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Angry Going to start BFL on Monday!!! Lots of questions!!!


I've learned so much already by reading many of these posts. This is a great forum!! I do have lots of questions though so here goes.

I'm a 28 yo ER nurse and mother of a 3 yo. I am 5'4" and I weigh 172 (about a tight size 12 jeans)so my goal is to lower body fat and get lean. I'm totally new to BFL and plan on starting the eating plan and workouts on Monday, Jan 27th. I did get the book and I have read it all. I know it will take a couple of weeks to work out the kinks and get used to the new clean lifestyle and I'm very up for it. I plan to rely on this forum for answers to my multitude of questions and for support. My husband is going to try to do this with me.

Should I stick to the fist/palm portion sizes at first and not concern myself with protein grams? I'm worried that I'm going to have a hard time since I don't like cottage cheese at all. I'm also not sure I can stomach the protein type drinks although it would be very convenient with my 12 hour midnights schedule. I've tried Slimfast type drinks in the past and didn't like them at all. It just reminds me of a tube feeding(the nurse in me, I guess).

I have several questions about the work outs. How much weight should I start out with? and how will I know what weight to go up to in order to reach a 9/10 effort? Is it just trial and error? and What type of cardio is the best for the interval type intensities? I have a treadmill and a heavy bag at home. I also have access to a YMCA. Although to do the cardio upon waking in order to burn more fat it would be easier to do that at home. I may have trouble fittng in the workouts on the days following my 12 hour midnight shifts. Should I wait until I wake up in the afternoon or should I get it out of the way as soon as I get home from work? I usually work 4 nights in a row and then I'm off for 10 nights. Hopefully after starting the BFL plan I'll have more energy and it won't be a problem.

If I can stomach the protein drinks, which are the best ones and what is the best way to fix them? Do I need the l-glutamine and what exactly is it? What is this Udo's Choice that I've seen mentioned several times?

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up on items for the BFL way of eating. Any suggestions as to what to buy are most welcome. Are green type veggies unlimited or do I need to keep them in check too?

I'll quit for now. Thanks so much for allowing such a long post and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all. It's such an inspiration to read these posts. Great job!!
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Default Hi there and welcome!

I can't resist being Roseann Roseannadanna (remember the old Saturday Night Live?) for a moment: "Boy, you sure ask a lotta questions!"

Okay - first off - palm/fist vs. grams. Personally I'd say for the most part, stick to palm/fist at first. As long as you are eating 'clean' (i.e. from the list on page 83 in the book - NOT the 'official' website where some brilliant person [NOT] included crap like popcorn, rice cakes (VERY high in GI) and cereal...okay for free day but NOT the kind of fuel that builds muscle and burns fat) you'll be fine. Some foods, such as eggwhites or cottage cheese, you will want to use grams because of their 'fluffiness'. An eggwhite has about 3.5 grams of protein; 1/2 cup of cottage cheese has 13g of protein. Most women should have about 25 g protein per meal - guys a bit more (I personally go by the 1-gram-per-pound-of-bodyweight method). And before you totally dismiss that bad boy, cottage cheese, DO try it blended smooth with some Splenda and vanilla extract (or a spoonful or so of instant sugar free pudding mix) added. It's a totally different taste experience! (Oh and another version I tried last night - cottage cheese blended smooth with some chives, Molly McButter or Butter Buds, and a small spoonful of fat-free sour cream - serve with a baked potato and some veggies YUM! Voila - quick and easy BFL meal!

Nope, ya don't have to do the shakes if you don't wanna. Stay away from them bars though - most are LOADED with sugar and low-quality protein and are pricey to boot! If you want to try a shake I would recommend the Myoplex Lite Cappuchino Ice. I swear it tastes like a Frappuchino!

Two more tips about food - I posted a great article on our Articles Worth Reading thread called "Foods that make you look great nekkid" that'll give you the low-down on what are the best and worst foods. Also, at Lean & Strong check out Tall Jen's Daily Menu Thread (which runs on the weekdays) you can post your menu there and/or read what others are eating and Jen's critiques. For most folks it seems getting the eating down is the toughest part, and TJ helps smooth the path considerably.

Now...how much weight - well it depends on you. Your first few workouts will likely be the 'trial and error' that you're referring to. Basically on those last two sets, if you can do all the reps easily then it's time to move up in weights. Expect to move up VERY quickly though - man, when I first started this almost two years ago, my triceps were SO WEAK I could only use 5 pound weights doing lying dumbbell kickbacks. Now I can do 12 skullcrushers using 60 pound barbells...or cable pushdowns with 90 pounds. As far as cardio - do whatever you enjoy that you can hit a '10' on. Now I'm a morning person - but the important thing is to DO THE WORKOUTS whenever time is the best for you. Once you make it part of your daily routine, it becomes a pleasurable habit!

