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Angry The 21 Day Challenge: Making Healthy Habits #4

The 21 Day Challenge was originally posted by Katrina, from an EDiets forum.(Thanks, Katrina! ) This thread is based on that idea, but is more generic: YOU decide what behavior you want to focus on (you might want to follow WW or some variation, or may just want to commit to a certain amount of exercise -- whatever behavior you would like to make a habit) and commit to that for 21 Days. Then you might continue on for another block of the same, or you may want to add another behavior. The idea is that it tales 21 days to form a new habit. Sometimes it takes a lot of starts before you get through the first block of 21 days but if you persevere, you WILL make it. And it gets much easier as you go along, until - YES! - healthy behavior becomes a habit!


1. Your 21 days must be CONSECUTIVE days! That is the whole point in forming new habits.

2. This works on the "honor" system...no one will monitor you...if you "mess-up", you are only cheating yourself by not beginning again! The importance behind this challenge is to have 21 consecutive days of self control!!

3. What do the numbers mean that you see by peoples' names?? They stand for DAY/POUNDS LOST/BLOCK. 1/0/1 is Day 1, 0 pounds lost, Block 1.

4. Once you have finished block #1 (the first 21 days) you will progress to block #2...

5. For each block, you should state your rules and follow them for 21 days... repeat this as many times as necessary until you are at your goal. Your rules may be as specific or vague as you want: for example, I've considered just at the end of each day, asking myself whether my behavior would lead to better health (and weightloss) and counting myself on track if it did. Or you can stipulate as many rules as you'd like - if you want to change your plan, simply start over with a new Day 1.

Good luck to you as you complete your journey! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It all starts with a single step... and following with a new one each day!!
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Day Three for me !! Good morning, all.

We actually had some rain last night. Real rain. Big juicy drops of it. It sounded so wonderful. There was also thunder and lightning with it, and of course you wonder about the lightning starting more fires. It caused a transformer to go out in our block so at 11:00 PM a nice, young fireman was at the door telling us about the problem and reminding us to keep our pets in due to the downed lines. Our nice aged cat was safely in for the night, so we were OK. More excitement than we have had in some time.

On to an OP Sunday. Stick with it, everyone.

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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Good Morning Blockettes!

Ah well, my craving for dessert led me to invite friends for dinner which led me to too much wine and no point-counting. So. Day 1 again. Although, actually, I think I'm going to take today to decide how to adapt the challenge. I guess I want to include the occasional day off (like yesterday). Hmmm... maybe 1 per block.

OK, I guess I could go on with that. So I guess my new challenge is to do WW (I've discovered that their point range works pretty well for me when I use my exercise points), exercise almost every day, drink the water. Other subgoals (thank you, Queen Amarantha!) are to meditate every day, do something FUN every day (yes, I am so pathetic that I have to schedule fun ), and to get tons of exercise, incl. 3 sessions each of: yoga, circuit training, walking, Tai chi and high intensity aerobics per week.

I intend to work very hard, and go scrupulously by the numbers this week to try to ensure a loss on Friday. I am noticing firmer muscles, and I look smaller and have lost an inch from both waist and hips. But it is just WRONG to have the scales register 3 pounds up and I want them GONE!

I'm going to go do yoga before a walk. I am starting back on the block TODAY. Yesterday wasn't ugly (I haven't actually had a really ugly day for months, now, which feels very good), but definitely wasn't one to repeat too often. And I know that I could have controlled and monitored points and stayed on the block, but I just chose not to. So my plan is to allow for one day like that in the block.

I think we're all queens here! Greetings to Your Royal Majesties:

Queen Indigogirl, love the photo of you and DS -- you look great! Looser clothes are definitely a good sign.

Queen Eydie, how was the MIL visit? Remember that castles have dungeons for a reason.

Queen Wildfire of Cape Breton, good plan to be ruthless with that closet. I should do the same. I know that I've got clothes that I put on and feel crummy in -- why not avoid the whole issue?

Queen JoJo, how's your Sunday going? We had torrential rain the other night -- i was out with my mother and grandson and the streets turned to rivers -- very disconcerting!

