hello Sumaira! Welcome to the boards. I too have alot of weight to lose and am just beginning the journey. I am doing WW on my own and have success so far thanks to the great support on this board. If you are interested a group of us have joined together for support and information called New Creations. Please feel free to join us if you like. Jenn is also a memeber of this wonderful group. We would love to have you. The reason I love the group so much is because I feel I can relate to everyone. It is not an easy thing to admit when you have to lose 100+ lbs and finding other people who have the same goals and experiences is really great! Good luck on your weightloss journey!
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I am new to the board as well. I have lost the first 15 lbs of a larger 100 lb goal for 2005. I know that the weight will not fall off as fast for the rest of the journey - at least that's my mindset.
Good luck to you. I feel that great support is given to everyone here!

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