Veggies - you can eat as much as you want of pretty much any veggie at your meals. The plan says a minimum of two meals a day must have veggies, but you can eat 'em at all six meals. Just remember - no snacking between meals though (you know the gals at work who munch on baby carrots all day at their desk?) Since you'll be eating every 2-3 hours anyway, you shouldn't have to snack. Just chug a lotta H20 and you'll be fine.

Did you read the Basic BFL Information sticky at the top of this forum? It has a lot of info...

Udo's choice Perfected Oil Blend is great - I alternate it with flaxseed oil - those healthy fats will really help you!

You didn't ask but here's some recommended kitchen utensils for this program...

1) a good BLENDER and/or HAND BLENDER (I recommend the Braun - it's great for traveling as well).
2) a nonstick skillet (two would be even better!)
3) George Foreman Grill or something similar

Okay here's how I prepare protein shakes. The key is make sure your water is COLD and I like using the 'cocktail ice' as opposed to the crecent-shaped ice cubes that your fridge pumps out. Of course that's just me.

Put the recommended amount of water in your blender jar.
Add the shake powder
Add a spoonful of Udo's or flaxoil
Add a spoonful of pudding mix for extra thickness
Add some ice (a small handful should do)
Blend, blend blend!! and serve

Well that's MY recipe anyway.

When you go shopping, here's what you might want to buy:
Eggs (well you could use Egg Beaters but that stuff is pricey!)
chicken breasts (Safeway frequently has the boneless/skinless on sale - I stock up at that time)
Seafood (right now it's muy cheapo here, but then again I live right near the Pacific Ocean)
Tuna fish (love those pouches for convenience)
LEAN beef
Sweet potatoes or yams
regular potatoes
brown rice (I like the Minute Instant Brown Rice or Success)
cottage cheese (try it blended!!)
fruits and veggies
Oatmeal - not those 'girly oatmeal packets' - just go for the old-fashioned oatmeal

Anyway that's just off the top of my head - I'm sure others will add their two cents!
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Hi Holyfield

You'll love it here, promise!

Now, about cottage cheese (CC), really what Karen said is soooo true. Try it blended. It's like pudding. I blend 2 5 pound tubs a week and my husband AND kids eat it too. No lie! Try it mixed w/ Splenda, vanilla and Butter Buds, then add a granny smith apple. It's so good. (I'm gettin HONGRY!) Bluberries work too.

Hope to see you 'round! Good luck.

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Mrs Jim and Niffer,

Thanks so much for the advice. I will try the cottage cheese and I'll probably try the shakes too. You've given me some great ideas and I'll keep you posted this week. I finish up my last 12hour shift tonight(Sunday from 7pm to 7am on Monday) so I'll probably start the eating plan this evening and then try to get my arms workout in when I wake up tomorrow.

Mrs Jim,
Would one of the Smoothie blenders be good for the shakes? or should I just get a regular one? Can I spice up my chicken and fish as long as it's not with sugary rubs and marinades?

Thanks again! You've been a huge help already!!
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You can use any spices you like as I understand it, but you're right about no sugar If you want to add sweetness add 1 TBSP fresh orange juice, or a bit of splenda. It wont caramelize like sugar but it does make an OK teriaki sauce

You should also keep an eye on salts. Its easy to replace things like fat and sugar with more salt for flavor, but try to avoid it. Im not sure if its mentioned on plan, but either way its good practice

Things like Mrs. Dash herb spices and low-sodium stock and seasoning are indispensable! My faveorite mix is garlic, onion and chili powders. Makes anything taste interesting heh.

Another good meal is blending 1 portion of cottage cheese to a silky texture (smoooooooooth) and mixing it with your favorite fat free/sugar free (if possible!) yogurt. Tastes great! You can also add some sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding to the dreaded cottage cheese for a chocolate treat Try sugar free lime jello for a "key lime" cheesecake taste the variations are endless!

I will admit however, that I have always LOVED cottage cheese, and thats partly what makes this plan so easy for me heh I really lucked out on this one

You can also try blending a portion smooth and mixing it with a generous serving of tomato sauce (buy canned tomatoes without salt, add some spices and heat for instant tasty sauce) and serving over whole wheat pasta! For me it tastes like real tomato cream sauce (and who doesnt love THAT!).

Ive found that I actually PREFER the brown rice over white. Just be sure to cook it with chicken stock or something, as the taste is not the same as white rice and can be hard to get used to.

Hope this helps a bit! Good luck on your first day on BFL!
Your job sounds exciting, and if you're really busy I bet those shakes will be indispensable! But the cottage cheese/yogurt mix is a great quick meal too!

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i found that if i mix fruit and wheat germ and a little cinnamon that the shakes arent so bad. i like strawberry whey protein shake with strawberries and half and banna. the shakes are easier with my job. i runa restaurant. you eat when all your customers are fed. i can just mix up a shake and drink it everytime i go by it when we are busy.
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