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Default Update on Alvin

Well, Alvin says he will no longer be the poster boy for the WLS surgery group, but he's doing great. For those of you who have not heard, On Sunday Aug 4 he woke up with really bad pain and after a day in the ER they decided to do emergency surgery on him. Going in they said that they thought whatever his problem was it was not related to the WLS. Well about 2 hours into the surgery, they called and said that it was related. it seems that he had somehow developed a blockage in his bowels and that in turn had pulled the surgery site open. The reconnected the surgery site, and cleaned him up and now two weeks later he is healing really well.

This was just a freak thing that happened, it was not caused by anything he did wrong, or the surgeon did wrong, it just happened. The blockage would have probally happened even if he had not had the surgery.

We are looking at this as a little speed bump on the road to his new life. BUT we are back to ground one on the eating scale. He is back on liquids and soft foods, plus he is still supposed to keep his calories count up. Protien drinks, low fat cream soups, peanut butter... Any other suggestions? I made him the jello salad with cottage cheese, pineapple and sugarfree lime jello.

I do have a question! He says he can not tell when he's had enough to eat. What about the rest of you. Can you tell if you are full, and had enough? I would think that no matter what size your tummy was, you'd know if it was full? Any feedback? He fusses at me for feeding him too much, and I fuss back and tell him just to eat as much as he want and leave the rest.... Well when you've been married 36 years you have to have something to fight about...
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Barb, I haven't had surgery, but I also have a problem telling if I'm full or not. I CAN tell when I've already had way too much, though. It sort of sneaks up on me! Then I'm miserable for the next couple of hours until it moves on. I've been told to chew slowly and eat for at least 20 minutes so the stomach tells the brain it's full. I bet Alvin chews everything to the consistency of baby food as it is, though! Just wanted to let you know it's not solely a wls problem. Wish I knew the solution?
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oh barb. i'm so glad alvin's out of the woods, but so sorry to hear that he's been set back a bit. but it'll be ok.

let me just drop a few thoughts here. a combination of the wls routine and what we had to do to feed dad enough calories and protein. it'll be a bit disjointed, but maybe there will be a helpful tidbit or two.

first, we've been told that if we can't feel when we're full, then we must measure our food and stop when we're done with the portion. and at first, the amount is 2-3 tablespoons, and then increases to about 1/2 cup after about 3 months.

and, we're supposed to eat for 20-30 minutes, and then stop. if we haven't finished the meal by then we have to toss it. and eat the protein first.

did any doc tell alvin how many grams of protein he needs? i needed 80-100 grams per day, but now it's down to 80 grams. for a guideline: a large egg has 6 grams, 1/2 cup cottage cheese has 12, 3 oz tuna has 22 or so.

if the doc didn't tell alvin. ASK!!!!

now, for adding calories. how about: adding cheese to the cream soups.

or eating jars of baby food meat.

focus on the protein, and leave the fruit behind for awhile. it might be too hard for alvin to digest.

and most important, don't mix liquids and solids. jello turns into a liquid when you eat it, and it counts as water.

my mom used to make a great salmon loaf, and it's real high in protein and easy on the stomach:

take some canned salmon [ok, you can use fresh cooked if you have some leftover], and use about 1/2 as much cottage cheese as fish, and an egg, and about 1/2 c crushed saltines. and whatever seasonings you like.

mix it all together, smashing the salmon well. form into a little loaf and bake for about 1/2 hour, until the top has a little crust on it.

if you use almost no breadcrumbs, and substitute more egg to make it stick together, you can also make meatloaf. i'd add cheese to it as well.

don't forget that chicken broth has about 6-8 grams of protein per cup [i think; read the label], so it makes a great snack and counts towards the water intake, too.

also, the kind of filling you'd make for lasagna, but without the noodles, and topped with tomato sauce is nice.

can't think of anything else. besides pureeing food. oh. and what about high-protein soups like lentil or black bean? for the first couple of weeks, we could just puree the soup and eat it. but after that, we were told to drain the broth off and eat the solids. and, of course, top it with cheese to add to the protein.

ok. i'm done. at least for now. please PLEASE keep us posted. if you want me to go ask the docs/nurses i deal with, just let me know...
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Hi Barb....

Gee, I'm so glad that Alvin is on the mend!! I bet you both had a good scare a few weeks ago, but thankfully, it sounds like the worst is behind you. Get better Alvin!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could help with his diet, but as you know, I'm still pre-op. I did recently ask on another board how you know when you're full. Most people indicated that they CAN tell when they've had enough to eat and that they'll be sick if they eat too much. I'd do what Jiff suggested....if Alvin can't judge himself, then measure his food out until he gets used to eating smaller portions.

Again, I'm so thrilled he's doing better. You're a peach for doting on him.....he must be a wonderful hubby!!! God Bless you both!

Just me...Robin
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