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Question Leg Exercise

What's a good exercise for the legs?? I want to build strength and muscle. FYI: I don't belong to a gym, however, I do have weights at home. Oh, yes, also I haven't purchased my weight bench yet, hopefully I will be resolving the bench issue this coming Friday.
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one leg press at a time
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You might want to check out this link that has some ideas that can be done with or without weights. As youprogress, you will want to increase your poundage, just make sure you can keep the move with good form when going up.
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That therad says it all. I do belong to a gym but I have been doing loads of squats and lunges without weights. They have really really helped my legs. I measure every eight weeks, and since I started doing them three times a week, my legs have gotten smaller, thighs and calves. I do loads of cardio too, so it could just be coincidence, as you can't spot reduce as such. My stability and coordination are improving markedly. This was the girl who used to fall doing lunges! (Luckily I have a fat butt and it didn't hurt and an underdeveloped sense of humour and i just laughed and laughed)
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