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Hello internet people - I wanted to check in because this morning I completed the 20th workout! I'm really enjoying it right now and I'm very happy my husband was there to push me through the slump I had about a month ago.

I thought we would be moving to 'phase 2' by now, but I feel like we could spend the rest of the year in Phase 1. We haven't gone 3 workouts without moving up in something, which is the reason to push you to Phase 2.

So a summary of where I am at now:

Pulling - I got soooooo tired of doing the vertical pulling movements. I was supposed to be doing the one handed ones hanging from a belt on a doorknob. I tried moving to the kitchen and holding onto the edge of the sink one handed for awhile, but the equilibrium was off and I didn't feel like I was putting in effort through the whole move. I finally just said 'screw it!' and started doing the pullups under the table like my husband does. He had skipped up to these awhile back because the vertical pulls was hurting him in weird places. I think this workout may have been the 3rd time I did this move, and I am able to get in all 10 pullups in 2 passes (was taking 3 or more passes at first). And I did 8 in a row today for the first pass on the first one, 7 for the next, 6 for the last (so I did 2/3/4 after resting for a bit on those sets).

Squatting: I am loving the Bulgarian Split Squats. I rest my back leg on the couch and switch legs every 5 reps. It's a nice strong move and I can tell it's taxing my strength and balance. I will be doing them awhile before I even add the 1 second pause, but like I said, I'm loving them.

Pushing: I am about to try the pushup from the knee height next go round. I will be psyched when I am on the floor doing pushups. I should try some. I feel like I'm really building up a good base. As for the military press part of the workout, doing good there too. Almost ready to start the half-dive bomber.

Bending - this one is also kicking my butt (in a good way!), just added the 1 second pause to the 1 legged version of this move off of a chair. I make sure I really tense my back/butt/abs on the hold and was pretty sore after, which hadn't happened in awhile.

So overall I'm very happy we have kept up with this workout. We miss one work out a week every so often, but always come back, which is the important part.

Oh - my weight is still quite stable, but I have been getting compliments recently and told to 'keep doing whatever I'm doing'. Clothes are getting slightly looser.
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