Queen Katrina, I know you'll be flying again this week.

Queen Prism, I'm glad that your family gathering went well. These things are so important, to honour the memories those we've loved and lost.

Queen UpandAway, we (that would be the royal "we" of course ) are so pleased that you like our name! I really think Arabella existed, because -- how would a 3 year old come up with that name?

Queen Brighterdays, what kind of tai chi are you learning? Mine is Taoist Tai chi -- 108 sequences, which I'm still trying to get down (you never finish, of course, but only continually refine). The absolute best thing you can do is to: 1. never miss a class, and 2. practice, practice, practice (wish i'd taken my own advice, but I always resolve to try harder!

Queen Punkinseed, I cannot believe the gall of the doctor's office staff - Off with their heads!

Queen Amarantha, are you looking forward to being in a newsroom for a couple of days? It sounds like fun to me. This working alone in the house can get to be a bit tedious sometimes, i find.

Queen Jelynn, so nice to see you here again!

Queen Yoyo Mom, 5 pounds off is FANTASTIC!

Queen Cindilier, how are you settling in to the block?

Queen Kaylets, hope your birthday was fun!

Queen Lucky13, welcome to the block!

-- And of course, greetings to any Queens just lurking!

Let's make this a fabulous day, Queens of the Block!
Queen babette
1/208 (-7)/2

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On to Day 2.

Have all kinds of stuff to get done today, so I'm just checking in before I start. How many more weeks of summer are left..let me check...*sigh* eleven weeks until September 21 and the beginning of Autumn. I really dislike the summer months and this insufferable heat. It's been 30 degrees celsius or higher for weeks now.

Oh well...keep cool today and stay OP! In eleven weeks, we'll be closer to our goals.

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I'm back again
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Hail Queen Babette!

I'm feeling very royal and distinguished this am, thanks to you.

My tai chi is the simplified form with 24 forms. We are on form 2 and he said in the first 6 week class we will only learn 3 forms (but we will "learn them WELL").

I have the book he recommended so I'm trying to practice WELL between classes. I'm kinda hoping we get to form # 4 (we have only been in class 2 weeks of the 6).

Today is the last day of my vacation and I'm back to work tomorrow I'm going to try to go back to the gym (that I already pay for monthly) twice a week at lunch- wish me luck fitting that into my work schedule again!

Curtsy to the Queens of the block and I shall be off to another OP day---good luck everyone and have a Royal day!

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GOOD MORNING, ROYAL BLOCKETTE QUEENS!!! (Robin Williams' voice, shouting) My Royal Report today is thus: I'm on Day One again, but NOT because I was off program, only that I need to start on Sundays to coincide with my weigh-ins, speaking of WHICH, I lost a half pound, which for a change is the RIGHT direction, so I'm calling last week the pre-cognition week (e.g., blip, blip, blip, blip, blip) and am now ready to begin in earnest. SUCCESS ALWAYS BREEDS SUCCESS, so Royal Ones, I am on a Blockwalk Roll!!! My new plan is the same as the old EXCEPT I'm going for a high of 2200 calories (to account for splurges, but not too much). My weekly calorie average last week was approximately 2400 and my total calories burned through exercise was approximately 1760. That average was higher than I liked but the loss of a half pound confirms my formulas are correct, as the math is consistent with gains and losses. A better average for me would be 1750, but I'm unlikely to achieve that. I'm keeping my overall initiative the same: ultimate goal weight 135, 155 for this initiative of three 21-day periods (on or off the block) and am keeping my numbers the same. My numbers are now: 1/165.5(-5)/1.

