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Default Wanting WLS

The idea scares me, it really does, but I want WLS. Changing my relationship with food to something that resembles eating to live scares me too. I am going to put my request to my doctor this week and begin wading through the process if it is available to me.

There are something that concern me more than others. One of them would be post-op and being obsessed with food I can't and don't want to eat. Does that happen to anyone? The other is how long until I can be physically active again? It depends. I love the gym and the thought of being bed ridden makes me squirm. Another is how it would impact my relationship with my partner, who also is very overweight. We both want health for life, but are very food centric. As much as it bewilders me to say it, I have a lot of what-ifs too. What if they tell me I am not fat enough at five-foot-three-and-a-half? Or unhealthy enough? Even though its what I want.

Nonetheless, this is a huge decision and I am weighing my options- pros and cons- carefully and with a lot of discussion. Reading some of these posts, sans sugar coating of a salesperson, keeps my vision realistic. It seems more difficult than anything I've thought of before when it comes to weight loss and health, very extreme... but I believe its something that I won't regret, even though it won't be easy.

Here is the website regarding the procedures available at my local and reputable surgical center:

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Default Hi

Hi there

There are many questions that go along with weight loss surgery. It is a drastic step that most of us consider very carefully - rightly so. There are risks after all.

You are right to be concerned. Our overeating is a very complex matter. Getting some kind of counselling or at least examining the reasons for over eating is something that is definitely recommended. There are a lot of head issues that go along with this surgery and old issues do come back over time.

Basically when you get to the point that you want surgery, you are at the point that you are willing to make what changes need to be made. You are determined to work on your goals and achieve success - you are committed to making a lifestyle change and to get your health back. Until you are totally prepared to do that, it's better to wait until you are 100% committed. I've seen people not committed go for surgery and they are not willing to make changes and are the ones who fail.

WLS allows you to take off a lot of weight quickly if you are up to the challenge but maintaining is a different story. The first year or two is relatively easy in some respects as for most of us, eating becomes an experience that is no longer pleasurable. The joy of eating is diminished for most. It becomes a chore, a job. Then you see the pounds fly off and it reinforces the good choices you've made. You have to keep up the focus. Again it is about commitment.

When you have surgery, you aren't bedridden. In fact a few hours later you'll be told to start walking. Then when you get home you have to walk typically 5-10 minutes each hour for a while (to prevent bloodclots) and you will be encouraged to be active from day 1. Within 2 weeks I was walking around 45 minutes each night.

As for your partner, it can change relationships. You might need to find some new hobbies together if food is the primary hobby you have together. It can also make spouses feel insecure as you lose weight and go through physical and mental changes. You have to work on keeping things together.

Email me if I can be of any help.

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Hi Redd!!!! Stefani is right on target [Hi Stef!!! nice to see you!!!]. and you're thinking about the right sorts of issues - we ALL had to deal with them. some of us have had professional counseling - before, after, before AND after. and it's OK - because we HAVE TO find a new way to live.

Your local program is a Center of Excellence, which means that they have the support services in place - they don't simply do the surgery and leave you to drift along on your own.

Talk to your doc, and have a major heart-to-heart with the surgeon. and make sure you do all the research you need to do so that you're comfortable with your decision, and able to commit to it FOR LIFE.

and we're always here to help!!!!
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You are amazing and wonderful! The best partner anyone could ever have! I am commited to you & to us. We deserve to be healthy, happy people! I know I've told you this before, but I'll say it again (and again and again and again... ^_^) I am willing to do whatever it takes, make whatever changes will need to be made to help ensure your & our success. I don't want us to be food-centric. There is so much more to life! I love you. We've faced a lot of stuff the past seven years and made it through to be better people. This major life change will be a POSITIVE one! I am excited (however you decide to do it) for you to finally be able to say that your outsides match your insides. Let your inner athlete shine! Muvs!

Totus tuus
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so many questions.... let me see if I can get them all..

on food: I miss bagels. I don't obsess about them. Now I obsess about whether or not I am getting enough protein... do I need to have another protein drink? did I get enough fluids? I don't have time to obsess about BAGELS .... as for junk food... don't miss it... at least not yet. I"m only 14 weeks out...

as for the gym.... that's up to your doctors. I was told to walk right away. At 4 weeks my husband was told to start lifting weights I was driving at 6 days out and could have gone back to the gym earlier than I did... I think I was about 8 weeks out when I started my program. we were never given any restrictions on lifting. I was not allowed to swim for 30 days after surgery.

As for making it work with a partner who is also obese and loves food... I truly think that one of the reasons my marriage will stay together is because both my husband and I had surgery. He had his 5 weeks before me. We are finally settling in to a more normal routine now... it was a bit difficult in the beginning when he could have things I was not yet permitted to have.

as for being eligible, if you are 5'3.5" and weigh 225 (info i took from your ticker and your profile) your BMI is 39.5. if you have comorbidities such as diabetes or sleep apnea you are possibly still eligible. That's a call for your insurance.
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