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Default Hi Everyone - Whats Your Best Tip ????

I just wanted to say Hi -

I have been reading this site like crazy for the past week - sooooooo helpful! I am about to go to my third WW weigh in. I need(ed) to lose about 80 pounds. I tried WW in the past and loved it, but never got very far. I realize now that was because of extreme cravings because I was always trying to beat the system and ended up loading up on empty foods.

A few years ago I realized that I am very sensitive to refined carbs. I had some success (20+) pounds on the South Beach Diet. Then I had a baby (almost two years ago) and just never got back on track.

When a friend told me about the new PP+ I decided to give it a try because I can so easily incorporate the way that I know that I need to eat to lose and get healthy (basically 98% whole foods).

So I joined WW - just so inspiring. My leader lost 88 pounds on the Core program and looks fabulous. I love the meetings and the weigh-ins, they keep me going (that is what I really missed about doing SBD on my own).

I have been eating mostly whole foods with an occasional bite of dessert when we go out or whatever. Its wonderful - I feel so normal being able to do that.

My weight loss so far was 10.8 pounds the first week, then .6 the second week. For the first time in my life I didn't allow that .6 to get me down. I think I am finally internalizing that this is truly a long term life changing process.

I am so impressed by all of the stories here - Wow! I have never before found such a fantastic group of "losers", lol.

Weighing in in about an hour - I feel that I may have lost, but who knows. My goal is 2 pounds per week. We'll see....

Anyway - I would love to hear everyone's best tips and tricks - what is the one thing that you really feel helps you to lose?

Thanks for any advice
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The tip I was going to mention is something that you actually mention.

Use Patience with a capital P. Patience with yourself, your cravings, your weight loss. There will be weeks where you even have a slight gain, and you can't throw in the towel and go back to habits that don't nourish you. I like to look at the total loss instead of weekly results to see that my plan is working.
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Tracking. Even if it's a bad thing that I'd rather not recall I track it and move on.

Also, what river mentioned. Patience. Your hard work will not always show on the scale at the time of your meeting. Sometimes your body needs to readjust and you may maintain or even gain while that is happening. Don't give up.

And please don't be upset over the 0.6. What you lost in the first week many of us won't lose in a month!
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Look at your average weight loss overall, not just the week to week. I've had weeks where I lost 2.5, ones where I've lost .2 and ones where I've gained 2. But my average loss is 1.5 per week and my total is almost 10 pounds.

Plan your meals in advance for the day as much as you can. Yes, there will be days when you will be thrown off track by something unexpected, but all the other days and meals of planning will help.
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Drink you water! I feel that drinking my water keeps me feeling great and helps with my weight loss!

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Be true to your tracker, you only cheat yourself!
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Definately track!! Don't be afraid to use your weekly and activity points, they actually help you in the longrun if you workout a lot =D
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Thanks everyone, for the great advice. I'm pretty good with tracking, working on the patience thing, not so good with drinking water, tho.

I did lose 2.2 pounds this week so I am pretty happy

I'm going to keep writing everything down, start drinking a lot more water and also I need to start exercising. I've never really been one to work out - but I would LOVE to be fit someday. I'm planning to start with some easy pilates (DVD) and hopefully walking, too. Although right now there so much snow on the ground that walking is tough.

Anyway - thanks for all of the great tips
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Keep a fruit bowl on your counter. Easy to just grab when you are hungry. Also, if you must do frozen meals, add a veggie to them to bulk them up without using points to do it.
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I have really tried to use the power foods in my diet. For example I have Malt o Meal/Cream of Wheat with 2 TBS of light brown sugar for breakfast (6 pts); the cream of wheat is a power food. I found it really helps keep me fuller longer.

I also am trying to eat more fruits. I have oranges & bananas on the counter. I have carrots and hummus in the fridge for a snack too.

Good Luck!
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I like every-one's suggestions, especially patience. I have to practice that too.
Tracking is essential.
There is an old saying and I have to remind myself of it this morning. If the horse throws you, get right back on. I have to remember that.
I lost control in the last few days. Not sure what exactly made it happen, but I can guess. It's been below zero where I live and the cold bone chilling temperatures have just made me miserable. I wasn't feeling at the top of my game and just blew it. Started an "I don't care anymore" attitude and it was like a tumbleweed affect for me. I lost it and I am kind of angry at myself.
This is where the patience comes into play. I have to forgive myself and move on. I have to think that I am a winner and that I can do this.
It is mind over matter. It is determination. Who is forcing me to do this? It's ME and I have to be accountable to myself.
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My advice is to stay committed you may see dip ups or stalling with your weight & motivation can be fleeting!

My WW advice is make sure you get in your GHG.
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Lots of good tips here... patience and commitment ring true for me. Tracking is very important, keeps me honest.

Another one is persistence in the face of adversity - don't stop going to meetings (speaking from experience here!). Even if you think you've gained, go to your weigh in. Don't stop attending.

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At night time I have my snack about 2-3 hrs before bedtime and then if I find I'm still craving something later, I have a piece of sugar-free gum and then make a green tea. This seems to help me stay away from the pantry.
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