I've identified 10 subgoals for this Blockwalk; they are only goals and do not affect whether my day is successful or not. I affirm that goals by their nature will not always be reached. My SUBGOALS are thus: 1) To be highly consistent with the high quality glucosomine supplement I spent big $ on instead of taking the cheapo stuff or forgetting altogether. It could be a placebo effect, but I think I feel better when I take this supplement and if I feel better, I am more active; 2) To make a special effort to stay hydrated all day (to ask myself constantly if I'm hydrated); 3) To have a smoothie of fruit or vege each day; 4) To maintain positive self-talk and clear all the negative garbage out of my brain (to constantly ask myself if I'm thinking the most useful thoughts I could be thinking or if I'm harming myself and others with negative vibes); 5) NO DULCE DE LECHE; 6) To post each day on the Block of Royalty (or Block of Goddesses or Block of Crones or Block of Trendy Up-And-Coming Young Executives or whatever floats the boat and fills the bill; 7) To use my chin firmer exercise thing each day (I swear this works); 8) To not procrastinate things I need to do, which causes stress and leads me to overeat; 9) To remember that I'm about more than weight loss but that weight loss is a priority to me because when I am at an unhealthy weight, I am uncomfortable and unhappy and do not accomplish much; 10) To meditate each day to keep my blood pressure stable.

This challenge has been very helpful to me. There's just something about it that has clicked and I appreciate the upbeatness of all the Royal Blockettes. It's like living on the block where Buckingham Palace is and having a daily chat with the Queen as she walks her corgis. She is a neat lady, though I doubt if she's able to just stroll around her block and check out the neighbors at will. In fact, there probably aren't any appreciable neighbors on her block. So, all in all, I'm glad to be Queen Aramantha of the Walking Poles and only the ruler of my own little Queendom!

I credit the Walking Pole People with my half pound loss. I think the extra calories I burned with those poles made the difference and as a reward for my loss this week I will buy an extra pair to put in the car when I am near the sporting goods store.

Queen Arabella: Thanks for starting the new thread. Don't cry over your three pounds (though I understand your frustration)! If you are smaller and tighter, you HAVE GAINED MUSCLE and that's a good thing. In the end, the muscle will get you to where you want to go. So as you know (I KNOW YOU KNOW ) the scale's only ONE measurement. It's just one tool in the Royal Blockette Brigade's arsenal of weapons! BTW, I also have to schedule fun or I don't do it ... you're right, it's pathetic!

I'm not actually looking forward to working in the newsroom, oddly enough. I thought that's where I want to be but guess my priorities are shifting and it just seems like a step back at the moment. I have come to understand that life in the newsroom has never brought me anything but stress and excess poundage and blocked arteries. The publisher talked to me about us all having a talk at lunch and I'm afraid they'll offer me a job and that's not the direction I am now headed in, so I'm feeling stressed. But I need the money for the two days anyway and they need the help and are good people. I am vowing not to let the stress make me go off the block!

To all Queens, Crones, Executives, Young Girls, Woodland Nymphs, Sprites, Elves, Leprechauns, Realists, Average Josies, and games players of all kinds and parameters, congratulations on all your accomplishments. Sorry to not do complete individual replies and to talk so much about ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!! I need to write a paper and take a nap and make protein bars.
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Hi! Can I come and play? jelynn told me about this thread as I was talking to her about my personal 21 day challenges. Sounds like I'm not the only one who likes those!

To quickly introduce myself . . . I'm a 32 (for roughly 3 more weeks!) yr. old SAHM to 4 kids ages 10, 7, 5, and 1. I have over 100 pounds to lose but don't have a set, defined weight goal. I'm going to get to the top of my weight-for-height range (I'm short--only 5' 2 1/2") and see where I want to go from there.

I'm not going to make my 21-day challenges related to a certain # of pounds lost. I'll include that number but my personal goal is to take one or two (depending on how hard they are) things that I struggle with and work them for 21 days, then add another. I had great success with eliminating an evening snacking habit doing this. I still have a snack in the evening occasionally but it isn't every night and it isn't a habit.

So my challenge for my first time around the block is to exercise 6 days per week. I just bought The Firm's Body Sculpting System (Fanny Lifter and 3 videos) and am excited to get using them.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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Yikes! I'll have to call an end to my 10 Day run because I've just realized that I haven't had any fruits or vegetables today! How did that happen? Just not paying attention, I guess. Getting in tons of fresh fruit/veggies is only the main thrust of the dietary part of my program, so to be truthful I have to call this day a wash. Tomorrow's another day, etc...!

Anyone have any special challenges coming up this week? For me, it's more children's programs at work and I'm making snacks for the little newts so my goal is no mindless indulging.

