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Default Lifting weights when really fat.

I started eating good about 45 days ago now I want to add weight lifting. I am 349lbs when I loose the fat will it meet the muscle or is there such a thing as making fat hard.

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just do it!
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No, you will not make the fat hard. You will be developing muscle which will help you in a few ways. Muscle will help you look more toned once you get that fat off and muscle will generally make it easier to lose weight along the way.

Great job getting into the strength training! You will NOT regret doing this!
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Fat and muscle are two totally different tissues. Your bones don't turn into fat, your muscles don't either

Lifting will NOT make you bulk up. It just won't. (Unless you're on a highly strenuous routine with a trainer.) It WILL give your muscle tone, boost your metabolism (not a ton, but a bit!), and keep your hearts, joints, bones, and muscles strong. It WILL protect your muscle from being lost as you lose weight (because weight loss does not just mean you lose fat- it can mean you lose muscle unless you incorporate strength training and good protein sources/amounts into your diet).

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice.
It is greatly appreciated.
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Good for you for starting early on! I wish I had done the same.

I started lifting at a little under 200lbs and not only did it give me A LOT more energy and help my mood but I looked so much better at that weight than I had in the past (I have pictures of myself at the same weight and I know for sure I was wearing a size smaller too).

You also will be burning calories for the rest of the day after you workout. There's a reason that the biggest loser has all their contestants hitting the gym so much!

My only advice is find a routine that works for you and that you can stick with. Don't kill your self initially and ease into the workout because then you'll be more likely to stick with it. Good luck!
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Thanks right now I am thinking cardio 3 days and weights 3 days and rest one.
Is this too much.
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Lifting weights will help, and I suggest you go for it! I personally like kettlebells.
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Your muscle layer is under your fat layer so if you build muscle at a faster rate then you loose the fat your body may feel "harder" but appear the same size. At your size though, you would have to be lifting some pretty serious weights to build muscle faster then you lose the fat though.

I agree with everyone above, go for it. It is good for you and adds some variety to your work outs.

I dont think 6 days a week is too much. Everything I've read says that as long as you have one rest day its OK. My trainer recommended starting out with 4 days a week (2 cardio focused days and 2 strength training days) and then adding more if I felt good/had time.
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