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Question Weights--when To Increase

I just purchased some weights last week, my question is when is it good to increase the weight. For example, if I am able to left 10lbs 2 sets should I increase the weight or should I be able to more sets before moving to the next highest weight???
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I would probably increase the weight, unless you are interested in working up to more volume, in which case I would add another set and keep the weight constant. Do you want to stay with two sets or would rather do 3 or more?

I am currently training 5x5 for my incline presses, and I am adding weight if I can exceed 5 reps on my fifth set.
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You're going to get as many different answers as there are answerers There are several schools of thought on progression.

I feel that if it's too easy, try heavier.

I'm sure the Ladies Who Lift will have some good educated answers for you.
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General rule of thumb is that you should start with 2 sets as a beginner doing 10 to 12 reps/set... after about 4-6 weeks increase to a 3rd set with an increase in weight if you can easily do more than 12 reps/set...

Hope this helps...
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I feel that if it's too easy, try heavier.
That's what I was gonna say. I've always increased whenever it stopped feeling like a workout.
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Add another set or increase your reps...when it gets to easy increase your weight
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