Amarantha, I've been meaning to tell you that I understand too well your liking for dulce de leche. 2 nights ago I went to 4 different markets looking for dulce de leche ice cream! Not proud of that but there it is!

Welcome, Kerrie! This is the juiciest most motivating thread I've ever been a part of. Looking forward to getting to know you too!

Good night, Queens!

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Oops, I did it again...

So, tomorrow is gonna be Day One again. No, it wasn't pizza this time. It was Chinese food. There was deep fried stuff. I won't go into the gory details.

I'm back on track tomorrow and I WILL lose 0.2lbs before Wednesday and get that stupid pink ribbon at my WW meeting.

Welcome, Kerrie! When is your birthday? Mine is August 7th, and I'll be 33, too.
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Well, Day One is looking good and I've ended the eating day at 2190 calories, 65 minutes of pole walking. At 113 degrees, I didn't feel like doing the minutes all at once, so divided them into several shorter session and may get more in. Still trying to write my paper.

Welcome Domestic Goddess Kerrie!!! A goddess among the queens is highly appropriate! I love your toaster avatar! Sounds like you've got a good plan going. The 21-Day Challenge as practiced on this Royal/Celestial Block doesn't seem to be about number of pounds lost or gained; mostly people just declare behavioral goals such as you've done. Some put the pounds in their posts just for fun and to motivate themselves and others, I'd say. So you seem right in synch with your goals.

Eydie: I can relate to the search for dulce de leche. Be afraid, be very afraid!!! Actually, though, I can't see why a version could not be made at home that is low in fat and sugar. I'm going to work on it.

Speaking of ice cream (always on my mind at 113 degrees), WW new magazine has a recipe for a blueberry homemade version that looks unbelievably beautiful. I'm planning it for next weekend.

My special challenge coming up this week is the two days of full-time work at the paper. I just know this is going to stress me out and I've made lots of food to take with me. If anyone insists I eat out, I shall do so and tonight will plan what I might eat in such an event. Then I can just toss or bring home my own food.

The protein/oat bars I made came out nicely at 107 calories, almost no fat. They contain two cups of oatmeal, a tablespoon of wheat germ (a good source of folate), a little brown sugar, Splenda, Eggbeaters (a little two serving cup), a quarter cup of Wondra flour, 115 calories of raisins for 12 bars, vanilla, baking soda, a scoop of Designer Protein Vanilla Praline protein powder, a quarter cup of skim milk powder, water. I baked these for 20 minutes at 350 degrees and they got very brown but I like them that way. I cut them into 12 squares and wrapped each in foil to freeze (except for the one that found its way into Old Dog, who is very quick indeed and a thief).

Have a great night, Royal Queens (and Domestic Goddess). I am picturing everyone on Monday morning emerging from their palaces onto the Block of Royal Residences. All are amazingly fit, intelligent, powerful and lovely. Perhaps some are wearing flowing royal robes and carrying their staffs of power. Some sport colorful Elizabethan clothing ... farthingales and ruffles ... but their huge skirts are tied trouser fashion because they are so fit and athletic and are out there for exercise. The royal queens (and goddesses) laugh and talk as they run, jump, leap, stroll and gambol around their royal block with walking poles, dogs, cats, parrots and balancing cups of latte with amaretto and shaved chocolate in their hands and they swig from bottles of lowfat dulce de leche they carry in their flowing garments. They head back to their respective palaces where healthy breakfasts await, prepared by the hands of devoted cooks ... perhaps blueberry ice cream, eggs with no butter, toast that is not burned.

Hmmm. I'll stop now.

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Smile Late Sunday

Hello all!!

This is wonderful-- I always knew that I had royalty in the family!!
Now the good news is that its me!! Altho, I might have to pick up an AKA as Woodland Nymph--

Weekend again, way too short- we can really see results in the gardens which is making it all worthwhile. I guess there's a moral in that story....

Thanks for the advice re: bathroom scales!

