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she who must be obeyed
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Wink Jiff, oh Queen, I have a question for you!!

Okay, as we all know, I have not once thrown up. Lovely subject, yes?

My question is, I have not run into another post-op who has never thrown up.

Okay I'm getting to the question. Do you think, since I had to go back into the hospital before I had even one ounce of semi-solid food, and did not have any food for 8 weeks that could be the reason I have never thrown up. My thought is, maybe my new pouch had the "pleasure" of being completely healed before the first bite of food was ever taken.

I did have the tube feeding, but if I remember right it did not go into my stomach, hubby isn't home, he would know where it was inserted. I'll ask later this evening.

So Jiff, what do you think?

Also, I want you to know, I am now, and have been for a while, doing the sub-lingual B-12 and Calcium pills. I feel so good, it should be outlawed

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Default this is hardly a queen-like topic!!!

LOL but i'll answer anyway.

i've wondered too why you don't throw up, and have been very very jealous about it on some days.

here's what i've read/heard/been told.

first, 90% of rny bypass pts throw up. maybe you're just one of the lucky 10%. nice to know that SOMETHING went right for you.

OR, and this is from my doc, some people think that as the stomach is healing, the stoma tries to heal itself shut with scar tissue, and the throwing up comes from a temporarily smaller stoma. and he also said that it just goes away after a few weeks. [thank goodness!!!]

OR, maybe you just have a cast-iron stomach and you don't get upset when you eat [or you don't eat under stress?]

but i really do believe that it's because your tummy had so much down time to heal. they probably ran the feeding tube directly into your duodenum, which is where the residual stomach comes out.

i've thrown up from stress, from not chewing enough, eating too fast or too much, not peeling fruit [how well we remember THAT episode!!], eating tiny amounts of onion, eating scrambled egg, potatoes in any form, rice, even a tiny amount of pasta, and from melted cheese [i think it congealed, isn't that a gross visual!!!???]

so, i wonder who we've scared away with this discussion!!1

and all i can REALLY say is that i'm so glad you survived and are doing so incredibly fabulously. by the way, since peachie is stealing my 2x clothes, maybe we should get a 'care package' for her as we shrink out of ours and send it to her????

and thank you for taking your calcium and b12. it'll keep your energy up for ALL THAT OUTLET SHOPPING YOU'RE GOING TO DO IN NJ WHEN YOU HIT GOAL!!!! was that enough of a hint??? will DH buy into it if we emphasize the cost savings?????
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she who must be obeyed
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Jiff, thanks for your wisdom. As you know my doctor is useless for post-ops, which from what I understand is not all that unusual.

Forgot to ask hubby where the feeding tube was inserted, oh well.

I have always had a stomach of steel, stomach conditions and the like which cause most people to throw up, never did me. The combination of the stomach of steel and the pleasure of having my pounch 100% better before food is why I don't throw up.

Thanks Jiff!!

I just gave away a bunch of my 2X, I didn't even think of "our" dear peachie. I will save the 1X for her. I gave bags and bags of clothes to a pre-op in my support group. She has Kaiser insurance, no go in the state of Georgia. She will be changing insurance companies in January and hopes for a spring surgery.

Oh yes, I think hubby will buy into the trip to Jersey. I would LOVE to come up and visit you and peachie. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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she who must be obeyed
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Hey Jiff, just saw your post in the low-carb section, and as luck would have it I was talking to hubby about it this AM.

He has no problem with me snagging a few frequent flyer miles and hotel points and coming to Joisey. I told him in the spring.

Anyone care to join us????

The only time I cannot come is the weekend of March 30th, we are taking the band to Disneyworld to march in the Disney parade. You know I wouldn't miss that.

Okay, I'm ready..............who else??

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Come on Spring!
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If I pretend I am considering WLS, can I come?
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Me too, me too !!!
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