Walmart had a pretty economical digital scale with a lithium battery so that's what we bought. And just as I figured, I was leaning over so far to read the other scale ( and, yes, I did have my glasses on, !!) that I must have been making the old scale topheavy. I only tried the new scale out in the kitchen ( appropriate don't you think??) and was THRILLED to see even with clothes on a lower weight!! My husband's weight with clothes on was only 2lbs more sooooooooo, his eyesight must be better than mine. Well, I guess, I could have had him read the old scale for me but if you have to use 8lbs as zero to start with, I say its time to invest in a new one.

so, I hear you.. how much did I lose??

Well, I'm not exactly sure. Some of you might remember from another thread that I didnt have a start weight to begin with-- I think its almost 10lbs- It might be more- I know, I know, how can I be this way.... all I can say is, I didnt care where I was initially, I just knew I had to be somewhere else--

Queen Armanatha!! I never knew what La Leche de Dulce was -- but saw a can in the grocery store-- But I showed it to my DH and said, this is dangerous, we cannot try this- Hee, hee... It sounds as though you're temptation is a frozen one but still, I just backed up slowly and headed down the aisle to the chickpeas.
But, before I forget, a big round of applause for doing all that prep cooking for your special week ..... this way you are prepared and can concentrate on the stresses of the newsroom. It was a royal good decision!

For all who were waiting for an update:
Tofu cheescake should not be called cheescake. My DH enjoyed h is "for what it is". I will let him fine tune the recipe some more
and keep you all posted.

Queen Babette, hope you can give yourself a break now that the "month end' has ended. I tend to forget my priorities during crunch times like those and wind up a mess. A lady I really respect taught me that I must take lunch, at least 30 minutes every day even if it meant staying late or coming in early. It really helped me.

Queeen Punkinseed- I can't wait to hear what the doctors office will say on Monday!!

Queen Indigo, Those Khakis DO look loose!! Keep smiling!!

I'm not up on my court etiquette- could we have a reprint of the diet soda cake recipe??
PLEASE !!!!!

Thanks for the bar recipe--sounds tasty

I saw next to the Slimfast a "Truly Soy" powder - the calories and nutritional values were nearly the same as the Slimfast powder, the price was nearly double the Slimfast. I didnt try it because I have not had luck feeling full with "drink meals", but was wondering if anyone was familiar with this product??

And before I sign off, glad to know my July 4th post was enjoyed.

I bumped into this quote yesterday and thought I'd share- It's a new favorite, " Try to define defeat as postponed victory"

I am curtsying as I leave the room. ooopppps, my crown just slipped over my eye. Hmmm, maybe this is a new fashion statement!

Till tomorrow!!
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Kaylets: Hi, I'm still trying to write my paper and I'm still procrastinating, so I'm glad you posted so I can procrastinate so more. Just wanted to respond to the Truly Soy question ... don't go there (apologies to all who may like Truly Soy and to the company that makes it; this is just my opinion). Maybe I just like Slimfast so much ... but I like other kinds of protein and meal replacement powders also and I love soy products; it's just that ... hmmm. For a good tasting (in my opinion only) soy meal replacement, you need to go to a liquid soy drink (I like Westsoy's total nutrition drink). I also recently read some study or other that said the calcium in soy products fortified with calcium was not absorbed as well as in dairy. I have no opinion on whether this is true. In fact, I was a vegetarian for years, sometimes replacing dairy with soy, sometimes not, and my calcium intake seemed fine. But calcium's extremely important for women so ...

I am sending your quote to a sad friend of mine in just a sec. Thanks for that. No curtsying required, just a wave'll do!

Glad you are enjoying your scale. Keep on running from ducle de leche!!!

Guess I'll get back to the paper! Or not.
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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S/C/G: 256/ticker/165

Height: 5'8

Wink Hmmm...Queen Arabella, Woodland Nymph division

Good Morning, Your Royal Majesties!

So many titles, so little time!

Queen Amarantha, I hear you with that procrastination thing. I must stop, because it only leads to stress and misery! I am today committing to posting only now, at the start of the day, and perhaps checking in at the end of the day. Also staying away from other non-work related sites, other than the online diet journal. Sigh. It's the only way, and I know I'll feel better for it.... Now, let's see, what kind of fun can I schedule for today... So glad I'm not the only one! Okay -- total honesty coming up: I am having a little difficulty thinking of something fun. That's how bad it is. Must change mindset!

Queen Kaylets, that's great about your new scales and the 10 pounds! I admit I've been harbouring the hope that mine need a new battery. Can't believe how MEAN they're being to me.

Wildfire, Queen of Cape Breton: do you ever think of including a splurge day in your plan? Not a "hog wild" deal, but a day where you can indulge a bit? Sometimes that can really help. I don't know why I'm giving you advice, though, anyway. You're doing fantastic!

I know that making my plan a bit more flexible enabled me to keep going longer. My problem, elsewise, is the old "well, i'm off plan now and will be going back on plan, so I'd better get while the getting's good." And then eating everything in sight, and looking for more.

Queen Eydie, in a funny way, I think that going to 4 markets for the ice cream is a positive sign -- you knew what you wanted and went out and got it. Just the situation in which I often (not recently, I'm happy to report) systematically eat everything in the house in lieu of what I'm really craving, whereas if I had what I wanted, I would probably have eaten much less.

On the other hand, I think that Queen Kaylets acted wisely, backing slowly away, making no sudden movements and taking refuge in the chickpea section. I intend to avoid contact with the dreaded D de L, if at all poss.

Queen Brighterdays, practicing well is key! After a year and a half of lessons, I still can't get through the whole set, mostly because I missed classes and didn't practice enough. Nevertheless, I am making progress, and will continue to muddle along. I practiced in my back yard yesterday, and I'm sure the neighbors were v. intrigued.

Queen Kerrie, welcome to the royal block! Behavioral change is what we're all about here -- after all, what brought us to this point? Behaviors!

Let's make this a fabulous day, Queens of the Block! Treat yourselves royally!

Queen babette (where is the "smiley in tiara"?)
2/208 (-7)/2
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Default Blue Monday

Well Blockettes, I finished my first 21 day stroll around the Block and other than the wonderful company here I don't feel like I've accomplished a great deal. I kept to my goals, even the toughest one 'try to be kind to the lady in the mirror'. Yesterday was weigh in day however and still no change. Later in the morning I realized TOM had crept up on me with no warning so I'm hoping that water retention is the culprit. I analyzed my journal backwards and forwards looking for miscalculations and found none. I couldn't bring myself to post here yesterday, I was just too depressed to allow myself to inflict all the negativity onto all you caring folks, though I know you wouldn't have minded and indeed would have picked me up and dusted me off. Instead I left the cheering up to DH, he did a pretty good job of it. Mostly though I needed to just use some positive self talk and remind myself why giving up or giving in is not an option. When all's said and done I did what I set out to do on my 21 day journey, and I kept to my goals, so I have reason to be pleased with my progress. I feel better physically, just being OP, sleep better and am happier overall. So despite the nasty hateful scale that refuses to budge, I feel (somewhat) successful.

For my next 21 days I don't feel the need to change what I did the first time around, these are still areas I need to remain committed to.

1) I will stay within my point range and use WW123 Success Plan.
2) Water water water
3) I will increase my activity this time from a minimum of 20 minutes a day to 30. (I've actually been doing way more than that but as a minimum goal on these 'bloated' days, I'd rather have a smallish amount to do!)
4) Try to be kind to the lady in the mirror, even when I don't really like what I see.
5) Continue to journal both food and emotions.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!
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Hi all,

I am on Day 9 and doing good. I was away on a family trip for the 4th.. that is normally a disaster for me.. but I did ok. I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law .. and my brother can be very difficult to be around. He is a very angry and hostile person who makes everyone around him feel about an inch tall. The only reason I go there is to visit my mother who stays with them.. otherwise I wouldn't bother.

But, I did not abuse myself with food. In fact, as I was packing to leave yesterday.. I found myself falling into that binge mentality.. something I would normally do as a release after being around an abuser for five days.. but I found myself saying.. what good what that do.. why should I hurt myself because he is so hateful.. so, not only did I not overeat.. but I lost my urge to binge.. and THAT for me is a major accomplishment. Anyway.. back to work.

Thanks everyone,
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